ZenBusiness Review 2023 – Post Purchase Experience 2022

February 22, 2023

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Today’s topic is ZenBusiness Review 2023 – Post Purchase Experience!

✨ZenBusiness (Best Worry Free Setup): https://shrsl.com/3sxv7

Form your business with ZenBusiness. They have different pricing options to fit your needs and they have great customer service. For budget friendly entrepreneurs, they have a pricing package that starts as low as $0. And for the people that can spend a bit more, there is the ZenBusiness pro package, which offers worry free compliance (they file your annual reports). You can apply for the ZenBusiness grant 3-6 months after using their formation services.

ZenBusiness Grant: https://bit.ly/ZenBusiness-Grant
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  1. Hey #MyMoneyMakingFriend! In this video, I give an inside view to the ZenBusiness dashboard after your business has been formed! Feel free to write any questions or concerns you have in the comments

  2. Hello does zen business differentiate a holding company from llc

  3. Have you been approved for their 5k grant? I was denied and if you were approved what did you write?

  4. I’ve had nothing but horrible experiences with ZenBusiness, they operate like a scam! True, they are cheaper than their competitors, but cheaper isn’t always better. I’ve had a better experience with LegalZoom despite being much more expensive. LegalZoom did EVERYTHING for me, and guided me through the forms I needed to complete myself. Their package and presentation is also far more professional than ZenBusiness. Now, in regards to their customer service, LegalZoom is pleasant and all questions are welcomed- you have access to attorneys and CPA through their membership. ZenBusiness has the worst customer service- none of their agent knows anything about business formation. I was missing paperwork from my package. They didn’t file my state registration or even send me the forms, I had to do it myself. The agent said he doesn’t know the laws in my state, so I asked what state his office was located. He got defensive and said he doesn’t feeling comfortable speaking to me anymore and will have a supervisor call me back. This was the 4th time I was told a supervisor will call me back to help me through a process, and they never do! Poor communication and transparency. Days after, a supervisor calls and says they will no longer be taking my calls or helping because I said I’ll have my lawyer contact them for not fulfilling their duties I paid for. They’re still charging my card for services, but won’t take my calls. Read the customer reviews on BBB and do yourself a favor: pay the extra money to LegalZoom and have a worry free process.

  5. Does zen biz work with non residents founders

  6. Hello I am having issues with my ZenBusiness account

  7. Hi Darcy. Upon applying for business credit card, do the banks require physical presence to submit all the required documents to open? Would be helpful if you will give me any idea how to open a business account there in US if I don't live there. Thanks

  8. hi sister i need your help please reply to me

  9. Hello I am having issues with my ZenBusiness account it’s won’t let me login in and it probably because I didn’t make a payment to register agent for few weeks that I hadn’t start my truck business yet. I already paid for state fee and what can I do ?

  10. Zen business or better legal?

  11. Reply
    CreAtivE ManifeStatioN February 22, 2023 at 4:04 pm

    Hello, do Zen do the DBA?

  12. Found you randomly, love your energy, keep it up ! 💰💰💰

  13. Yes, please do a review on the Capital on Tap credit card. 🙂

  14. Always watching to support with my fam 🤗❤️

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