What Qatar Doesn't Want the World to See | WORLD CUP 2022 2022

December 2, 2022

Qatar has trapped people in its country, and now they’re hiding them from view.
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A huge thank you to everyone we spoke to that chose to stay anonymous for this story. Your perspectives and knowledge were vital to tell this, and we could not have done it without you.

Thank you to the experts we spoke with that helped with our research in this story:
Mustafa Qadri from Equidem – https://www.equidem.org/
Isobel Archer from the Business & Human Rights Resource Center – https://www.business-humanrights.org/en/

Thank you again to Goma Magar, Bikram Tajpuriya, and Sushil in Nepal for sharing your stories.

Check out all my sources for this video here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dp52KAMaOXkj35EZk3RAh4nM2r7Z3gvT83sD4VEmOFg/edit?usp=sharing

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  1. We were working on this up to the minute of publishing it. It was all playing out in real time. So forgive me if there’s any bugs or glitches in the edit. also for anyone who wants to help support this kind of journalism when corporations won’t check out our Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/johnnyharris

  2. Never imagined anything like this to happen. Great story.

  3. Bro how TF is a worker gonna afford some other place… #Stopthepropaganda

  4. Whatever USA doing are right 👍👍 if someone doing same then it's shameful….. Hypocrisy on the peaks

  5. Irony is that just as Lord Johnny bought the title, this country bought an event. Sports-washing is not new.

  6. Stop the propaganda

  7. Slavery and unethically treated workers is happening in many places on this planet.

  8. Best world cup ever cope…

  9. My question is ok that's great you made this video's but what is the the benefit of this, no body cares and they still playing world cup in Qatar, nothing happened. the international media and UN has done nothing against it. I don't see a point of making these video's without any result and can't change nothing. This world is full of shit Money is the power and poor ppl die like worthless. Sorry for poor ppl.

  10. Great documentary
    yes, what you said is unfortunate, I hope Qatar fix this soon
    I have a comment on Kafala system .. I have seen similar system in Germany and US, they called it invitation system, where I had to know an acquaintance who would take himself to the embassy and send an invitation letter in my name so that I can be accepted to travel.
    the US was where I just wanted to travel again as I went before with IYLEP but was not given access alone so I had my host family send invitation (2014)
    I went to Germany for a medical Surgery which they didn't give me access at first (2015)
    btw, I'm from Iraq

  11. Why they stay for a long term if contract finish why they don't go back for their home ?!!

  12. My heart pours out to my fellow Desi people who suffered under these conditions

  13. This is what the UK, USA, and some other western countries did to build their country with the use of slavery and inhuman act. There are certain cities where no black were allowed to visit or even enter. This is all because of poverty. West are far worst than what Qatar are doing. Nobody deserves to be treated in such manner. I have lots of relatives currently living and working in Qatar and are living in a better condition. It is easier to go to Qatar and find work than going to any western countries.

  14. i'm gonna download this in case it gets popular enough and gets forcibly deleted

  15. This guy must be a parody

  16. Great work team Johnny!

  17. You are misrepresenting.

  18. Some of my friend went there for work and they explained how they exploit their workers. Its basically a slavery on whole another level

  19. Does anyone know where I can find the map that he's using with the color coding?

  20. Excellent Story mate!

  21. I'm Bangladeshi and my grandfather worked in Qatar for 15 years back in the 80s and 90s. Growing up I always thought that it was so cool. As I've gotten older though, and learned more about these middle-eastern countries, their labor practices and how they've exploited the people of my country and so many other countries, I realize how naïve my notions were, and just how much my grandfather had to go through to support our family back then. Just reaffirms my disdain towards the middle-eastern countries and their "shiny façade". Glad that this side of them is finally getting exposed and hoping that corruption doesn't end up giving them total control over the world for some "chump change" like it did with the World Cup.

  22. Johnny thanks for the great content, I recently discovered your channel and have enjoyed your research and perspective. Do you have any opinions about all of the Elon Musk hip?

  23. Vox just made a video today about this with no new info i bet they hadn't heard about this problem until they watched your video I'm glad you have your own successful channel now you deserve it great content keep it up 👍

  24. Reply
    P1Hanzo Gaming Playlists December 2, 2022 at 3:34 am

    You're a white dude with a camera over there is like me a brownie with a camera on private property, it's asking for attention and investigation.

  25. In Qatar, government projects are awarded to big contractors – mostly managed by foreigners. They hire workers from overseas through agencies in south East Asian countries. The agency takes fees from the companies/contractors. As a result Contractors expect the workers to not work elsewhere once the workers arrive in Qatar.
    The government cannot control every single recruitment happening in the private sector – which is run by foreigners themselves.
    For decades, workers have been coming to Qatar from south east Asia willingly (nobody forces them on planes). The workers know that conditions in their countries (and in Europe) are worse than in Qatar.
    If the Europeans are sincere about those south East Asians, then they should hire them in Europe.

  26. Awesome editing 🥶🥶🥶

  27. As if we care for what are you showing. What do you know about anything. Your just trying to do anything for your benefit and follow.

  28. Reply
    Benjy Malca Bautista December 2, 2022 at 3:34 am

    Kudos to you! And specially to your camera man in Qatar (which for sure recording on site was and is a risky situation). Thanks to everyone involved in the making of this video.

  29. Really sad story. They don’t get any justice.

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