Viasat Internet: My True Business Review reviews

December 30, 2022

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In this video, I give my personal/business opinion of Viasat Internet. This is a satellite internet company that we have worked with over the past two years to connect us to the internet in our rural area.
I will give you my personal opinion and explain my monthly and daily experiences at times of what we had to deal with when it came to being under this internet service provider.


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  1. All information is on their website or from my personal experience. Yours may be different and most of that will depend on your rep and contact,terms etc.

  2. Hello. Can explain to me what a real uniform is.

  3. Their top plan is $ 300 a month lol for 3 mbps of upload speed, it’s not any different performance than the lower plans. I will find personal satisfaction seeing this company go away!

  4. Viasat told me I broke viasat
    lol, apparently Changing your
    plan to many times breaks
    viasat lol. Abusive customer
    service if you get through to a
    supervisor or a supervisors
    supervisor, they are
    practically yelling at you on
    the phone, I have never hated
    a company like I HATE HATE
    HATE viasat I hope Russia
    blows up their equipment and
    Starlink will put them out of
    business and I can't wait!!!

  5. Thank God for star link. Our military is gonna be so relieved. Star link is going to make our military so much quicker and confident. I really hope they switch over.

  6. Very interesting. I didn't realize that they try to enroll you for another two years when your contract ends and also raise your monthly payments. My contract ends in February so will need to get rid of it before then. I was going to cancel several months ago but for what they wanted to cancel it I decided to keep it. No reason to pay them for nothing which pretty much is what I am getting right now. In just a few words viasat sucks.

  7. Don't ever switch from a ground broadband connection for a satellite connection. Ground internet is always best connection. Unless you have no options but to get satellite. Then wait for starlink which will be much better then viasat and Hughes Net.

  8. I had them its better to have nothing then too have Viasat One time I called them everyday for a month to get my service working they would slow me all the time and say we dont know

  9. I was completely lied to before I signed up for their service. The sales rep knew beforehand I had a business and needed to use it heavily as well as stream for my YouTube. He said it 'rarely to NEVER happens that someone will experience lags, drags, or no internet at all if your a customer that goes over their data cap.' I was completely disgusted when I found out otherwise, but they had me over a loop because there was nowhere else to go and had me also under a two-year contract. Great informative video!

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