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December 7, 2022

WGU Business Admin Classes. WGU business degree review. Getting an HR degree. Preview of all WGU classes located in the Business Administration with a concentration in HR degree at Western Governors University . Follow my online college Vlog to see what my WGU experience is, as I get my Human Resource Degree.

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  1. thank you for all the information i'm enrolling right now

  2. Looks like your getting the same degree I got. Just a tip D080 is very dry, sadly you will have to read the material in order to do well on the OA. If you have HR experience you should be able to blow past all the core HR classes. You will understand what I mean once to you reach those courses. D076 is also a dry course if you dislike finance. You got this!!

  3. A business degree is certainly worthwhile! Well presented video! I am an artist and I love to share my painting demos and studio visits here. Right now I have a cone flower demo. Youtube is such a fun community with so much variety! Have a great day!

  4. Thanks, this was great info! Question: so once you are done with the courses within a term, you easily can move to the other courses in a different term correct?

  5. Hello did you already have an associate degree when you started this school?

  6. First ! I'm excited to start hopefully april 1st bs accounting

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