What Happened to Thai Airways? B787 Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur reviews

January 19, 2023

Thai Airways was a great airline but started its decline in the early 2000s. Since COVID, Thai has lost about 50% of its fleet as their A380, 747, older 777s and A330 were all grounded. Thai Airways has also stopped flying domestically altogether. As a result, there are no more wide-body flights inside Thailand.

This is my first Thai Airways flight in nearly 4 years. I started my trip at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. I visited the new Royal Orchid Prestige lounge. There is good amount of food in the new lounge but many other Thai Airways lounges including the Royal Orchid Spa are still closed.

The Thai B787-9 has the new individual pod seat in Business Class. However, Thai’s Business class product is generally one generation behind and with a lot of inconsistency across the fleet. The Economy Class seating on 787-9, however, has decent legroom with footrest. There are several cutbacks in service; there are no more printed menus, or newspapers and magazines. On regional flights, the cabin crew no longer wears the traditional Thai dress. The food in Business Class is fairly simple. I gave my final thought at the end of my flight.

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  1. Sam, totally agree with you. Thai airways has fallen into a pathetic state.

  2. I love Thai Airways but some of their services are way below par for premium classes (some are applicable to Econ too)

    for A350s the seats are old and worn, Still No Wifi, IFE sucks, Food super Tasty but below average for selections.

  3. I'm a gold member. Recently flew Sydney to Bangkok (first flight since Covid.) Couldn't believe how badly it has declined. I flew business class and it was like economy. Small plane. Food not as good as before. Seats not as comfortable. Entertainment choices far less. I used frequent flyer awards t get upgrade to business and I had to take dates that were significantly far way from when I wanted to fly. I am considering changing my airline to either Malaysian (who I hear – particularly since the airline loss a few years ago- are really lifting their game tp get back customers or Singapore

  4. Perfect review 👍❤️🙏🏻

  5. Despite all the good comments. Please don’t just go around asking to see the food which supposedly to be served for other people, and seems like you didn’t wear your mask. That’s worrisome.

  6. Sam,I am stuck in Shanghai because of Turkish Airline info provided. I'll be happy to be interviewed by you. Get in touch 🙂

  7. Welcome to malaysia , hope can meet u in person

  8. the org is badly corrupt and horrible management. recently de-listed from stock exchange. As a Thai, Its really sad to witness its decline.

  9. Why wearing mask ?

  10. Please try the best airline in the world 大湾区航空

  11. can you please fly Malaysia’s new airline MYAirline?

  12. My only experience with Thai Airlines was in the mid 70s as a high school student. The flight attendant addressed and served me as I was someone special. I still remember that as well as the asparagus wrapped in ham meal I ate, it was so tender and delicious.

    In the same time period when flying on TWA, I was told to “hurry up” in a snarly way by a FA.

    I wasn't sad when TWA went out of business.

  13. Corruption from the previous previous prime minister family members put the whole airline deep in the red. So really just trying to break even…corruption always leave regular people in shit.

  14. Because the crew are so responsible for the change in the in-flight service product! 🙄 OMG now I remember why I stopped watching your videos.

  15. Reply
    mirza bilal ahmed Baig January 19, 2023 at 6:08 pm

    Dear Sam,
    Crew change/wear traditional dress 👗 only if the flight time is over 4 hours.

  16. Reply
    Captain U. Productions January 19, 2023 at 6:08 pm

    Sam, you should fly with Nok air. Please do a flight review but I have something to tell u, their liveries are so cool!

  17. 1:01 Pronouncing “bang_KOK” is so clear 😅

  18. I found them actually improved.

  19. What!? The spa is closed 🥲🥲🥲

  20. As a Thai and aircraft enthusiast. I still like Thai Airways.

    But I do understand the downfall they had during Covid-19 outbreak and internal issues (from inefficient aircrafts, engine problems and management)

    Hope that we are back to Skytrax top ten some day

  21. 8:25 awkward interaction, the stewardess must have mistook Sam's reminisce of the old Thai Airways as praising

  22. Was on the flight to Paris before Christmas. I was shocked to see the state of the plane , especially business class. Infotainment was far behind those from Middle Eastern airlines, even the food. I often argue with my wife, who is French, to which is better between AF and TG. I must say in a painful way that AF is better. I’m Thai and I love Thai Airways. But until then, I will go back to either Qatar or Emirates 😢

  23. Needed to ask the staff about how much pay cut they had to endure due to the idiocy of the management

  24. I felt bad for that stewardess when Sam was a bit condescending to her. :-/

  25. Thai still owes me 2 return tickets from April 2020…??…a simple email would be appreciated…but No…NOTHING….they hoping I die soon….?

  26. Like you Sam I remember TG from those good old days. Sadly it's not only TG where the service standard has dropped, take a look at SQ. My recent experience on several SQ flights revealed a big decline in service standard. 😪

  27. Thai Airways will never return to its former glory. Its been corrupt internally since decades. Today's forced operation is at a loss. They're just waiting for some foolish foreigner to buy it up. They think it must be a Chinese investor since the Chinese are buying everything up blind.

  28. Greed and the pandemic. Oh! I forgot and more Greed.

  29. Flew with Thai airways last December going to Singapore, not a pleasant experience though. Both flights out/in were both delayed by 4 hours.

  30. Biggest problem Thai had, was when the corrupt executives were handing out free 1st and business class seats to friends and family … these were deemed to be more important than fare paying passengers! Then, once they began losing money, they started putting up prices in order to try to cover their losses … this is standard Thai business practice in all areas of Thailand's commerce. But then, of course, being Thai's; they always think they know better than everyone else!

  31. he doesn't have a clue about thai defamation laws hope he has millions of baht to spare lol…

  32. They increase the price of the tickets but decrease the standard and value of their services and products! They sucks!

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