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May 31, 2022

Car Repair vs Replace. Why are seasoned car repair technicians leaving their jobs and working for YourMechanic Mobile Auto Repairs? Better paying jobs and better customer service! Is YourMechanic reliable? Is your mechanic any good?
Also, High School Trades Programs near you sponsored by Automotive Groups. Collision Repair near me, the most important feature of a car repair shop.

Auto Repair the Way It Should Be. Any Time or Place. Free Estimate. Book with Confidence. Have the Mechanics Come to You. No Worries. No Hassle. No Over-charging. 7 Days a Week. BBB Accredited Business. Available 7 Days a Week. Certified Mechanics. Car Repair near me mobile.
Your Mechanic Official Site – The #1 Mobile Mechanic Service

SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE​ #Car​ #dealership #cars #usedcars #carsforsale #TheHomeworkGuy​ #TheHomeworkGuy​ THE BEST CAR BUYING ADVICE YOU CAN FIND is published by The Homework Guy Team (THG)! We’re the team of Auto Experts, Finance Gurus, and Car Pricing Strategists that well over 45 Million Car Buyers have come to know and trust.

0:00 The Amazing Elizabeth Presents on behalf of Kevin Hunter the Homework Guy team
0:35 Technical High School Car Trades Programs Mentorship by 3 Automotive Groups USA
1:58 Review of YourMechanic Mobile Repair Shop Schedule Online Car Service
3:41 Car Collision Repairs worth it? Is Car Repair body work cheaper than buying a new car?
5:26 Survey Results – what is the most important feature of a car repair shop
7:04 Is That the Best You Can Do? Ebook by Kevin Hunter available on Amazon Kindle


The Homework Guy Team publishes videos to help Car Buyers.
1. SELL every car for the Highest Possible Price.
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The Homework Guy Team provides car buying consumers with information, automotive news and updates, industry outlook, buying and selling advice, and other help to level the tables. The public face of THG is Kevin Hunter and the master negotiator, Elizabeth. Tons of time and research goes into every show, planning for weeks, several projects always on the table, all with the goal of getting it exactly right. From Automotive News Updates to vehicle shopping advice and assistance, The Homework Guy Team is the best there is.

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How can The Homework Guy Videos help Car Buyers?
1. What you need to know before buying a car.
2. Information you need when buying a car at a dealership.
3. Benefits of Buying a Car from a Dealership or Private Party.
4. Questions to ask at a Dealership
5. Car buying tips and tricks from the experts
6. How to Buy and Pay for a Car with Cash
7. Using Carmax, Edmunds, TrueCar, Autolist, or Kelley Blue Book for Car Pricing Info.
8. Buying a Car out of state.
9. Taking Control of the entire Car Buying Process.
10. What to do if Scammed.
11. Illegal things Car Dealers can do.
12. Understanding Dealer Financing Tricks
13. How to Avoid Dealer Scams.
14. Reactions to Sales Training conducted by Car Trainers.

Will The Homework Guy Team become the #MrBeast​ of the Auto Industry? Time will tell! We’ve seen amazing growth with over 352,000 Subscribers and counting. Meanwhile, if you prefer to fix your current car (and we recommend that you do!), check out channels like Chris Fix or Scotty Kilmer! If you wonder where we get such brilliant financial ideas, watch the Dave Ramsey Show! But, if you were just hoping to get lucky and be handed a wad of cash, well… then see Mr Beast!

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  1. Reply
    Roberto Izquierdo May 31, 2022 at 4:53 am

    that's why I rather lease! There is no such thing as a honest repair shop.

  2. You have such long pretty blonde hair we will be in a world of hurt if most vechiels become electric it will wipe out the majority of auto repair work and really hurt the economy loss of jobs and business could even cause a war i hope it never happens

  3. Yes please, let me see my parts. Going in and coming out. Txs y’all

  4. Recently I went to a ford Dealer to have my vehicle serviced and I also wanted them to trouble shoot a vibration coming from the front of my truck. I specifically asked them to tell me exactly what was wrong and show me. They came out with a $8000 plus estimate on the repair telling me that all my ball joints and U joints need to be replaced. I'm not a novice when it comes to repairs I'm self taught and when this estimate came out my first thought was either they didn't look at my vehicle or looked at the mileage (150000 ish) and went for the home run of repairs to see if I would pay for it. I never did get a answer to what was exactly wrong. As things stand I'm waiting for a day off and dry weather so I can trouble shoot this my self. Remember there are mechanics out there that will keep throwing parts at a problem until it goes away and you are paying for it.(not really diagnosing the issue)

  5. Rainman Ray's and The Car Care Nut are two of many examples of honesty in technicians

  6. I only go to dealers for recall notices. And toyota borked mine all to hell, so bad I left and never went back, I'll take my chances on the recall failure. While there they were giving the hard sell to some really old people for maintenance stuff, and some young guy got a cabin filter for like $80 and a bunch of other stuff. toyota is abusing the trust it once worked hard to build. Keep in mind, if a repair is over a couple hundred dollars, I'll buy my own tools and parts and fix it myself. These days at 56yo I already have most tools and skills. My dad taught me well, thanks dad.

  7. Ha ha, went to a tec school ,learned more after ,made more doing other things. Dealers are the worst, maybe 25 % make the big money.

  8. The car dealer is my absolute, last resort for a repair, unless it's something covered under warranty.

  9. As a mechanic myself, there is no such thing as a honest repair shop. You would be surprised how many mechanics are high on drugs working on cars.I even seen drug deals go down inside the shops. ASE certification don't mean anything anymore, they're worthless pieces of paper now. There is no money to be made turning wrenches,it's a dead-end job now.

  10. hello friends Thank you for this informative video

  11. I would say that most high schools–including the one I attended–do not prepare students for other alternatives to college like trade/techical schools. This is something the schools need to pitch more of instead of college bound materials. Trade/Technical schools allow you to get your hands on what you want to do now instead of feeling like you are back in high school for another 4+ years where you may get so bogged down and bored that you just want to quit. I went to college after high school with 4 other or my classmates. All of us but one stayed and graduated. The rest of us went on to tech schools and got our certifications in what we wanted to do. This is something that parents should really inform their children about.

  12. Nice one . Great News on THG 😀 GO KEVIN !!

  13. WOW very interesting super kool ,1st class great info.,,, AAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++ again great video I liked it a lot ,keep up the great work.

  14. What's up with Kevin? Anybody have any news.

  15. Reply
    Shrek Roughnecks MC May 31, 2022 at 4:53 am

    My mechanic is great. He’s a military veteran like me. He has no problem taking me back to show me my vehicle on the lift. He also will prioritize and repairs needed and explain them to me. He’s done work for me on ATVs and small engines only because I use him exclusively. My parents now use him and other friends have started using him. Most comments I get about him is he is upfront and a no BS guy.

  16. find a local shop talk to the guys there like humans and build a relationship with them, you will get the best treatment and pricing when you walk in and they know your name. coupon shoppers that bounce all over town are the ones that complain and talk bad about shops. think about it do you coupon shop doctors?

  17. Always ask to save the bad parts being replaced.

  18. Car dealership repairs suck/ they are given a amount of Time to fix the thing/ they have to go by that book and YES there is a book that tells them how long each job should take. Take longer and your in trouble with the dealership. So they fast track work ,always under pressure and they take shortcuts or don't do what they're supposed to do/ forget about it.

  19. Reply
    Michael Welschmidt May 31, 2022 at 4:53 am

    Good advice.

  20. Thanks for the great informative content! I trust nobody and will work on my own vehicle till the day I die Too many bad experiences having car serviced by thieves and ninny's (when I was sick and unable to do the work myself) who might be ASE certified and can pass a test but plain would not trust them to work on my grandkids tricycle as they are parts changers and have no experience and damage more than they fix…Learn how to maintain your own vehicles to help stop being robbed by unscrupulous supposed technicians.😁🇺🇸

  21. Zinn might have repairs for elderly people. Maybe they don't drive very far before they get in a wreck. lol 😕

  22. I decided to replace my own brakes when I saw how much the dealers wanted for it. I was able to upgrade the quality of the components for a small fraction of the price the dealer wanted to gouge me!

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