Yor's Bad End! No More Secret Jobs? – Spy X Family Episode 16 Impressions! reviews

October 27, 2022

Episode 16 Impressions of Spy X Family. Spy X Family Part 2.

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  1. The Cruise arc is one of the longest arc in the manga it’s better to be a movie since too much violence to it and hopefully clover and wits can give justice to all the fight scene. Yeah movie will do for the Cruise arc.

  2. Frank was lying, although he’s acting like everything is fine, it has been implied by Anya and Loid that not only did she reject him, it’s possible that she was rude about it.

  3. I love Camilla's husband.

  4. Frankie was lying about the girl saying she needed to cut her gas off, she rejected him outright lol

  5. I don't think you will ever get a true Yor assassination plot. I agree that they don't want to focus on Yor killing people. You will just get the occasional quick scene.

  6. I do want to see more of Yor's assassination

  7. To be fair, Yor is blatantly superhuman, and the people she kills generally stay dead. Her organization probably doesn't have jobs that require her level of services that often. The types of problems Loid has to deal with come up more frequently.

  8. Yeah, as many have pointed out Yor's arc will take some time to start, but in the mean time, looks like next episode we'll finally get to see my favorite character of the series, looking forward to it!

  9. I think the gas turned on story was indeed a lie, but one Franky invented on the spot to hide the real reason [based on something he said about his own appearance, I believe she turned him down because he's ugly]. Both Loyd and Anya noticed the lie and felt bad for him. Hence, Loyd going after him at the bar.

  10. Seeing Franky and Loid at the bar reminds me of my grandfather going to the bar every day after work with his nephew

  11. i think Yors arc when you see her really work is going to be in s2 sadly, they really took their time to give Yor her own arc as an assassin in the manga

  12. The Yor assassin arc is going to be in season 2. It starts around volume 8 of the manga volumes. It is the longest arc in the series. We just started volume 5 of the manga volumes with today's episode. This cour should end around volume 6 of the manga volumes.

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