Woodworkers review of 3 laser engravers! China Tools Ep.38 reviews

October 22, 2022

In-Depth reviews of woodworking products from China. In this episode: Three laser engravers from Atomstack and Enjoywood are capable of cutting wood!

If you want to see a ranking among all the products I tested over the last three years, visit my site: https://hookedonwood.online/China-Tools-Ranking/. Here, you can find my shop improvement series with free plans as well! https://hookedonwood.online/Shop-Improvements/ Here are all the direct links to the products in this video.

Enjoywood 10 Watt laser


Enjoywood 20 Watt laser

Atomstack 20 Watt laser
Coupon Code: BG5a5c10
With the coupon code the price is $ 989. Exp. November 30


My Personal Banggood favorites all time!

1. Hongdui Edge Trimmer

2. Doweling Jig / Multi-row puncher

3. Kerfmaker

4. Drill guide cabinet jig

5. T-ruler

6. Precision square

7. Miter square

8. Miter square brass

9. Height gauge


My name is Dennis and I am from Hooked on Wood.
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Products I use in my workshop

Table saw with dust system:
Felder 740S Slider
Felder 140

Incra master-R-router lift
AEG 1400w router
Incra 25″ SL positioner with Wonder Fence

Drill press: Jet JDP 15B
Miter saw: Festool Kapex 60

Different links to products I use

Axminster trade hold down clamps
Piher Rail guide clamps
Micro Jig dovetail clamps
Bessey parallel clamps
Axminster trade parallel clamps

Push blocks
Micro Jig Gripper
Incra Push block
Thank you for viewing.

Best regards,


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  1. Thanks again Dennis, another great review!!

  2. Dennis thanks. I appreciate the info you give us. it is a big help when buying.

  3. Reply
    DCreation Woodworking October 22, 2022 at 10:05 pm

    first i like your vids. but i have a question supporting a country that is supporting russia is ageainst EU en the NATO how do you think about that?

  4. Hello, what is the black material you are engraving?

  5. 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  6. GREAT review Dennis. Your points are always "on point"! !! !!!

  7. I think your reviews, particularly these laser ones, are pretty good. I like that you are more focused on 'what you can do with this' than 'you MUST have this and I'll only show projects that require this product' which sadly seems to be more the case on other YT channels. One thing that might be worth exploring is how well these 'entry level' lasers go with marking 3D objects like bowls and carvings with either a maker's or owner's mark, there is a difference between 'focused' and 'collimated' in lasers, collimated beams hold their sharpness over a greater distance range but need complex optics.

  8. Can you drop a link for the links for the air assists? Does the 10watt come with air assist too?

  9. Great review as always.kind regards Shane 👍

  10. Hi Dennis, Another great video. A 20W laser is definitely on my Christmas list. Instead of making an enclosure, couldn't someone run the unit near a window, where a powerful box window fan shooting all the smoke outside? Brad in North Carolina

  11. Great review as always Dennis, the 10 Watt Price range is probably more realistic for the "hobbyist / enthusiast" based on how many templates are likely to be produced.
    I wondered in terms of making Templates alone (not engraving or cutting), what would be your choice in terms of Lazer, 3D Printer or Entry Level CNC ??

  12. spelfout het is geen mitutoya maar mitutoyo

  13. Fantastic review and comparison, Dennis! Really impressive machines! 😃
    Stay safe there with your family! 🖖😊

  14. Awesome video

  15. Who actually makes this engraver ? Is it the Atomstack 20 with your brand on it?

  16. Thank you for this video. Lasers are wonderful additions to a shop. You are correct just need to know the limits of each one to ensure it will do what you expect. I recently purchased a CNC machine that has both router and laser capabilities. I did not get the laser yet as want to master the router portion first. Looking forward to the next video. Stay safe happy and healthy from Henrico County Virginia

  17. Great video! 👍 Would be interesting to see a review of the Shaper Tools Origin portable CNC if possible.

  18. Thx Dennis. I just bought the AtomStack 10 W laser, based on your earlier video. I bought it mainly for cutting templates. But the engraving has added some nice possibilities that I’m really enjoying. I’m not a production shop so it’s a perfect fit for me. For those thinking about it and are worried about computer skills needed, don’t worry lots of youtube videos to show you what to do. There are two main programs LaserGRBL (free, best for engraving images) and LightBurn (purchase, best for design, cutting). One thing that I use my laser for that I haven’t seen yet is to make MFT/track saw guides/tools. There some really nice, accurate aluminum tools offered out there to allow you to dial in off nominal angles. I have a project every once in a while that ends up with something weird. I was thinking of buying this specialty tool but couldn’t spend $300 for a tool I might only use a few times. So i did it the manual way which is harder and takes a lot time and figuring to get right. After I got my laser I though I could make a template with dog holes on one side to align an fix the template to the mft, and the unusual angle on the other side to align the track. I tried it. Worked great. Now I have other ideas for those once in awhile alignment jigs/tools. The accuracy of the laser for this application is perfect.

  19. Thanks for the interesting video! The software is not uninteresting either. Is there anything else you would like to say about this?😊

  20. Dennis, great review on the laser engravers. Always excited to see the content you come out with. I plan on purchasing my first laser engraver soon and was hoping to see if you designed a box for your engraver. If so I would love to see a video on your building process for constructing the box to house your engraver. I know the look (fit & finish) is on another level. All the best to you my friend. Keep up the excellent work

  21. Gee, I guess that kills my plans for a hand-made wooden box business… and could never convince my wife it’s a good investment to make laser boxes instead 😅

  22. Let me guess… 5-star rating?

  23. Fascinating review. For the air assist, what’s the rating on your aquarium pump? I’m trying to decide if the one I have moves enough air. Thanks 👍

  24. Reply
    Automated Woodworker October 22, 2022 at 10:05 pm

    Air assist is almost a must, much cleaner results and keeps the lens cleaner as well. Also keep in mind to VENTILATE, the fumes are toxic, you are basically vaporizing the material you are “cutting”, breathing in the fumes is not healthy. Save your lungs and your health, don’t underestimate the toxicity .

  25. Great video! Undoubtly the 20W ones are more fascinating, even if they are not cheap at all…

  26. Hi Dennis, enjoyed the video. In episode 32 you reviewed the Neje 10W laser and I was really thinking about buying one. How does it compare with the Atomstack and Enjoywood 10W machines? I am just going to be using them for making templates to use with my router table etc… Is the Neje still a good option compared to these two? These are about Au$200 more than the Neje. Looking forward to what you think?

  27. Interesting that in your review you mention how clearly written the manual is yet, the reviews on Amazon all speak to them being terrible…

  28. TLDR at the bottom.

    I usually really like your videos but I'd like to add a couple of comments to this one for safety.
    Since these machines are geared towards beginners I would highly suggest adding a serious safety segment to videos like this since the can be dangerous and beginners are clueless to a lot of safety issues that come with these machines.

    You mentioned laser cutting/engraving leather and I would like to mention that not just any leather is safe to use with a laser, in fact a lot of materials could be very harmful and people should always look into what they're engraving/cutting and if it is safe.
    Sometimes a person might buy a purse or wallet and end up trying to engrave it but can the tags on those items be trusted?
    So stay safe when it comes to the materials you pick!

    Another thing was air assist, air assist does make your cuts cleaner and might even help you cut more materials since it can also clear away any debris that's in the way but a big advantage that comes with air assist when it comes to safety is it can stop fires from happening.
    If someone walks away from their laser while it's doing it's job and something catches on fire an air assist will help, sometimes at least so never leave it unattended.

    Then there's the fumes, you mentioned some thing about it but in my opinion a laser should not be used without fume extraction. Some materials are straight up toxic and like I said, since the machines are geared towards beginners they probably don't know about this.

    Last but not least is the obvious one which you also mentioned, protection in case the laser bounces somewhere it wasn't supposed to, now laser specific safety are great but an enclosure is a must to protect yourself properly, there's a reason why laser cutters/engravers at higher price points come with big enclosures.

    An enclosure, fume extraction and air assist are must have safety features to protect yourself and others from the potential dangers of a laser cutter/engraver.
    Material knowledge is also a must in order to make sure that you are staying safe even with those protections mentioned in place.

  29. Great video as always. Do you have any shelf pin jigs? Peter Millard (10minute workshop) has just made one of his own incorporating benchdogs rule and a router. Would be great to see what you have.

  30. Hello Dennis . Fascinating to watch this edition . Is it possible you could do a video on the the programme you use on the computer to do all your designs and how you do them . I'm seriously considering getting a 20w laser but the computer side of it scares me a bit . Keep up the good work . Bill in uk

  31. Nice work, Dennis 🙂

    Now all I need is a bigger workshop to fit the laser in.

    I am curious to know how you created the files for your drawer inserts. I imagine getting those shapes right was the most work. Did you work based off of photos?

  32. Great review. I bought the Atomstack 20W some months ago and it arrived two weeks ago. Soon I will unbox, assemble and start playing with it. In all honesty, I was waiting for your review so I could avoid some assembly pitfalls, but you made it look so simple that I am sad that I've waited so long. 😁

  33. Great video, can you share the plans?

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