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October 29, 2022

This one was special… Despite all the Jokes Sseth put out a message of him doing better. Yes, there a nice callout for react conctent, but I’ll like those who watch the main video till the end to give a like or share Sseth’s video.
Thanks you

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  1. Reply
    The Lord of lost luncheon October 29, 2022 at 5:50 pm

    (21:53) what? Whats this mean?

  2. Tried to play for Sseth Warthunder, with the bonuses.
    It's cool stuff but I don't have the dopamine for mmo's, I'm good for an hour, if it's not Ultima Online in the 2000s which i just were adventuring, dueling people, mining and selling that ore/ignots, or just meeting interesting dudes.
    mmo's today have unappealing 3D graphics and the 2D ones are too digital, while also simultaneously being toothless and meatless, bizarrely enough.

  3. Not the Joji plane! People are starting to forget the Francis of the Filth plane…

    Also, birds aren't real.

  4. The only cards from yugioh i remember are the blue eyes white dragon and exodia oh and also the black sorcerer magician dude and kuribo edit: pot of greed

  5. 18:14 yes, actually. Yes they are.

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    WorldsTallestLeprechaun October 29, 2022 at 5:50 pm

    From my time playing WT, because I haven’t in awhile, tank Battle Ratings take the number of your tank, and then subtract or add 1 to it, to determine the BR of other tanks you’ll be playing with or against.

    Example: A BR 2.7 tank (country doesn’t matter unless you’re doing realistic battles) means you could be in a match with allies and enemies who are between 1.7 and 3.7 BR.

    And I think that’s the joke Sseth was trying to make about the planes, because there was a time where the PLANE combat would take the AVERAGE BR of your line-up and use that to determine who you were fighting against. Easily exploitable through the method he mentioned, except if you try that, OBVIOUSLY you’re not the only person who thought he could take a 11.0 Jet into a 5-6.0 match and dominate everybody like a sweaty shitlord, lol.

  7. After this video, you're offically my favorite reactor. You're absolutely awesome man.

  8. 18:15 yup, yup they are…

  9. I'm with you they have black cards now

  10. On your note about the Russian death fridge, they recently added the Finnish death fridge in Sweden's tank tree, the BT-42

  11. Man, I played so much Warthunder back in the early days, when it was only air combat. I had a guy show me the ropes, and we played together all the time, got pretty good at it. So fun just wrecking people and fucking around. I quit before they expanded it and now I’m in the same boat. It’d take way too much time to relearn it and get back to the way I used to be that I just can’t be bothered anymore.

  12. you actually watched it to the end. the montage was epic and it was one of his better videos.

  13. i have been playing since 2013… i am 17 years old… do the math, most of my online life has been gaijen

  14. 18:15 Actually, they are. No seriously.

  15. If the universe really is a hologram formed by quantum wave functions then that means that birds are indeed not real

  16. I know he has formal education on the matter, but I really disagree with Sseth on his outlook on psychiatric medicines. As someone who has taken SSRIs for 20+ years with great benefits, his take just makes no sense to me. Maybe the medications he was on were different in the effects they had on him, but a lot of the field is moving away from medicine prescriptions from what I can see, and it is making just getting my medicine and living my life harder. I don't need more anti-medicine voices in psychiatry.

  17. Just googled it and apparently they give Ritalin for narcolepsy too

  18. We don't countries hire these war thunder players? they are literally the most ambitious and have tons of hidden talent for leaking military documents, they don't even care if they get caught too. It's astonishing how far they'll go for game lol.

  19. Narcolepsi bros!!
    Its rather rare so I never expected you to have it.
    I use ritalin for my narcolepsi and it works rather well except for some side effects I suppose.

  20. Nah in wt those paper plane are dangerous vs jets

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