WINTER Warmer! CORNED BEEF HASH New at ALDI Food Review 2022

November 13, 2022
  1. Cheers Gareth I may have to try this. Think I’d need 2 packs though.

  2. That looked really nice. Good recommendation Gareth. I made my first corned beef hash in eons last week but because I live on my own it did me 4 meals…Good job it was nice lol!

  3. these ready meals are shrinking 400g is about enough for a pensioner its not even a 1lb of food

  4. I've never eaten corned beef hash in my life lol 😆 so wouldn't know what it's like, Ps I'm in the UK Gareth xx

  5. Why cannot people simply buy their own ingredient to make a much cheaper better tasting healthier nutrition packed meal that could last out for a couple to a few days feed tge family looking after them instead of buying In To these msg, preservative salt laden micro meals that cost the earth in comparison

  6. Bake it yourself! Have less fat, more taste, and much healthier

  7. Just bought a Cathedral City Festive cheese toasties from Iceland Turkey,cranberry sauce, smoked bacon,pork stuffing and obviously cheese 👍🏻

  8. Looks delicious 😊

    I have never shopped at Aldi before, mostly because being disabled and in dodgy health I have my groceries delivered. Aldi don't have a home shopping service.

    But, that looks so good that I may ask one of my neighbours to pop in to our local Aldi, and pick one up for me to try.

    Great stuff, Gareth 😊

  9. I’m not ashamed to say I had two of these on Tuesday night with mixed veg lol 😂 keep up the great work m8 x

  10. Ayup gazza trying to catch up on your vlogs mate been very busy working nightshift so hard to watch like I used to as it's a new job nice to be back and I'm glad yer wearing yer poppy with pride mate all the best mate

  11. Would be handy to freeze and keep for one of those days, cold wet and hangry, you want something quick and hot and filling, to warm you up.

  12. Hi Gareth, why not make the Lidl day a meet up for your subscribers . It would be a great for you to do a Hairy Biker type live cook up.

  13. Worth it just to peel off that film lid. Cheers Gareth

  14. Goes well with red cabbage. Traditional in some parts. Also throw a bit of boiled diced carrot.

  15. Sorry but CB Hash doesn’t have roast spuds they should be boiled and then absorb the corned beef and onion flavour. Tip leave it off the heat for 10 minutes covered up it seems to relax a bit and of course it’s ALWAYS better on the day after.

  16. Whoop whoop, another ‘Seal Peel Test’ PASSED, love it 😂😂

  17. Reply
    Unelected Bureaucrat November 13, 2022 at 3:22 pm

    I'm starting to think you're sponsored by Aldi

  18. Reply
    Daniel in the Antipodes November 13, 2022 at 3:22 pm

    Thank you for the video! I enjoy tinned corned beef.

  19. I also like it to be like a shepherds pie,

  20. Hey.
    'Wish you wouldn't keep turnning the sometimes runny packs of food downside up to view the stats and facts.
    🙉Gets me going, that does!
    I always fear it'll disturb the contents. Meet n gravy or whatever's meant to be on the bottom could end up being on top to an extent. You can do as I do- slip orff the cardboard sleeve and turn THAT over alone to read the back.
    I swear next time you do it I'll be out of my seat and turning our TV upside down.
    Bye for now.
    Sure I'll be back moaning again soon,ho ho.🥮

  21. I have to say. Used to go to Lidl shopping for my late Father a couple of yrs ago. But it was a let down compared to Aldi. And other Supermarkets.The fruit was rotten and it was just not very good. I used to end up going to others to get stuff after all the time. I hope it has changed. 👍

  22. A nice corned beef hash is so easy to make at home. One of our faves. The only trouble is that I like it quite dry, reduced down and intense flavoured but The Boss likes it all sloppy. But I'm the one who does all the cooking….heh heh

  23. I got the co op,s version, looks like the same packaging, maybe made at same place, it was delicious with a splash of H.P. would have been dearer to make my own as a tin of Princes corned beef is over £3.00 (we haven't got Asda in our town)

  24. Do a Potato Waffle comparison maybe?

  25. This man is hilarious remember the vegan hot dogs the face on him

  26. Corned beef hash on a pancake or inside a big Yorkshire pudding with brown sauce or even better = hp’s fruity sauce 👌 haven’t had it for years!

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