WaJAHckoya Effect : Man behind t-shirts printing business making millions from sales reviews

June 21, 2022
  1. Big up man.

  2. Mark my words…Wajackoya will win the election.Nakumbuka Nabii mmoja alisema kabla ya wajackoya kutoklezea aty tutashangaa sana coz prezo atakua mtu ata hatumjui…angalia sasa

  3. Shame what Kenyan youngsters admire and promote

  4. Nice one💪

  5. My president. Undisputed!

  6. Wajackoyah has my vote

  7. I'm ni Kakamega I need one

  8. Reply
    The Finance Queen June 21, 2022 at 2:24 am

    the 5th Wajakoya..

  9. huyu jamaa alianikwa kwa kuibia watu.Kabugah hatujakusahau

  10. Youth are tribeless and youth are more ,wajackoya for all

  11. I need one,

  12. Wajackoyah is my preference. Great name with great personalities. Salute you!!

  13. Need contacts

  14. Tuma mombasa

  15. Yaani Wajackoyah has already created job opportunities just by the mention of his name. Wajackoyah the 5th..

  16. Prof go prof for East africa

  17. He is my president

  18. He is my president

  19. Getting one …

  20. Will share it with Hon Wajakoya,his a friend of the family

  21. Wenye mnafanya sticker's business opportunity is hot..do it also we are all in need of them

  22. Jakoya fo president

  23. I think wajackoya is real hustler my prezo

  24. How much

  25. Can you ship it in gulf especially dubai and qatar we will promote your business

  26. Wajackoyah the 5th

  27. Reply
    BRO. JOSEPH NJENGA MUMASIHI June 21, 2022 at 2:24 am

    Niletewe pia

  28. Where is u located, or where can I get one t-shirt

  29. Kra following keenly

  30. I need one

  31. He has my vote

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