Why I Left Byju’s ? | Byju’s BDA Job Review || Life At Byju’s || Pajama girl 2022

November 1, 2022

Why people leave BYJU’S | Salary | Career Growth | Why I Left BYJU’S ?
i joined Byju’s as BDA last year , i have shared my experience been working in Byju’s.
Work Life in Byjus?

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BYJU’S Working Experience || Pros And Cons of Joining Byjus || Byjus BDT Truth

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  1. What After Byju’s? If you are still confused then do watch – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h61JHBYI584&t=29s&ab_channel=PajamaGirl🙌✨

  2. Salute for your courage 👍 .. I like your confidence level to company
    You do right with byjus it's right decision ..😂😂😂….

  3. I was thinking to apply in byjus but I didn’t apply i had postponed for few days but now I won’t apply

  4. How many years of work experience do you have ?

  5. you should know how to work in sales and You didnt passed the Ojt So dont try to abuse the company it shows your culture 🤣

  6. Join krte time laptop honi mandatory h khud ki

  7. Kya location thi aapki mera bhe interview clear hua h banglore ki

  8. मुझे इतानी गलिया आ रही है . Byajs के लिये . बस . Gussa nikalana nahi

  9. Maene kal hi byju's ka BDA Centre sales ka interview diya HR bol rahe the ki aapke select hone ke chances hai kyo ki aapka com skill and convincing skill bohat achsi hai to jana chahiye ya… ? 🤔

  10. I’ve also gone through the exact same thing. Byju’s ruined my entire career. I did MBA in HR and was seeking for job. They said it was a mentorship job and it was actually inside sales. Now I regret joining sales because I’m unable to even switch.

  11. Reply
    सरकारी नोकरी November 1, 2022 at 9:46 am


    Add reasons "Why to not buy Course from Byju's" and Forward it/Share it with your friends to Save Lives and to alert Indians Regarding BYJU's Scam..

    I was the EX-employee of BYJUS. If you ask me is byju's is scam?

    Then answer would be the yes..

    Their selling tactic is very stressful that demotivates the Students & parents

    Then parent thinks that my son will not succeed in his life if he didn't buy the course from byjus. as Byjus and his sales person will call you only before selling the course. then there is no feedback from sales team, customer care.

    They are potting thousands of indian's in the Trap of loan for purchasing the course they will ask you to pay some registration fees which cant be refunded.

    They only behaves well with the customers like POLICE, Officers & rich peoples, They talk badly with poor people when any EMI is bounced unfortunately.

    We can't cancel it after 1 to 2 months

    but reality is that no one will support you when you buy the course from byju's

    because I have worked in such a toxic nature where they told us if customer wants to cancel the course don't help them.. everyone work in byju's but behaves like I am calling on behalf of finance partner

  12. Reply
    stitch in time saves 9 November 1, 2022 at 9:46 am

    Toxic work culture for BDAs . Never ever Join or recommend to anyone.

  13. WFH job ke liye koi help kr sakte ho ap..company ke details jo WFH lete hai

  14. Please help me to find a job
    I completed M.A urdu subject 2022

  15. Mam is there any bond agreement??

  16. Share chat mein job milne k liye kiya kiya chaiye aur apply kaise karna hai?

  17. 2 days ago I went through byjus interview for BDA post and yesterday I was informed that I got selected for the job. My joining date is 18th Oct 2022, now I am confused to join or not. Pls tell me…
    I am from civil engineering background

  18. You can afford to do that as a woman who has no responsibility of a family or children. Just think about a man or even a woman who cannot afford to lose job without finding another job first, otherwise how do you feed your family.

  19. Ye gajab h, jyada proper experience chaiye to join krlo 😂😂

  20. You got lucky with a startup like share chat but trust me not necessary that startups are all good. I worked for couple of startups that weren't good. One startup founder infact was a toxic animal, whom everyone detested, including one of the cofounders. I think the two guys were family friends, yet the cofounder didnt like the founder's attitude

  21. Kyaa aap mujhe guide kr skti he
    Me abhi fresher hun.
    Mujhe ak job ki jarorat he
    Acchi si koi company bata dejiye

  22. Tata consultancy me review banao didi

  23. The funny thing is.. She claims that she won't name the company and yet the name of Byju's is mentioned in Video's name

  24. Reply
    Only 1 TO 5 minute saudagar November 1, 2022 at 9:46 am

    Pat pat pat oh madum subjaect batao…bad bad nahi

  25. I think..clear kar k 2 month mast salary uthane ka..kaam karo he mat..mauj karo or laat maar k nikal lo 😂..2 month free ka paisa

  26. Reply
    tricky boy all solutions November 1, 2022 at 9:46 am

    Ye bahut purana vedio pr mem help me mujhe job ki requirment hai kyuki mai long time se khali hu baitha hu

  27. Please help some jobs.. I have also worked in byjus but now how can I can change profile

  28. Yrr mera selection ho gya hai pr isko dekhne ke baad ab nhi jaana Byju's me paisa sb kuch nhi hota thanks for sharing this video

  29. Thanks mam 🙏

  30. In which company are you in now .

  31. Hey i want a good job but like you said i have bad sourcing….i have experience in sales or i want to start carrier as a Hr could you recommend some company where i can apply for …..???? For hr

  32. Why you left Byjus coz simply you are not competent not only for byjus what ever we are incompetent we will leave that better add u r incompetency here .

  33. Didi thora kaam beating around the bush kiya karo

  34. Thanks

  35. Madam our kya apko free baitha k paise dete rhe job mein kam krna pdta hai you are kid with no experience 😂

  36. training period me b sale karna hota hai kya?

  37. Corporate ki gaaye mat bno

  38. Aapki video dekhne baad mujhe ase lgta hai ki byjus ek akhand C*****a hai aur ye schools ko khrab krne ki koshish hai

  39. I need your helpp for starting my carrier can i please contact you through and wayss

  40. Wow Yaar jiss tarike sai aapne unke bare bola ha Pura sach bola ha wow

  41. Very informative video

  42. thx bcz we had crack the interview

  43. Edutech Companies ka yahi hain….
    I also did Internship for 2Months and these 2months are hell

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