VR Download: Quest Pro Review & Pico 4 Pro News 2022

November 5, 2022

VR Download is our weekly hardware, technology, and industry trends show streamed live from virtual reality 🎥

0:00 Intro
0:57 Topics
2:01 Pico 4 Pro
6:58 HaptX G1 Gloves
12:16 Pico 4 Consumers vs. Enterprises
21:00 What Exactly Is The Threat Of Chinese Pico Ownership?
24:12 Is HP Exiting VR After Reverb G2?
32:27 Quest Pro Review Discussion
33:21 Meta Quest Touch Pro VR Controllers
39:42 Quest Pro Hand Tracking Volume
42:16 PSVR 2 Sense Controllers vs. Touch Pro
43:43 Precision Interactions With Touch Pro
47:21 Will Quest 3 Ship With Touch Pro?
51:36 Quest Pro Full Light Blocker
56:52 Immersed On Quest Pro
59:42 Quest Pro Comfort & Halo Strap
1:11:26 Quest Pro IPD Moves
1:16:11 Will Quest Pro Be Replaced Quickly?
1:23:00 Quest Pro Lenses & Display
1:24:59 Eye Tracked Foveated Rendering
1:27:21 User Experience
1:32:33 Mixed Reality & The Missing Depth Sensor
1:37:29 Multitasking
1:42:48 Big Software Updates Likely
1:53:02 Quest Pro Charging Dock
1:57:19 Outro

VR Download is streamed from UploadVR Studios, our internal platform made in Unity (C#). We use Meta Avatars, but we plan to support Ready Player Me too in future.

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  1. Pico enterprise is only in china because of patent infringement I wager.

  2. 1:11:46 – There're two aspects to the IPD thing, I think – sweet-spot alignment(which will be negated more and more as lens sweet spot sizes increase), and world scale perception – which not many people seem to talk about, when it comes to IPD). When my OG Rift CV1's IPD slider failed and was locked in a wrong IPD position(for me), the world in every game, looked too large.
    Having a spongy IPD slider is huge deal.

  3. Def won't be double the performance on Quest 3. Thermals are the bottleneck now. It will probably be the same chip as the quest pro

  4. Really enjoyed this discussion. I'm excited to see where this direction goes. As a consumer, I'm happy to look at this from my professional software developer background and as an entertainment device and not just traditional Quest games. Personally, for me I'm looking for a little more resolution, comfort, and better passthrough, and probably the biggest blocker right now is the software, so I'm passing on this generation but probably will pick up a future Quest Pro once the snapdragon chipset has been updated.

  5. Mr. Hamilton your audio is sounding good (better than before) but sir Heaney is having some pop distortion on his P's at least here in the start

  6. I don't agree that foveated rendering being utilized for much better graphics will be much further down the road with everything. Psvr2 in their presentations of the headset mention foveated rendering as being a Main feature. Sony being a closed system will require most games make use of that in my opinion. The quest will be more of a social device for me.

  7. The price of the pro controllers may prevent software adoption just like the index controllers did. So you have your expensive controllers and the features don't get used. My index controllers are literally gathering dust. Which is such a shame.

  8. Interesting about the quest pro haptics Vs pSVR2. But I suppose psvr2 has the adaptive triggers. I suggest that the haptics from say crushing something and having it suddenly give in the adaptive triggers would count as haptics which quest pro presumably can't do.
    Having said all that, even though Sony has its own ecosystem and Devs can assume everyone has the same controller. It's remains down to the dev to exploit those features that are unique to Sony. If they are just porting a PC or Quest game to Sony's platform they would still have to assign extra dev time to support those features. Which they may not decide to do.

  9. Rather spend that kind of money on a PS5/PSVR2 combo and buy a bunch of games to play, to boot!

  10. Positively the best info and review of the Pro yet!

  11. Upload VR is improving! 2 years ago I thought it was unwatchable, now it looks great and with the pro it's going to be awesome!

  12. @uploadVR Regarding light blockers, Q-Pro current form factor allows for less pressure on face. For very active games, casual games & productivity, side blockers are probably enough.

    I think it’s good they designed it this way, so that you have the option to use full light blockers or not, rather than being stuck with full light block & not being able to reduce light block.

    I think the full light blockers should have been a padding included in the box though.

    Cheers guys

  13. Yeah but it costs 1k

  14. That sucks. My HP Reverb absolutely destroys everything else and I hate my meta quest pro. The resolution is such crap, returned it after 1 day and went back to my reverb.

  15. I was expecting the light blockers to bother me, but if you can dim the lights a bit it’s really hard to notice. The blacks aren’t deep enough anyway for it to matter. Seeing the gap between displays in your periphery is kinda annoying but enjoying it so far!

  16. Once again, such a great work covering this. My favourite source of vr news by far

  17. Reply
    Just Intense Gaming November 5, 2022 at 4:00 pm

    Who controls camera angles in these virtual presentations

  18. Great show as always. I’ll get the 2nd gen Pro in 3-5 years if they actually have the depth sensor and uncompressed PC connection. The company I work for was planning on buying Quest Pro for the depth sensor, but instead we’re getting a EinScan H.

    I’m not comfortable using Adobe at work on a compressed connection. The artifacts on Metas current offering is just bad imo, even with the official link cable and max bitrate.

    If Apples headset ships next year with either of those features, we will likely get it if it’s 5k or less.

  19. I think we don’t need haptic groves if there is a controller have five fingers haptic with force feedback so that we can feel similar with groves although groves can provide more feeling e.g. hot/cold.

  20. Great great show. I'm here to celebrate the notes on the halo strap having limitations because sometimes people say it is the panacea and in my experience that's not accurate. Regarding the depth sensor, I bet they've demonstrated internally that you can get the spatial understanding just from the 2D cameras. I think we underestimate what's already there: the SpaceSense feature already detects the objects that enter your guardian and it works well if you don't have obstacles in your guardian, which implies a vague spatial understanding.

  21. So another words Yukkaburg is trying to get a monopoly on Wireless headsets and doing away to Direct Connect (DP) to the GFX cards. All my headsets so far have a DP connect and enjoy them that way. Games look great.
    I am still holding off on wireless, they are not there yet far as I am concerned and they all have similar processors. I know, Time shall Tell if and when they improve any more.

  22. Love how you guys did this virtual, keep pushing the boundaries of this as it it a great use case for this tech. Also, great in depth convo, keep up the good work

  23. Super basic question but what is the app/game/software engine that the hosts are using? i.e. Is this recorded within VRChat or Horizon or something else?

  24. That was an epic episode, great work guys.

  25. @21:30 tbf the question was why would it matter to them as a consumer, not what are the pitfalls of living in China. If i'm in the UK its nothing to me to buy Pico or Meta, Meta have a history of passing data onto US law enforcement to prosecute users for, in fact they are more likely to be friendly and cooperative with my authorities here than Pico are. A lot of the "concern" seems a bit overcooked

  26. It would be nice if you could use your purchased games from meta on a Pico4 without needing to repurchase them. I wonder if a Quest emulator could run on a PC to enable you to play them via PCVR or maybe on a high end phone via usb-c display port(if only Pico4 had retained it) or on a future nreal light with bigger fov.

  27. I would bet good money Meta did take out the depth sensor because it can see though polyester clothing, it is the only reason that makes sense.

  28. If I hadn't found out I could set my Quest 2 IPD to 1.5 I would have had to return it, as 1 or 2 make me feel horrible and are so uncomfortable to view, let's just hope Quest 3 has continuous IPD adjustment as well.

  29. Selling the full light blocker that's a $1 peices of plastic for $50 just seems like a greedy cash grab on an already $1,500 headset.

  30. We’ve not seen any headsets mapping out a room and obstacles without a depth sensor, yet. But the PSVR2 seems to show it happening in their promo material, with the controllers only being used to make adjustments to it.
    This channel is very critical of Meta and Quest devices, so there’s no fanboyism, but it really doesn’t seem to have PSVR2 on the radar at all with the omissions this episode on haptic feedback, foveated rendering, and now mapping out a room using stereo cameras. Maybe because it’s just a gaming toy rather than the laptop replacement MR device they seem to be excited about.

  31. anyone else do theater mode so you don't get distracted by comments?

  32. The foveated rendering limitation isn’t down to the eye tracking hardware, but that the solution itself only really scales well at high render resolutions with lots of detail. It’s not offering much on a mobile chipset with battery life considerations playing relatively low detailed and low resolution games. Carmack talked about it in his unscripted Meta talk. And 30% isn’t to be sniffed at. People spend hundreds of dollars more for a GPU that’s only 30% faster.
    Sony have designed PSVR2 and PS5’s GPU and rendering SDK around it and it is delivering the kind of gains we hoped it would. It was confirmed as working in the recent hands-on press previews, and according to Sony it does deliver the “integer” multiplier difference Carmack said it doesn’t on Quest at the moment. But it’s easier to find gains when rendering at much higher resolution with much more world detail and power hungry processing being done, and while using complimentary technology like their Flexible Scale Rasterization/Geometry Engine.
    Qualcomm isn’t offering that kind of thing yet, and power limited mobile devices themselves might not see much use for it yet, although Apple’s custom silicon could surprise.
    But the eye tracking requirement is already here. Perhaps that step too is difficult which is why Sony went to Tobii instead of doing it in-house.

  33. Doesnt matter… even if they delay … thats 3-4 years now we have to wait for eye tracking.. its a chiken and egg problem. We need it to have eye tracking for Quest 3 other wise it wont be work on and even if its in the pro that still going to be the YEARS of wait for it. They need to releas more SKUs – they need to allow a higher price point for more stuff. The goals of Quest (basic?) can't handle all the extra cost and it shows. They need a "pro" for the customer range. Its that simple really. One sku focus on getting people into VR at a low price point. Another for more advance features such as higher res, more FOV, Eye tracking or new technology, and better over all comfort. The last sku can still be enterprise and that should be all you really need to aim for and that would give you a large road map to work with and give everyone a choice.

  34. Another unbroken streak of arguing about the controller-less SKU.

  35. 10:15 that was hilarious when he just popped out of existence😂

  36. Apple will be learning the execution mistakes that Quest Pro had. And Apple usually can do really well on those.

  37. HUGE appreciation to the person (or person’s) providing accurate titles on the timeline. Thank you.

  38. Great show. Will be great to see eye and face tracking on the show with the quest pro. I'll miss the part at end where Heaney looks up and the avatar goes kinda glitchy. Was actually my favorite part. Makes me laugh every time.

  39. The single charging cable could just be thrown in for travel purposes. If you're on the road you can probably get away with a single controller especially since you're likely just using it as a "mouse" for productivity. If you're at your desk you simply use the included charging dock for both controllers. If Meta had added two charging cables they would have been slammed for being ecologically unfriendly and wasteful.

  40. Great show , best VR Podcast!

  41. It's interesting how bad the precision tracking looked from our end, check out 43:40, I get that that's not what Ian sees from his perspective, but still kinda funny.

  42. On OLED HMDs: Don't forget HaritoraX. That's also a consumer headset with (micro) OLED displays which is on track to release before PSVR 2.

    I guess you could say Arpara, too, but their whole everything is just a mess, and the product isn't very good.

  43. Those Quest Pro mics are rough. Man, plosives are really bad for Heeney. Clipping all over the place.

  44. Great seeing acknowledgement that the halo strap has trade-offs. I noticed the same issues with shaking with the Rift S unless the strap was uncomfortably tight.

  45. Doesn PSVR 2 has force feedback on the triggers? If so that might be more impactful than better haptics.

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