What a DISGRACE to Lore and Logic! Witcher: Blood Origin Episode 1 REVIEW 2022

January 13, 2023

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  1. It's bizarre how the games, which tell a whole new story, are more lore friendly and similar to the books than the Netflix Witcher show which was supposed to be the same story from the books but on a TV screen.

  2. Amazing how they only care about diversity when it comes to European stories,ive yet to see diversity pushed anywhere else. they use diversity not because they care about other races,but because they hate white folks and want to destroy everything european especially with red head europeans.

  3. Of all the things they got wrong, the name Lark isn't a bad name for a bard. It's just a small songbird, which if she had been a talented singer would've been a good name.

  4. Oh, this is THE Eredin… Can't wait till you get to the spicy bit.

  5. Why did you reove the small video of the episode? It was much more convenient to follow with… 😢

  6. Don't worry Marcus, disliking the first season is actually pretty based take in the eyes of hardcore Witcher fans. I hated the show from the beginning.

  7. Pretty wild that currently fantasy dwarves have some strong showings in form of video games (Deep Rock Galactic, Dwarf Fortress) that openly crap on elves. And simultaneously big-money series with elves in main focus completely destroy themselves out of sheer idiocy. I almost feel sorry for the poor leaf-lovers.

  8. Don't get your hopes up for eredin…

  9. Absolutely right it has to make sense to look cool.

  10. She obvs hasn’t really read anything, cos reading involves working out and unlocking the meaning of a book.

  11. I didn't hate it, but I also didn't like it!
    It's woke, it's stupid, the action is underwhelmingly boring.
    The story, the adventure is fine, but the storyTELLING & worldbuilding is lackluster, the characters are fine, it's just the actors are don't have anything good to work with, the scripts are weak, directing is weak, production-quality went down, nobody behaves like being in a Dark Age Fantasy setting, it's Arrowverse as in TODAY.
    Watched this because it's supposed to be European inspired Dark Age Fantasy/Horror, which this clearly wasn't, it's even less Fantasy than the main show.
    So it's fine for watching ONCE, then blissfully forget, even "Masters of the Wokiverse: A Not-Teela Story" was at least entertaining & good looking.
    1 thing about (SPOILERS) the "cosmic event" at the very end, if they would've used not-diverse people only, like what you might call European/Whites, and then the thing happens, THAT would've explained why diverse people from different cultures were a part of that place in the main show, including Asian & African elements. It would've explained how this 🤡world became a Wokeworld. But nope, now it's a woke 🤡world right from the start, without any difference, except the monsters of course. Nooo, the humans mean shit, because the Elves are no different in culture or behavior whatsoever, so in making it "diverse" right from the start, absolutely nothing is diverse as in different.
    Truth the told, this whole Netflix-franchise is fucked, hard-reboot this in animated form, using that Anime as it's foundation.
    As of this moment, after 3 seasons, the only "good" thing I can say about the show, it has some good moments, some good scenes, some good action/horror, even character-drama, but for the bigger part, kinda like "Star Trek: Disgracery, it's more like "good" comedy.
    Will watch S3, but then, it better has a definitive ending to that story & Gerald, I'm probably not gonna watch a continuation with Liam Hemsworth, who's, how to put it, a teen-actor that didn't grow out of that acting-class…

  12. Thanks for the breakdown. I like this comment from Grant W, Rotten Tomatoes reviews: "
    "…I expected something called Witcher Blood Origin to be about you know…Witcher Origins. Silly me I guess? I feel like someone put generic fantasy words into a basic AI story writer and this popped out…"

  13. Reply
    Delicious Chocolate Man January 13, 2023 at 8:36 am

    Season 1 of witcher confused me as well timeline wise

  14. episode lgbtq

  15. Did you all speed up the outro music by like 10%?

  16. 28:34 The set and costumes look like it's a High School play… All of the people running this needs to go back to school and learn how life works.

  17. There is nothing Polish or Central European in the new series. Is that cultural appropriation?

  18. A lark is a song bird

  19. Larks are a kind of song bird, I think that's why they named the Bard that, because she's likes to sing too.

  20. Aren't most of the place names, especially the elvish ones in Witcher based on Celtic language? For example the Witcher fortress Caer Morhen is basically just straight up Welsh. Caer is literally castle in Welsh.

  21. Fan of the channel, but this video was a little all over the place. Hard to follow.

  22. oh look, another episode without shad. Next.

  23. Lark is a type of songbird. Not that it justifies anything in this horrible show, but just to explain. 😂

  24. I know of Larks because of Ultima. They only had so much space for abbreviations, with bards and barbarians sharing BAR, so it was easier to use Lark. I doubt they got it from Ultima, my evidence being there's an extreme lack of intelligence by the "creators" of this show.

  25. A "Lark" in modern times at least from my experience refers to a more carefree form of idiot who's brain tends to wander

  26. Lol
    Where is Shad!?
    I miss his rage! It makes him strong! It gives him focus!

  27. I hope you guys do a review of the trailer for That 90s Show, as someone who loved the 70s Show and noticed too many of the get woke go broke checklist items. I would like an official count

  28. Tyranth leaving the table had more storytelling and suspense in it than the entire BO combined.

  29. A lark is a bird. She’s a singer. That actually makes sense.

  30. Jajajajajaj I love it when he walks away best comentary

  31. I'm sorry to say it to you Marcus… yes, that's THE Eredin. And just you wait, it's gets 'better'.

    Let's just pretend this <beep> show never existed. And I don't want to know what the f- they're going to bring to main show from this, cause they obviously will. And will be very proud of it.

  32. you guys are the best , this videos are great😁

  33. I’m not surprised Shad wants nothing to do with this.

  34. 5:37 some profanity escaped the censor!

  35. The lockpicking with a tooth was hilarious

  36. It's sadly hilarious watching this and knowing that episode 1 was the highpoint of this terrible series. Only reason I made it past 5 minutes was I was too sick to get off the couch and curious how bad it could possibly get.

  37. so happy you guys did this so I can laugh but sad you are forced to watch it hahaha. Also why is Shad not participating in these videos anymore? 🙂
    on a serious not, as a huge fan of both Witcher books and games, and especially the lore and elves of this world.. this show was painful and offensive!! The elves of Witcher world suffered a second butchering and genocide!! they look or act nothing like elves and the supposed elven empire looks like human primitive shithole instead of magical sprawling elven empire full of art and magic and history. and 1 palace they have looks like fake cardboard set and again nothing elven about it at all. and I agree, season 1 of main show was NOT that good. yes it looked good in comparison to season 2 that is total abomination, but it was horrible adaptation that totally butchered short stories and all their depth and meaning and cut the best parts of them.

  38. It's funny because in Avatar the last airbender that was the exact motivation behind Sozen to start his conquest.

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