Virgin Australia | Melbourne – Adelaide | Business Class… I am sooo JETLAGGED reviews

November 24, 2022

Welcome to the final video installment of this series. I embark on the last flight for this trip, a short domestic hop between Melbourne and Adelaide. Fighting extreme jetlag, thank goodness I am doing this in Business Class which made this journey somewhat bearable.

It has been an eventful and fantastic journey, So I am glad you’re joining me.

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  1. Charlie brown 🤣🤣🤣 that was spot on during a jetlag and about to slumber 😂

  2. Great one as always Ryan, the views from the Melbourne lounge look so good, can't wait to try them myself next month!

  3. Great video Ryan . Loved the comment about the “ land of bland “ , how true is that 😀, Australia is definitely a meat and two veg colony , don’t even mention chilli , they’ll come out in a sweat . Jet lag is awful , I often feel I’m walking about 6” above the ground after a flight to London , and 50 hrs without sleep , it’s no joke . Cheers mate 👍

  4. Ryan my dear,

    Two small points.

    Believe it or not, the River Murray does not flow through Victoria. It forms much of our northern border, but, by law, it is entirely in NSW. Lot's of case law and legal agreements out there to make this quirky situation a practical reality.

    Next, and probably the more important issue, shorts on a plane Ryan?? In business class no less?? All I can say is thank God they didn't have three stripes, a swoosh, or what ever on them. (Nice legs but)

  5. About to get some warm weather in SA. We spent 2 months in the UK hot Summer but came home in September to freezing Spring … Took off several weeks later for warm Bali ……came back in November still cold and wet.
    Nothing worse than Jet lag…. Loved watching this adventure 🎉

  6. Fantastic video as always Ryan,thank you for taking time to provide content that people like me like to watch…BTW,I am taking a flight to Cambodia November 30,any recommendations?

  7. Omg. I flew Monday 5 Sept from Melbourne to Adelaide. 😂

  8. Very good! The joys of jetlag!
    When is your next overseas adventure? Looking forward to seeing more!
    Bring back the Champagne for Welcome Drink in Business Class I say!
    That Chicken Katsu burger looked GOOD!

  9. He still can be a funny guy even when hit with serious jetlag lol

  10. Hilarious as always 🤣

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