Zelda Breath of the Wild News – Review Scores (NO SPOILERS) 2022

November 10, 2022

The Reviews are in and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild holds a super strong 98 out of 100 on Metacritic!

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  1. Now we are talking! Also The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Development Documentary will be up in a few hours. The end of it will reveal the Giveaway Winners!

  2. I really hope this game beats Ocarina of Time as the best Zelda. While I haven't played it, this game looks absolutely incredible. Though my Number 1 fav will always be Majoras Mask.

  3. Ocarina 99, BOTF 98, Witcher 3 93? Yeah bullshit…

  4. Its not groundbreaking. It has terrible combat and world full of random enemy camps, art style done by vomiting colours on a screen running on a system that shouldnt even exist.

  5. You forgot
    Butthurt hater – 0/10
    "Dis gaem sux, Horizun Zero Dawnn is bettah, Craptendo sux cox and bribd critix!!!1"

  6. red dead will win

  7. how long is the average playthrough for Zelda? anyone know?

  8. how long is the average playthrough for Zelda? anyone know?

  9. That moment when you realize that 9/10 is completely biased and underrated!

  10. Damn with quotes like these who wouldn't be hype-projared

  11. No arguments against against those review score

  12. Easy allies upped the score after the patch fixed most of the technical issues.
    Anybody who has experienced gameplay when they were first released, Zelda1, Link to the Past and / or Ocarina … I think this is the next in line, unbelievable reviews. Amazing.

  13. Thanks for the video

  14. AngryJoe will give this game a 10/10 legendary Bad @ss seal of approval!!!!!!

  15. Good job Nintendo! This the best game ever.

  16. CNET – "1/5, cool game but each time i tried to play the switch kept falling backwards."

  17. LETS FUCKING GOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Oh freaking boy am i ready for this game!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Why didn't you show any bad scores

    Because there WERENT ANY

  20. The Reviews have gone Wild

  21. I've sheered a couple of happiness tears while seeing this, I WANT TO PLAY IT SO BAD!!!!!

  22. Great video

  23. What the …
    i knew it would be good but it seemes to breake all expectations

  24. Ack! I have to wait until the Monday after release. Woe is me.

  25. I probably won't have a switch till my body. rip

  26. "F" Nintendo gave it a 10/10… thats how you know it's an amazing game

  27. thank you sniff

  28. Someone today sent me a picture of reviews for this game and HOLY SHIT it truly is the best game ever made so far

  29. This is on the same level as reviews as Ocarina Of Time

  30. Swan song?  Either they don't know what that means or they can get bent.  After the fistfuls of cash Nintendo will be making on this do you really think it's "a final public performance or professional activity before retirement."?

  31. Did destructoid just talk shit about Skyrim? Nah nigga you gonna get fucked now boi.

  32. Can this comment get loved?

  33. I can't sleep it's like Christmas when I was 10 I would've killed for a local midnight release 🙁

  34. The asshats not giving it a perfect score shmeh

  35. This game is scoring big from every review. I already feel this will top Ocarina of Time for me. Tommorow can't get here soon enough.Thanks for keeping us so well informed leading up to the launch Commonwealth Realm.

  36. thesixthaxis disappoints me. they don't write that they have any issues with the game, yet they give it 9/10

  37. 10/10 – IGN

    sorry i had to

  38. I'm pretty sure everyone said the exact same thing about Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess

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