Vtuber learns ancient Egypt history from SsethTzeentach, Pharaoh Review Reaction 2022

January 15, 2023

This guy definitely speaks the truth, I feel my brain expanding from his videos.

Original Vid

Video edited by Zikimaruu [This guy sugozing]


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  1. It's good to know Yukai does not drink so much because she's a raging alcoholic with a crippling addiction.

  2. Sseth is perfect for your sense of humour

  3. what's that accent?

  4. 5:32
    That right there is zyzz, or Aziz if i remember correctly.
    He honestly became something of an accidental cult in The early 2010s. Very charismatic fella, constantly worked out and supported The idea that every man or woman (mainly young Men) should get absolutely shredded like he did.

  5. The waffle house has found its new host

  6. Please, do a reaction "Rise of Middle Kingdom" Ssethzeentach

  7. From now on, Imhotep officially become "I'm hot episode" and Zyzz the Legend (that emo face) is non-existed

  8. 25:55 POP is a porn game, though rather intensive on mechanics. Isn't suited for streaming because of explicit content, and isn't suited for funtime, because why do I keep getting centaurs six weeks in a row, are there no fae on the market?! But to any weirdos, who seriously complete runs of Darkest Dungeon with porn mods on, this might just be a nice casual distraction.

  9. ImhotEPISODE

    And that's how you find AI.

  10. Yea, played Ceser 3 long ago.
    Was fun until game asked to have HUNDREDS of novels pieces of SHIT who dont work, ask for Too MANNY things and then you realize your design for the city just DOSNT WORK.
    But be not afraid, here comes a MEGA RAID of enemies to destroy it all because yiu didnt prepare again them as you tried to get the economy to bun and comoly with the ceaser request of HIGH CLASS WINE.
    8/10While recomend 🙂


  12. Glad you like sseth's reviews do evenicle next , totally not peer pressuring by the way 😏

  13. I doubt she'll show it on stream, but i really hope Yui watches Sseth's Space Station 13 video.

  14. Reply
    Christian Leo Castelo January 15, 2023 at 1:10 pm

    5:33 that's zyzz he died young

  15. Now

    Do a reaction on the legendary, Sseth's review of starsector

  16. Hey Yui don't know if you see this comment but can you make a reaction video on tank fish decaying winter

  17. 5:35 I can't believe she diss my idol like that.

  18. How are you watching things i like very suspicious anime gurl

  19. 5:31 Oh no, she doesn't know about the legend of Zyzz!?

  20. Glad too see seth propaganda is spreading.

  21. nobody has any business sounding as cute as this pink creature does.

  22. Reply
    ♡Přişm&Špêaŕ• January 15, 2023 at 1:10 pm

    Another History Lesson to cure my sickness!
    Thx Yuikai Chan! xD

  23. It's alway a nice welcome to see people discover Sseth.

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