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March 16, 2023

The perfect Google my business review is 5 stars right? Well, there are a lot of other areas to consider. Did you know that a 5 star review isn’t a big deal see https://youtu.be/1zV4P51hCes

According to the Google algorithm, what your customer writes, the words used, the area it’s taken from, the quality of customer photos, the descriptions and keywords are far more important to Google for establishing expertise in your local area.

0:00 Intro to a perfect Google My Business review
0:28 Why do you want a Google My Business Reviews?
0:58 THe wrong way to handle reviews
1:10 the 4 things needed for a powerful review
1:20 Get the GMB review there and then
2:50 Use their phone for photos
3:48 Get more keywords and details into the review
5:20 Email them the info needed for a powerful review

sometimes you get a customer who loves you so much, they will do anything for you.
this sounds great, but there is one problem ….YOU

yes, you the owner are the problem,
this video is going to be a video that you could send to your customers, so they understand what you really want in a review

so great customer – loves your work – you think “ please can you give me a positive review on Google My Business – you get brave and suggest a 5 star would be awesome – and off they go

Realistically you have been offered the dream ticket and thrown it on the floor.

Let me explain why and the 3 things that should of happened

1. ask them could you show them on their mobile how they can give a review (strike while the irons hot) search your company name on their phone and locate review….gives genuine positive signals to Google

2. while they have there phone ask would they mind taking a couple of photos and sending them on the review as that helps build trust for other potential customers reading the review.(massive in the algorithm)

3. also you should know what keywords you are aiming to be found under, this could be your main categories or services, it could be a suggestion from a recent keyword research tool, but now ask them for detail of the service and qualities that they felt you excelled in.

4.finally if they aren’t able to do the review there and then, ask could you email a link (show it) where they can fill out a review when they get home

in that text or email, ask for the keywords and any photos they could take to be added.

you could even send them a link to this video to explain why and what you want to achieve

now did you know that a 5 star review isn’t a big deal…in fact if you want to know why Google thinks 4.2 is the perfect score go to…

Google Reviews For Business – How To Add, Delete & Maximise Your Ratings

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  1. So its all about 5 stars right? NO ! Did you know that a 5 star review isn't a big deal see https://youtu.be/1zV4P51hCes

  2. Keep in mind that if you have too many reviews coming through from the same IP address that’s a red flag to Google. So it isn’t always a good idea to get customers to post a review from YOUR place of business.

  3. So I was curious, if a majority of the reviews come from the same place ( from the office) even if they are on their own phone, will it trigger any issues from Google?

  4. Another easy to understand and really useful tutorial on a critical aspect from the GMB/GBP expert @Zane.
    Each time I go through any of your tutorials, I am just awed by it's depth and knowledge. Only a passionate teacher can pass on the learnings like this. Thanks again! While I am figuring out a way to reply to reviews using keywords, I have a situation where customers have only posted star ratings..what does that really say or mean? how does one respond to that review as a business owner?

  5. I really like your video tutorials. Can I have one website for 2 different GMB? Obviously there will be 2 different pages.

  6. Good advice and overview. Thank you!

  7. Thank you, i watch the next video

  8. I usually use the review link. How can a customer upload a photograph

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