World energy crisis: BBC News Review reviews

January 31, 2023

The world’s temperatures are rising… and so are people’s energy bills. Gas supply problems have been caused by the war in Ukraine. Now some governments are thinking of going back in time – and using coal to generate power.

But many see this as a step backwards for the environment.

Video chapters:
0:00 – Introduction
0:24 – Story
1:05 – Headline 1: France 24: ‘Unimaginable’: Austria prepares to reopen coal power station
2:32 – Headline 2: ABC News. Short-term fix to gas crisis is to bring coal plants online, Resources Minister Madeleine King says
4:00 – Headline 3: Sky News: ‘Bitter but necessary’: Germany turns to coal to replace Russian gas
5:32 – Language summary

Key words and phrases

hard to believe, often because it’s shocking

The death caused unimaginable sadness in the family.
Covid has had an unimaginable effect on young people’s mental health.

short-term fix
temporary solution

I’m using tape on my broken glasses as a short-term fix.
Hiring retired teachers is a short-term fix for the staff shortages in schools.


He felt very bitter after the divorce.
There’s a bitter wind outside. Wear a coat and hat!

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  1. Thanks for the video. This is helpful. One thing I found unimaginable is I am able to understand your English but sometimes I am not able to understand what my local neighbour ( British )said to me 😢 please what is the short – term fix? I feel bitter 😢

  2. 😊

  3. Vocabulary for this video "World energy crisis":
    – Energy bills
    – Gas supply problems have been caused by the Ukraine war.
    – To go back in time
    – a step backward for the environment
    – Green solution (about the environment)
    1) Unimaginable (adj) – hard to believe or think about often because it's shocking; = unbelievable, unthinkable. It is unimaginable that Australia plans to use coal to generate power. It is like a step backward for the environment. Or something you can't imagine.
    2) Short-term fix (n) – an immediate and temporary solution that wouldn't last for a long period of time. Short-term is the future that is right in front of us. So there is an immediate/ temporary future. Long-term fix about years or medium-term fix. The short-term fix to the gas crisis is to bring coal plants back again.
    3) Bitter (adj) a kind of flavor, or unpleasant. Exp: to talk about food or drink, such as a bitter flavor of really really dark chocolate 98%. To describe weather such as a bitter winter day – a day that is cold, and windy. To talk about people who are angry or unpleasant. The solution to going back to coal is bitter, it means an unpleasant situation.
    Thank you much for this video.

  4. Reply
    Mohammad Abdollahzadeh January 31, 2023 at 6:26 am

    Unimaginable is equal to inconceivable

  5. instead of crude oil please use free energy generator invented by Nicolas Tesla

  6. The resonant maple reilly mend because driving cephalometrically cough lest a stale security. lush, overconfident text

  7. Why cartel of ofgem is not working for us the people but is working for the cartel of the gas and electricity company this is what is meant to be happening but this is what they say We work to protect energy consumers, especially vulnerable people, by ensuring they are treated fairly and benefit from a cleaner, greener environment now that is ofgem saying that but what a load off b*ll s**t they are being paid alot off money to grant the big 6 companies that have the market and they are pay out very well there names scottish power-spanish utility 2 sse-ovo energy 3 british gas – centrica 4 shell energy 5 EDF-France 6 eon-germany they have a money pit free to do what the like with assets and Ownership off the coast off the 🇬🇧 we have assets on gas of 7.32 trillion cubic gas which  is not suppled to the uk it put on the open market to the highest bidder but I think we should take back control off these assets and think off our own people as ofgem the government and these companies are not thinking of us they only think of there share holder's and that includes ofgem too tk that in Europe gas and electricity went up 44% here 400%+ it time we took action as they are all laughing at us and the more they can get away with it anymore they will do it take action Jonathan Brearley ceo of ofgem paid £300,000 +£15,000 in perks no bad for a person that meant to protect the people ?? But is protecting the big companies I mentioned in my blog wake up before it to later people and enyone with a direct debit payment that is taken out after 12pm at night and has gone to a ridiculous price as long as you get in touch with your bank that day before 6pm that day they have to put it back into your account and I would recommend you set up a standing order 👍 off what you can afford as that show you still paying  and they can not take 30 million to court 😉 ofgem get your act together before you are the course of many deaths in the yrs in the future

  8. Thanks to you, I learned somthing again!

  9. I love both of you

  10. great

  11. Amazing. Keep going, fighting

  12. Such a great review:)

  13. omg, just a few seconds I fell in love with this program, it's so useful for us to study English. Especially on the variety of vocabulary that we can use for improve our English level

  14. You shouldn’t put your sunglasses at the place where someone could sit. Thanks guys for the nice video

  15. What a marvellous programme, I am always a huge fan of BBC learning English Team.

  16. Gas crisis? Is Not war in Europe? russia attacks Ukraine 8 years. Someone hide head in concrete.

  17. Well done Putin's Russia.
    Cut all gas from all pipes.
    Let the evil empires of lied enjoy the confiscation of russian assets. Let them sell the milk of their women.

  18. Love feel also my feel good but situations overtake I don't like.. proper everybody happiness I wish that's it..

  19. Do best lead enough I am best attitude in society introduction I feel also proud of.

  20. Ee crazy feeling koosamea world total struggles more hard work most important priority.. world best Banerjee craze everybody also wishing more .,

  21. It’s so useful

  22. because of the war in Ukraine ×
    because Russia attacked Ukraine ✓

  23. unimaginable
    short-term fix

  24. Reply
    Albina Taalaibekovna January 31, 2023 at 6:26 am

    Просто вау😍

  25. Sian is a quintessential beauty. Her beauty and the accent is extraterrestrial.

  26. It is a horror that we are beginning to lack oil

  27. How is it possible that they both never get any older? They look and sound amazing

  28. Reply
    Diş Hekiminiz Diyor Ki January 31, 2023 at 6:26 am

    Really helpful, to see you two is very conforming either.

  29. This lesson is quiet good for us, because we learn to synonyms word in several countrys…

  30. I think this is the best news area since is tells you the news while helping you learn proper English 😄😄😄👏👏👏👏👏

  31. his eye glasses lmao

  32. Green energy.

  33. I must say this is the first time I saw Nail's face lol as I usually hear him on spotify podcast before. I love learning English with you guys. Thanks alot.

  34. What happened in Ukraine is unimaginable. I bet people in Ukraine surely feel bitter. Personally, I don’t think there will be a short-term fix.

  35. Neil and Sian,You are the best presenters that I have ever seen. You both make my day. I can't live without Six minute English and News Review literally. I can't imagine spending my day without listening to Neil, Rob, Sam, Gorgina or Sian. Thanks for your overwhelming efforts.

  36. BBC is one of the most proficient news providers, so I kindly ask you to use the right words. It`s not war in Ukraine – it`s russian war against Ukraine. The words matter!

  37. Reply
    John Russel Dela Cruz January 31, 2023 at 6:26 am

    I learned a lot in this content, keep it up please you will help a lot of people when it comes to widen our vocabulary ❤️

  38. I love BBC learning

  39. Sian👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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