World population increases to 8 billion: BBC News Review reviews

January 24, 2023

The story
The world’s population has officially reached 8 billion.

The growth is partly because of developments in health, nutrition and medicine.

It’s taken just 11 years to go from 7 to 8 billion, but growth in many countries is actually slowing.

Many are concerned the expanding population is destroying the planet.

Key words and phrases

can’t get any higher or better
• Ticket sales for the concert have peaked. Fewer people are buying them now.
• We expect the prices of holidays to peak in the summer.

causes or creates something that is usually negative
• Drunk drivers pose a threat to other road users.
• This political scandal will pose big problems for the government.

• Moving to new countries as a child shaped my love for travel.
• Her dad’s attitude shaped her approach to hard work.

0:00 – Introduction
0:23 – Story
1:09 – Headline 1: The Telegraph: World population hits eight billion – as experts predict when it will peak
3:29 – Headline 2: CNN: Global population hits 8 billion as growth poses more challenges for the planet
5:01 – Headline 3: The Conversation: As the 8 billionth person is born,
here’s how Africa will shape the future of the planet’s population
6:40 – Language summary

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