USS Newport News – Ship Review [War Thunder] 2022

July 18, 2023

The undisputed king of heavy cruisers has some serious DPM and looks great on paper, but in practice it is a bit more complex and you really have to hide when a SMS Von der Tann comes around the corner…

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  1. My dad served on that ship

  2. Im not sure about your shell pen graph btw. with diffrent velocity and weight of diffrent shell, their impact angles are varier with same distace, same target. which means, if you fix distance and impact angle for diffrent shell, that means their targets are the one that chage.
    In same distance, if havier shell impact flat horizental deck armor, lighter shell has to impact angleed upward armor like (shell)–> //(armor) to achive same impact angle. but noone want to design their deck like this.
    we may need new graph that fix its target distance and armor shape(angel, thickness), after that, you can measure penentration posibility along various shell's various impact angle.
    or if you want fix impact angle, distance should be the one.

  3. Just seen you today with my buddy🤣😂

  4. Can you switch the secondary’s to as duty I settings somewhere?

  5. Reply
    FloridaManStrikesAgain July 18, 2023 at 5:16 am

    I was gonna leave this ship on my account, but after i saw that crew skills somehow affect AUTOloader time i am gonna sell this thing just as 2 other shits and buy next overpowered thing. And then i am gonna bully more people into uninstalling this game. Thx Gaijin.

  6. A really great Video, please more of that.
    Unfortunately I face massive FPS drops lately while playing big ships that hinders me to use them frequently.

  7. This ship have unholy firepower. "Moffet of heavy crusers", I would say.
    By the way, very quality review. Very liked analisys of angle of shell impact.
    Keep it up!

  8. my first time out with the ship, I almost ran out of ammo

  9. WAIT A SECOND. IVE SEEN ONE OF THOSE. Its at a place called Battleship Cove

  10. Holy shit I just realized. This is a heavy cruiser. At 6.3. Same br as a Northdakota von der tann etc

  11. Reply
    Harris Goniotakis July 18, 2023 at 5:16 am

    Hey bro, that Alaska you ammo racked…it was me. And the funny thing is , I never realized that it was you ! I'm a fan of you and watch regularly your content, I I suddenly fell this part of your gameplay very familiar 😂…hope to see you again soon, and of course, keep up the good work !

  12. Gonna say, I think this is a bug, but instant firefighting is insane.

  13. And of course is lacking time fuzed HE for main guns…

  14. Great video, I always enjoy this ship reviews you do.

  15. I was obliterating everything I saw in that ship, even before I got repairs and fire suppression. The only time I had issues was targets behind a land mass the obscured observing the spash for range correction.

  16. Seriously lmao, what IS with how Gaijin seems to give Russian shells absolute faithful-to-the-claim treatment? I sincerely doubt a 180mm AP shell has THAT much better performance over a 208mm from 6 years later.

  17. Drachinifel and Napalm return!

  18. the comparison tables you show over the gameplay in the background kind of glitch around just FYI

  19. I used this bad Larry to beat back the hordes of Moffets in naval EC… HELL OR HIGH WATER THE G POINT WILL HOLD

  20. As much as I wanted the Tornado, I went for Newport because it was simply much easier. I like the Newsport it's good

  21. Reply
    Brandon Killingsworth July 18, 2023 at 5:16 am

    So is the super heavy shells not modeled right or is it just the game not having correctly modeled trajectory’s

  22. The ship sits too high in the water, if this ever gets fixed it will pretty survivable because it’s ammo will be below the waterline. Gaijin prob won’t fix it though .

  23. It doesn't really worth talking about the armour, because her scheme is wrong in usual fashion. The 5" bulkheads are simply wrong. They were only 19.05 mm in reality. Zara's AP penetration are "bugged" currently. It shouldn't be all that different from Hipper's.

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