World set to break global temperature record: BBC News Review reviews

February 5, 2023

A new world record is about to be broken. Join Sian and Catherine to discover the language from the headlines you can use in everyday life.
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  1. I love this channel so much. I am happy for learning from this. I would like to deliver my gratefulness and million thanks to all hosts of this site.

  2. Thanks I like this video

  3. Thanks Sian and Katherine for new vocabulary for me…

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    MATHS TUTORIALS JODHPUR February 5, 2023 at 4:55 pm

    i am on course/track/pace to get the first rank in my class

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    MATHS TUTORIALS JODHPUR February 5, 2023 at 4:55 pm

    he prefers sweltering/scorching/sizzling food

  6. God knows how the world shall look in a few years to come……..

  7. Thanks to this new way of teaching

  8. It is a pleasant feeling to listen   the civilized people , it is a wonderful way teaching English .
    I congratulate BBC TRACHING ENGLISH TEAM .

  9. This is amazing! 🙂

  10. Thanks, ladies~!!

  11. I noticed that you made some changes in this episode, the word cut I mean.
    It's quite helpful. From the first episode up untill now, I can feel how you desire to create the best program for the students wherever they are.
    Thank you very much.

    From your loyal fan

  12. Hello, and welcome to News Review , the program where we show you how to use the

    language from the latest news stories in your everyday English.

    Hi, I'm Sian, joining me today is Catherine. Hi, Catherine? "Hi, Sian, Hi,


    What stoires do you have for us today?

    Today some we have story about very hot topic.

    oh, can you guess what it is.
    Let's find out from this BBC Radio 4 News Bulletine.

    Reading News articles on screen

    so, a story there about earth's temperature and twenty and sixteen is almost

    definitely going to be the hottest year since human started recording the


    ok, so, a worring story. "it's quite serious. yeah"

    so, what words and phrases are being used by News site online to talk about the


    ok, we're going to look at two groups of words.
    the first group of three words , all have very similar meaning.
    and words are sweltering , sizzling , and scorching.

    and our second group of phrases also have very similar meanings each other.
    and they ared on course, on track, and on pace.

    ok, how are the first group of words appearing in the News stories?

    ok, Let's look at the Headlines, we have ,Global News website, tells us.
    "Scorching 2016 on pace to be hottest year on record"

    secondly , on Australia website IN Daily.
    we have " Sweltering 2016 to set heat record"

    alright, we have scorching, sizzling, and sweltering which are all extreme

    adjectives meaning very very very hot! "very very very hot yup!"

    and they all have pretty much similar meaning.
    it's not that one's more extreme than the other? is it?

    No, not at all. all of the mean are very very very hot.
    they are not particulary graded ,so if you want to describe of situation where

    something is extremely hot , use one ,use it of your favorite

    um, it's quite nice because Headlines can vary their language with all these

    different synanims.

    They do, and they're all quite dramatic as well. so good for Headlines. yeah.

    and as well they're extreme and we have to use an extreme adverbs
    we can't use "very sweltering"

    not at all, No, you would say absolutely scorching.

    um, we've both got quite thick jumpers on today.

    ( it's COLD &^$^$#^%&__&^%^% this morning )

    yes, it was. but in this office , it's sweltering with all this lights.

    yes, it is actually I'm feeling quite warm as well. actually, more than quite

    warm, this office ,studio is sweltering.

    sweltering, sizzling, scorching.

    and now sizzle the verb sizzle makes me think of bacon ,sausages,

    cooking , cooking in a frying fan in particular
    if you've got a fan, you're cooking your dinner.
    lots of oil in the fan , and something that's quite fatty.
    so when you put it in the fan , they goes spitting ( %$%%$#%$## )
    bubbling and smelling lovely, and the noise makes it in particular sound like the

    word sizzle
    so sizzle means cooking something so that it is spitting and making lot of frying


    so, sausages sizzle. "sausages sizzle , yeah, you're making me hungry"

    I'm getting hungry as well.
    ok, let's move on to the next group of words , then.

    what do you have for the next group of words?

    ok, let's go back to our headlines, and we're looking at USA Today.
    "2016 on track for hottest year on record"

    alzagira tells us.
    "2016 on course to be hottest year on record"

    and our final one back to Glabal News. and we have
    "Scorching 2016 on pace to be hottest year on record"

    so, almost identical Headlines there tells which tells us with words that's

    pretty similar.

    yes, we have on course , on track, and on pace
    and they mean happening in a way we expect based on what's been happening until

    now. isn't it?

    yeah, exactly,. so there's kind of you know what's gonna happen and the result

    will be because what's happened leading up to this moment.
    often it's used for plans. and plans, all things you want to happen.
    for example if you are at school. you want to get a final grade A at the end of

    the year.
    you look at all your essays and your grades you have got so far,
    if you have four A's and two B's.
    so looking at that, you're likely to get a final grade A,
    you're on course to get a final grade A.
    because you have quite( this part I'm not sure ) , if you're grade A's up to

    until now.

    it's often quite positive but in these stories , it's not positive usages, is it?
    it's used for something quite negative

    it is !!, it's quite unusual , but I think it works the way they use it
    because we're talking about the hottest year on record
    so, it's kind of record which actually is somthing that's never done before.
    it's often that's quite positive
    if you think of olympic athlets breaking records.
    so even though this result will be negative,
    we're using it in this kind of record way, so generally speaking on course on

    track, of positive things
    here it's been (%^$%#$%#%^#)

    we're using it here, because 2016 isn't over yet. we're in November.
    so we can't say for definite, cause something may happen .
    we may have cold ( ) in December. then they may change it.
    but it's looking likely.

    yeah, it's looking very very likely.
    and that's a key with on course on track on pace , it's looking very likely

    on course , on track are more common , aren't they? than on pace?

    yeah, much more common, on course on track, those one that we see more often.
    and News paper chose on pace but I think it's less common. yeah.

    yeah, it's kind of, if you think of literal meaning of on course on track.
    it makes sense, doesn't it?
    if you're on course on track, you're on a journey somewhere on a route.

    yeah, a course, on the part , it's often literally like pavement or
    if you go to an stadium. there's a running track where athlets run
    so it's literally what you move on.

    and of follows, if you want to use it as a noun, or a verb
    what's structure we use?

    yeah, with on course, on track, you can use , you can follow them by for + noun

    phrases ,. or you can follow them both by to be + and verb phrase.
    and it's same for on pace. but again, it's just a little more unusual to see

    those structures.

    ok, thank you very much.

    This transcription written by me is for my listening skills to improve.
    so there are many faults in it which are mainly because of article A, The and singular , plural.
    but if you are at beginner level , it can help you get the overall understanding of this program.
    and if you reply some comments about faults in it to my transcripts
    It'd be really helpful for all of us.
    Thank you. All the best.

  13. It is hot in this winter.

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    Prantika Chakraborty February 5, 2023 at 4:55 pm

    i just do know how to express more thanks with the word thankyou only..its an amazing show

  15. Thanks to this new way of teaching, I have learnt so many more synonyms. Thank you for your effort!

  16. I love this channel so much! Thanks!

  17. very nice thanks

  18. very good

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