What's new? Ibis Ripmo V2S review and comparison reviews

December 7, 2022

HUGE thanks to Jenson USA for their support- anything you purchase from the following links will directly help support me, too- thanks in advance! Ibis Ripmo: https://bit.ly/IbisRipmoatJensonUSAjkw

Big thanks to Industry Nine in their support with more amazing Enduro 315 Carbon wheels for 2022. Check out what they offer thru this link over to their page at Jenson USA: https://bit.ly/IndustryNine2022JKW

A big thanks to PNW Components for their support in 2022! Check out the PNW cockpit items here: https://bit.ly/PNWComponents2022JKW

Other bikes mentioned in this video:

Yeti SB140: https://bit.ly/YetiSB140jkw
Orbea Occam: https://bit.ly/OrbeaOccam2023jkw

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  1. Guy is beyond annoying with all of his videosn

  2. Find a way to bring back the hand job 😂

  3. Great review. Thanks. So, has the yoke mounted shock on the Ripmo caused any issues? I’ve had several instances of shock failure, specifically aeration of the damper oil, with yoke mounted shocks. Always seemed to occur in cold weather riding which I hear “stiffens” the seals and can make aeration more likely to occur. Probably lots of variable specific to frame design beyond just a yoke mounted shock but I’ve stayed away from the Ripmo because of this. Otherwise seems like a great bike. Thoughts?

  4. Outstanding video Jeff! Love that color. Good pick!

  5. I cant wait to see 60” wheels on a mountain bike. wheels can never be too big.

  6. An Ibis is know as a “Bin Chicken” in Aus

  7. sick bike! In Sydney,Australia we call Ibis "Bin Chickens" Check out "A song about Birds"(NSFW)

  8. You should test out Santa Cruz Hightower V3

  9. Really enjoyed this vid Jeff. Great work. Very informative and honest.
    I still love my Ripmo v1. Have put a wolftooth 1 degree angle headset in it to get a 64.9 degree head angle. Apart from that, and upgrading to a grip 2 on the fork, it’s pretty much as it came. Brilliant fun trail to light enduro bike … that can also handle some heavier steeper terrain like we have in New Zealand. Cheer’s

  10. Thanks JKW for so much..next level videos (favs are certainly Sedona with Nate) gracias for shake down of the newest Bin chicken, but just stopping and offering to take those dudes photo…thanks most of all for being a genuinely good dude. Believe me it translates. Props brother !

  11. as a tall person, 6'4 who still rides a bmx bike, this new trend of growing chainstays in larger sizes has me looking at mediums

  12. When are you gonna review a Santa Cruz Hightower ?

  13. Comes out the front hole and right into the rear hole.

  14. I love that color

  15. Alright jeff hows it going from uk

  16. Reply
    Travel the Narrow Trail December 7, 2022 at 12:46 am

    Loved your view on this Jeff. I love my Bugzapper blue Ripmo and wouldn't upgrade right now. I also like your input on other bikes at the end in comparison. I am considering the SB160 now and not sure how I'll like it compared to my Ripmo once it sells… I'm pretty active rider like you and appreciate the poppy behavior of the Ripmo but curious of the Yeti racy feel… Keep rocking Jeff, ride on…

  17. I think a comparison video with the new SB140 Lunch ride seeing as your modes to the Ripmo are like a Lunch Ride. The Switchblade comes stock with more of Lunch ride version.

  18. How do you find the fit compared to the Switchblade? I’m riding a medium Switchblade with the stock 45mm stem and thinking about moving to a Ripmo.

  19. LOL, I have been trying to track down 165 XT or SLX cranks for ages. I finally got some XT 165, but if I like the switch from 170, I'll be hunting for more. I am glad they are finally making SLX in 165.

    I appreciated the contrast of both DWs vs DELTA. I've ridden a few DW and Split Pivot, but only one DELTA, (2018 Following MB.) It would be awesome if you could give Salsa and devinci a try to be able to contrast all of the Weagle platforms. (I guess as long as I am dreaming, throw the Robot/Atherton DW6 in there, lol)

  20. Great content and great riding! The way you set up your Ripmo is almost identical to a Firebird in a size small frame. Your reviews of the Firebird and the Switchblade were great. You probably could turn a small frame Firebird into your daily driver. It’s geometry and specs are very similar to a medium Firebird and a medium Ripmo with the 170 forks

  21. I'm curious to hear how these bikes compare to the big brands from Specialized and Trek. These look sweet but why I should entertain an Ibis over a Stumpjumper at 130/140 or even the Evo?

  22. That’s a sharp looking bike!

  23. I have an AF and I am convinced it is the best do everything bike out there!

  24. Awesome bike build 👍🤘❤❤❤

  25. As a birder I salute your Ibis logo explanation haha

  26. Bird with a large pecker 🤣 yes it is

  27. im saving money already to get a ripmo. we also got a shop in town selling ibis bikes. feels like a child in the toy store looking at all those bikes they have shown in the store. by the time i’ve the money done i really hope to get a good deal with the v2. so to have some extra for new helmet and protectors. amazing video too, really helpful and a great insight you share for design and geometry. greetings from austria

  28. Thx Jeff. I rode a spire for a year but realized I needed agility over stability, mainly for race applications. So I got a Firebird and I’m very happy with the decision. Curious how you’d compare the ripmo to the Firebird. Firebird being longer travel but considering the short back end. Both DWs. Lmk your thoughts.

  29. Appreciate your vids jeff

  30. Like the new colour, not the new head badge.

  31. Thanks for the review of the updated Ripmo, if you can get your hands on a Revel Rail 29 I’d be interested to see how it compares.

  32. Space Wolf!!!! I feel like that trail doesn't get enough love. Sure its a one-trick pony and loses a lot of elevation in a short time, but its not as often that you get to ride something that steep on Galbraith. I like to ride that trail every month or so, and I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  33. Awesome video Jeff! Pretty funny too at the beginning

  34. But whose your hat sponsor… that’s what we all really wanna know … 😝😝😝

  35. Interesting that i found what you describe in my new ripley v4. Even though you recommended to me the ripmo i went with the ripley because i love how fast it climbs and how poppy it is. I cant plow this bike through bumpy sections but thats what i like about it. Its so poppy that majority of stuff i avoid by jumping over it and the feeling that my line choice matters adds up to the fun. That’s obviously super subjective. But i added alot of psi in the rear not to bottom out on big jumps 🙂 , i know im riding it outside of its comfort zone but i weirdly like it. Maybe i will replace one day my rocky mountain instinct bc version with a ripmo.

  36. Haha. Life is “Too Short”.

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