Upwork Review (Is Upwork a Legit Way To Find Jobs Online in 2022?) reviews

January 16, 2023

In this Upwork review, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of this freelancing platform, how it works, and whether Upwork is a legit way to find an online job in 2022.
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• Timestamps •
00:00 Upwork Review
00:08 Is Upwork Legit?
00:25 What is Upwork?
00:57 How Upwork Works for Freelancers
02:24 Can You Actually Make Money on Upwork?
03:34 Upwork Pros
07:16 Upwork Cons
09:11 Is Upwork Free?
09:50 How Much Are Upwork Fees?
10:30 How Does Upwork Pay?
10:44 How Long Does Upwork Take to Pay?
11:04 What Types of Jobs Can You Find on Upwork?
11:37 How Much Can You Make on Upwork?
11:52 Can You Get Scammed on Upwork?
12:21 FREE Guide

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  1. Nice video! thanks for the info! im currently on upwork and im really enjoing your vids!

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