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December 30, 2022

This week, Mark & Mike are joined by special guest Joseph Wang for a deep dive on the top stories of the week. SBF spoke at the New York Times Dealbook summit so we share our thoughts on that interview.

We then move on to Powell’s speech at the Brookings Institution where he hinted at a 50bp rate hike at the next FOMC meeting. Market’s rallied after the speech as the expected a more dovish stance from the Fed going forward. What is the outlook for inflation, the job market and what Powell is signalling to the market into 2023? To find out, you’ll have to tune in!

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Disclaimer: Nothing discussed on On The Margin should be considered as investment advice. Please always do your own research & speak to a financial advisor before thinking about, thinking about putting your money into these crazy markets.

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  1. The host needs to get his facts right. He stated that Japanese people have a drinking problem and high suicide rates. In fact, The U.S, has a higher suicide rate than Japan. Japan is also ranker lower compared to a lot of developed nations. . And the Japanese people drink after work as a cultural thing to socialise with friends and colleagues. That comment was wrong

  2. Mark is such a clown. Shut up and let Joseph speak.

  3. Please get rid of Mark. He’s horrible

  4. Professor Richard A. Werner has researched the link between interest rates and economic growth which ties in with your thoughts.

  5. If Mark can get to the point, this could be a half hour video.

  6. good episode; touched on a lot of topics
    the ftx ukraine democrat party thing sounds like an iran contra scandal

  7. These are great guys… big fan of Joseph Wang

  8. Sadio Mané is that football (or soccer) player who had a broken phone but has donated a lot of his earnings to build schools and hospitals in Senegal. Liverpool (football club) has not been winning as much since they sold him.

  9. I do like when Mark goes on one of his conspiratorial rants Mike just sort of looks into the distance thinking about what to have for dinner.

  10. thank you for the quality podcast

  11. Joseph is amazing. Mark is getting almost unwatchable. I am sorry to have to say that. He cut Joseph off numerous times. All the constant conspiracy stuff… every week Mark sounds like someone writing for UFO magazine.

  12. yeah i'm sick of listening to the weasel, throw him in jail !!!

  13. Mark, stop saying every week "everyone is down" etc — not all of us are as bad investors or stock pickers as you are. All of us arent 'down' as you think of the world only from your perspective

  14. I wish Mark would stop talking so Joseph could impart his knowledge more.

    This show could benefit from a second discussion part at the end between the two hosts, so Mark can get all his words in without preventing Joseph from really answering to the fullest.

  15. People over position to the downside in bear markets and to the upside in bull markets. As a consequence, when there's a local shift you can see squeezes as they're forced to shut their positions or liquidate. This results in a tendency of gradual increase with strong red days in bull markets and gradual declines with strong green days in bear mkts.

  16. Mike don’t get scared when Mark tells you the truth about something bigger being in play…it can’t not be that.

  17. Thanks guys

  18. Stocks are good but i swapped and invested in forex and crypto I've been earning much from it

  19. Productivity? But half the people in the world can't even smell quality food . In America people have 3 jobs and can't even afford fish and vegetables

  20. Do we really have to have this Mark Yusko clown on every week?

  21. Mark Yusko might be the dumbest investor on the planet

  22. SBF, like Hunter Biden, is immune from prosecution because of his ties to the DNC!

  23. Mark is losing his mind. Sad to see how his anger tries to minimizes his stupidity. He is mad investments that went south while many other investors were screaming the warnings but he knew better. Mark made some good points but wasn't the evidence there months ago? He f'ed up…

  24. Powell changed from Hawkish to Dovish, vice versa so fast and so often. It hard to know what he means now.

  25. Pro tip: don't start a podcast about econmics/investing with personal chit chat. I left during the leftovers discussion.

  26. Thank you for this great video People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Cryptocurrency as it's retracing….BE WISE

  27. Don't give a shit about your socks.

  28. If my grandpa was wearing bitcoin socks I’d put him in a home.

  29. This world is on its head. Fraud is OK now because the politicians have all been bought. The media is no longer an independent source of truth let alone investigative journalism. The day isn't too far off when the whole system collapses under the weight of corruption. Immoral society. I actually think this guy has a lot of protection he won't do jail time!

  30. Obesity is a health problem? Joseph, haven't you heard from the woke? Obesity is not only beautiful, but it is indeed healthy now. LOL.

  31. This was gold guys , make it a regular please

  32. Will this Mark guy fucking letting Joseph talk. Jesus

  33. Once again >_< Mike asked such a good question (Great work, Mark !)

  34. Pleeease stop the sock cringe…..

  35. If you apply the GDP equation to China (GDP = population growth times productivity). Then the future for China is not so good.
    The China population is in a downward trend because of the one-child policy and because the younger generation does not want to have children.
    The CCP 20th congress has clearly oriented the Chinese economy on state-owned enterprises. State-owned enterprises are not known to be a source of productivity growth.

  36. Sam Bankman Fried you have a lot to answer.
    • Sam, could you explain why the depositors’ funds deposited in FTX were automatically transferred to Alameda Research?
    • Sam, could you explain why the FTX records were such a mess? John J. Ray III quote: “Never in my career have I seen such a complete failure of corporate controls and such a complete absence of trustworthy financial information as occurred here,”.
    • Sam, could you explain why you did ask your father and mother to help you setup adequate records?
    • Sam, could you explain why your text messages were automatically deleted?
    • Sam, could you explain why you took money from the depositor account?
    • Sam, could you explain why did to flee outside the USA in a no extradition country?

    Sam Bankman Fried if you are honest as you claim, come back to the USA to explain yourself!
    Sam Bankman Fried if you choose not to come back, THEN SHUT UP!

  37. Reuters published an article on November 22, 2022 titled : ‘’Bankman-Fried's FTX, senior staff, parents bought Bahamas property worth $300 million’’
    I addition to say I am sorry, will Sam Bankman Fraud have to give back the properties ?

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