October 27, 2022

The Weekend’s Health News Review For The Week Spent as ended 10/SEP/22.

Sleeping close to phone increases radiation exposure, others, experts warn

Woman, 24, misdiagnosed four times before being told she had stage 3 cervical cancer

Boy, 15, gets USB cable stuck in his penis as doctors are forced to operate

China approves inhaled Covid vaccine

Ageing major risk factor for hypertension, not overthinking, experts say

India approves its first nasal vaccine for COVID-19

Justin Bieber suspends world tour due to health issues

Woman who can smell Parkinson’s helps researchers create swab test

Woman claims she’s given birth to twins from two dads after sex with both on same day

Global sexually transmitted infection rates remain high, WHO says

Stress during pregnancy may have a negative emotional impact on babies, study finds

Woman born with transparent teeth ‘finally feels beautiful’ after huge dental surgery

Trial malaria vaccine gives two-year protection

Additional types of cancer reported in people with breast implants, US FDA says

Culled from StayWellWorld’s Daily Health News Flash for the week ended 10/SEP/22.

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