What is a QBR (Quarterly Business Review)? reviews

October 20, 2022

From http://Simplex-IT.com.

This quick (3 minute) video describes the Quarterly Business Review. It’s important for a company to keep their IT resources in step with the rest of the organization. Simplex-IT uses this process to do just that with our clients.

A QBR is a meeting (either virtual or in person) between Simplex-IT and the appropriate folks from the client. They’re held (…wait for it…) quarterly (although more frequently should the circumstance call for it). A QBR gives both parties a chance to make sure the other is in sync with upcoming challenges (a client is adding 10 new employees as part of a new product offering).

It’s not a sales pitch. And there’s no additional cost to our existing Gold and Platinum clients.

It’s a way to make sure everybody is in synch.

Simplex-IT holds at least 2 webinars each month and has over 160 videos on YouTube. Follow us on Twitter: Simplex_IT. For more info email us at Info@Simplex-IT.com. For our latest schedule go to http://Simplex-IT.com/events.

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  1. Yeah! Absolutely.

  2. Hi Bob, Could you please post video on how to begin the QBR.

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