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August 23, 2022

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With cost always on the rise, manufacturers need to control spending without compromising quality. Matrix Packaging Machinery shares their insight on making the process simple, yet effective.

As manufacturers continually look for ways to keep productivity up, they must also find ways to keep costs down, from snack foods and bakery products, powders to liquids, many of which we use every day. With such innovative ideas, many of these systems are used all over the world. “Manufactures of consumer industrial products throughout the world rely upon our systems every day to package their products accurately and efficiently,” said Marc Willden, CEO of Matrix Packaging Machinery. Unique in design, this system can be customized to fit each manufacturer’s needs while providing ease of operation. “As we benchmark the competition, we feel that our unique modular, semi-custom design in a non-proprietary fashion affords us the opportunity to better meet the needs of our customers and provide them machinery at an economical price. And I believe, in the end, that really differentiates us from the competition,” stated Chip Simenz, Vice President of Matrix Packaging Machinery.

With increased competition in the packaging marketplace, client manufacturers want a reliable company and a quality product to support them. “Our systems are used to package a wide variety of products including cookies, candy, snack food, cheese, shrimp, even liquids,” Willden stated.

Innovative engineering allows for quick changes from one product to another with minimal downtime, reducing both labor and production cost. “We chose Matrix because we had a piece of equipment previously with them for about seven years. We had hurricane Katrina come in and put about nine or ten foot of water over our equipment. It demolished our equipment. We called Matrix up and they said that they could put us back in business with a bagger scale system in about four weeks and we would be up and running to serve our customer base again ,” stated Eddie Wilson Vice President of Sea Pearl Seafood Company, Inc.

Keeping costs low is one thing, having a system that is valuable to your business is another. “The thing I value most about Matrix Packaging Equipment is their technical support and service and parts, their people in the parts department take very good care of their customers. They pretty much know you on a first name basis. You can call them and say ‘I don’t know what the part number is.’ Well, with Matrix Packaging he knows what the part number is, he’s familiar with all of the parts, and he can get that part out to you overnight. As far as the technical support, if I’m down, I have a problem, I’m running in a plant, I can call and they get me on the phone, work me through the problem real quick to get me back up and running,” Wilson stated.

Flexible, simple, and cost effective, the right combination for getting products signed, sealed, and delivered.

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