Volkswagen Golf 2020 ultimate review: the full truth about the 'new' MK8! 2022

March 25, 2023

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It’s the car that’s been 45 years in the making… Introducing the new Golf Mk8! It’s one of the most recognisable cars the world over, and the new version arrives with a sleeker exterior design and a total overhaul of the cabin, which includes a tonne of new tech! The most powerful edition of the Mk8 will be the GTE, which will combine a 1.4-litre TSI petrol engine with an electric motor to produce 241hp! But does this all-new class-leader offer enough to retain its crown? Join Mat for his ULTIMATE review to find out!

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  1. VW , plz bring the PHYSICAL buttons back !!!

  2. it looks so good now it looks like a JDM car

  3. Best car reviewer by a country mile 👌🏻

  4. There's too much on it. Too much to go wrong. I also want real buttons.

  5. "Hello Volkswagen, I've got a hot ass"🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Don’t buy a Golf. The infotainment computer is poorly constructed. When it fails at only a few years old VW will charge you £2.5k to fix it. They are not fit for purpose. Avoid.

  7. I can't decide between the new mazda 2 gt sport or the vw gold. I need help to decide. Someone help.

  8. It would have been nice to have a proper review of the voice control. It seems to have improved somewhat but watching this there is no telling. I don't expect it to understand telling it "my bottoms cold" with the voice of a 4 year old. Does it work when you use a normal voice and ask it to turn on seat heating?

  9. The 21 model has wireless android auto

  10. 15:40 Matt tested the acceleration 0-60mph on a road that goes downhill?! This helps the result in a positive way. It's not realistic

  11. Terrible car.very terrible..

  12. size matters lol

  13. Im getting the *don't hate!!! Mk 7.5 GTE (for these amazing times we live in). Mk8, totally melted face… I with the 7.5 had the HUD *or I'm missinformed (by Biden :p )

  14. Poor android users

  15. Never liked VW.

  16. Awesome love you're reviews

  17. After 2 years of watching the vw golf mk8 and watching it on the road i still believe that the mk7.5 had a bit less technology but it was a better golf.

  18. I love it 😍

  19. Peugeot 308 is way better looking

  20. Looking back at this video "Its nice not to have any buttons" Hasn't aged really well 😂 Please, we want physical buttons and dials back.

  21. Touch screen too distracting while driving. I wont buy one.

  22. ….for 35000 euros..???golf?

  23. The ETSI seems like a cool engine and they have made a 1ltr version. Wouldn't say it's the nicest shaped golf, but obviously as the years go by styles change to keep up with modern times. Will say while the coast feature is cool, you can just dip the clutch and coast, so seems like a small pointless feature.

  24. I like it Matthew. Good looking car.

  25. Driving a car is no fun anymore with all these gadgets. To much screens and touch buttons instead of physical buttons. Not my cup of tea.

  26. 150PS diesel can easily average under 4l/100km and it is the most economical diesel engine out there. Shame it didn’t get the credits it deserves in this review, because someone was clearly driving uphill.

  27. I can’t believe the same company that gave us the scirocco did this crap

  28. When I first saw this new Golf 2 years ago I thought VW had ruined the styling of the Golf, since then the new Golf has grown on me. (although I still think the MK7 looked better)

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