Z Fold 4 90 Days Later HONEST Review (Galaxy Z Fold 4) 2022

December 6, 2022

I have been using the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 for over 90 days, ever since the Z Fold 4 released. And today I am going to give you an HONEST review of the Z Fold 4 after 90 days. I think Samsung did a great job with the Z Fold 4. This is my long term review of the Z Fold 4. This is my honest 3 month review of the z fold 4.

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  1. For me, it's most of the time a business phone because I can't pick a laptop or tablet everywhere to access documents and accounting. I absolutely recommend it if you have the same usage. Not gaming or a regular daily phone. Plus once you use it, you can't switch back to regular form factor phones 🤣

  2. Oh btw, Love the video man!
    Great points made and glad to see someone else embracing innovation in a market full of the same crap year in and year out lol. Got my subscribe and like, now go and take over the world xD
    also. I've owned this phone for awhile now and I've owned the Iphone 7 plus ,X and 13 pro in the past, if anyone who's currently with Apple or just anyone in general have questions feel free to ask. This phone is worth it.

  3. I love my Fold 4. Such an amazing phone. I will never go back to the S-series. The Fold 4 is hands down the best phone i have ever had.

  4. Best phone hands down.

  5. Yeah..UI 5 arrived last week too.

  6. Use it everyday in every which way…

  7. Hey can anyone tell the name of the wallpaper??

  8. Can't do it till they make the Fold dustproof. ☹️

    I work in the elements every day.

  9. Great review of the Fold4….what game were you playing in this review?

  10. was that toilet paper when signing? 2:54

  11. Does anyone else's phone get warm while using it

  12. I bought a 512GB from Samsung for 1200 on check out. I traded in a cracked S10+ and received $300 in credit among other discounts. I'd say it was an excellent deal.

  13. I agree with your anxiety of this durability, I saw a lot of complaints from reddit, that when their inner-screen broken, Samsung asked them 500 bucks to fix that even though this is Samsung’s error, The longer you use this phone, the more anxious you will have because you do not know when will the inner-screen gets black line in the middle :))

  14. I just got the fold and honestly it isn't for me. It is a great device but it is too cumbersome for me. It is bulky and heavy. The thing I needs to do mostly is already on my s22 ultra.

  15. Dude, off topic here but if you could have a lower tier for your membership, I'd be happy to join. There are creators I support with roughly quarter a cent. I live in the Philippines, so it's quite expensive here on our end. Nevertheless, cheers to you. Love your channel.

  16. Reply
    StarLightFIlmProductions. December 6, 2022 at 9:30 pm

    I had mine for a month now so far so good I love it although I wish YouTube was more optimized for it I keep getting vary stretched images

  17. Im not happy with mine. They have issues with the folding screen. Mine has bumps on the crease and now I'm getting several white lines down the middle. Samsung has awful customer service and won't fix my phone until the screen actually breaks.

  18. ubreakifix store is contracted out by samsung. i have samsung care for my tab s7 and need the crack screen replace. i took it there with my samsung care account and they fixed it for free

  19. After 12 Years with Apple and my 14 pro Max, i changed to the Fold. I absolutely Loving this wonderful piece of Tech 😂 i used the Front Screen 90% of time but everytime when i unfold the Fold, i'm still in love. The Sound, the Screen, the UI. It's perfect. For me!

  20. Yes I like this phone also. Only complaint is it feels slippery all over everywhere. Making the aides and camera phone side of it a more grainy, less slippery surface would have been better. I'm going to add a case to it so that should give it a more rubber not slip feel I want.

  21. The idea 💡 of getting the Z Fold 4 into my hands 👐 is going to be a tech adventure that will have printed words fall off the page for me as I describe the awesomeness in a few days coming from the S22 Ultra.

  22. The Z Fold4 is definitely phone of the year for me. This is one of the best phones when it comes to productivity and media consumption. I find it funny how people are still hating on this phone, including Samsung fans (particularly S22 Ultra users).

  23. What game are you playing ? Plz

  24. Watching this from my Galaxy Z Fold 4 inner screen, this is cool as hell.

  25. what was that app shown that allows you to sign a pdf?

  26. 1:56 8, actually. Once had meet, Gmail, docs, chrome, clash of clans, calculator, messages, and keep notes open at the same time during a class project. Docs, chrome, and notes were the main 3 and the rest were open and running in multi window

  27. Reply
    Charlie UK Tech Fan December 6, 2022 at 9:30 pm

    Samsung fold 4 isn't great like s22u 😀

    Get an iPhone 14 Pro Max 😀

  28. Long time iPhone user. I really want this. Ordered a max but might exchange it for this if things check out. My main concerns are

    1. Software, I always noticed androids performance less optimized than iOS. But is the software refined enough. No lags. No stutters or frame rate drops?
    2. Also how does it feel in your pocket. Because it’s basically like two phones stacked on top of each other. I would be taking this to the gym lol and normal uses like that.

  29. I've used apple products for yearsssss! I came from the 11 pro max was going to get the 14 pro max. Decided to do research on other phones because the Samsungs customization abilities really stuck out to me. So it was between pro max, 22 ultra, and fold 4. Since the 23 ultra was coming soon and I didn't want to wait I decided on the fold 4. So far I'm loving it. Still trying to get use to everything but so far I love it. Having trouble getting everything from my iphone onto the fold (mostly my notes) but as long as it stays uploaded to my cloud I'm good. If anyone is on the fence about it… I'd say just try it out

  30. don't you store it in your trousers pocket? I think it would be better with a case

  31. I spend close to 100% of my time on the inside display playing Diablo Immortal and browsing. Loving the device!

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