Want to Be Happier? Value Time Over Money 2022

May 22, 2022

Here’s how to know if you’re making enough time for happiness, and what to do if you’re not.

A preponderance of evidence shows that the feeling of having enough time — “time affluence” — is now at a record low in the United States. This situation is so severe it could even be described as a “famine” — a collective cultural failure to effectively manage our most precious resource, time.

Time poverty exists across all economic strata, and its effects are profound. Research shows that those who feel time-poor experience lower levels of happiness and higher levels of anxiety, depression, and stress. They experience less joy. They laugh less. They exercise less and are less healthy. Their productivity at work is diminished. They are more likely to get divorced.

Harvard Business School’s Ashley Whillans offers advice on how to reclaim your time–and be happier.

For more: https://www.amazon.com/Time-Smart-Reclaim-Your-Happier-ebook/dp/B0842X6L2C


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  1. Reply
    Soumen Bhattacharya May 22, 2022 at 2:30 pm

    Started very well like 'time poor' but later seems a bit monologue

  2. The best of time mgmt is JIT.Why 1. No opportunity loss.2.No sunk cost.3.No waste time.4.Most satisfied happiness.How 1.Dare to making dicision often until auto decision instintc.2.Pareto 20% of value time/cost.3.Learn to poker game theory.4.Future predictably correct making decision.5.Highest level think by not thinking when facing the unseen vital problem like in vivid car accident you've 3 sec in decision.(no time to think any thing else besides our life.)

  3. I'd love to see how this data correlates with the proportion of income over cost of living. This choice seems like a luxury for those who can afford it. Students are not the demographic which accounts for the majority of the population, nor are they representative examples of fiscally responsibility.

  4. It depend on the peculiarity of cases.

    There cases where to earn 100 a day, you need to work 14 hours, 7 am to 9pm of which 13 are paid, one hour isn't paid because of break

    There are cases where the hourly rate is less than 8 pounds gross, etc

    There then cases where the happiness can be obtained by value time over money.

    There are situations that must be understood. And experience helps to fully understand.

  5. Suppose doctor said we've time left 3 months from stage 4 cancer, so we can't buy time to prolong our time life.So pity on our heart it never stop beating some time beating fast,some time beating slow so take care our heart that never resting.Prof. said right out sourcing small item daily matter to relax our heart not work hard.

  6. Time is money, in fact it’s valuable as wealth asset accumulation.

  7. thank you! i am a lot less stressed after i dont have to buy food or cook

  8. Time is money but money can't buy,underline money can't buy.

  9. lol time poverty

  10. Enjoy cooking ,enjoy appetiting can cause obesess.Listening classical music can using in music theraphy.

  11. Life is short, time is long like the river is no return so don't stick to the old day success, be proud to the tomorrow success underline tomorrow success why because tomorrow is never out of date.Daily thinking what now, what next, and what new.All of the human world thought fall into three categories of Form,Style, and Management. See the world,see yourself.When you leave,what you left. Education is not merely to learn to remember as in the text book like a recorder or copy machine but to learn knowledge transform to awareness is the highest goal of education.Some may urge what awareness.Awareness is self knowing by not telling.So don't be prouded of today success but tomorrow success that's the long life success even though you've not seen it but you know it's your master piece.Thank you so much for your value offering.

  12. I need both to be happy. And the way to get both is to be rich enough to not have to work. Therefore, wealth brings happiness more than anything else except removal of suffering (health).

  13. You are a lazy person that is truth and you are hiding that truth from yourself by making such video.

  14. Time = Money..which means Im really rich and time affluent bcz Im unemployed

  15. Money and time can work independently and still attain both. Time requires much more self discipline to include value based activities, who and you spend time with.

  16. Time affluence doesn't necessarily involve spending more like this video tries to suggest

  17. Thank you for this insight!!

  18. Thank you Ashley! So many things are obvious in front of us, just we don't realise how lucky we are while we have them!

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