UNITED POLARIS Flight Review (Business Class Switzerland – USA) reviews

January 24, 2023

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πŸ’³ Paid: Approx. $1200 roundtrip CGK-EWR via Swiss. Booked in March 2022.

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Draw My Life: https://youtu.be/MGhCTipS1ss
Airline: United Airlines, UA
Aircraft: Boeing 767-300
Aircraft registration: N675UA
Flight date: September 1, 2022
Route: Zurich Airport – Newark Liberty International Airport
Flight numbers: UA135
Seat: 5L
Contact for general questions and business inquiries:

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00:00 Intro
00:38 Who is Nonstop Dan?
01:07 How much I paid (great deal)
01:24 Why was I taking this flight?
02:15 United Boeing 767-300 Seat Map (Premium Config)
03:13 What I love most about United
04:14 United Polaris Business Class Cabin
05:05 United Polaris Business Class Seat
06:46 United Polaris Business Class Pre-Departure Service
06:55 United Polaris Business Class Menu
07:22 Departure from Zurich
09:16 United United Polaris Business Class Drinks
09:50 United Polaris Business Class Entertainment + Wifi
10:56 United Polaris Business Class Meal (lunch)
11:40 United Polaris Business Class Bed
12:34 United Polaris Business Class Away Amenity Kit
13:25 United Polaris Business Class Lavatory + Pre-Arrival Meal Service
14:11 Conclusion

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  1. Skip the waitlist and invest in blue-chip art for the very first time by signing up for Masterworks: https://masterworks.art/nonstopdan
    Purchase shares in great masterpieces from artists like Pablo Picasso, Banksy, Andy Warhol, and more. 🎨
    See important Masterworks disclosures: http://masterworks.io/cd
    😍 NEW GIVEAWAY: https://forms.gle/st5kNirwiSvdULy37

  2. This is so cool! I’ve never heard of this general, but I want to check out more. How is it his full-time job though, if he says all of it has been fully funded by him πŸ€” may be writing reviews or some thing?

  3. I love flying to Zürich on United. I live in Basel and am from Chicago so I fly from zürich to ohare so much😊

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    นรากร กΰΈ₯ΰΉˆΰΈ­ΰΈ‘ΰΈˆΰΈ΄ΰΈ• January 24, 2023 at 10:43 pm


  5. 13:08 BRO FACTS. It's always surprising to me how every flight I'm on, everyone around me keeps their windows closed for pretty much the entirety of the flight – even for take off and landing!

    Like, bruh, don't be taking up window seats when YOU DON'T EVEN LOOK OUT THE WINDOW

  6. Your definitely a toggaf spell that backwards

  7. U look like u like the split roast lmao πŸ˜‚

  8. U totally like boys loo


  10. Does it beat AC transatlantic? Probably beats them on punctuality (but that’s low hanging fruit for Canadian carriers these days-even Air Koryo is likely more punctual) but for soft-product and seats I think AC still has an edge.

  11. The tech aspect is true. With the new free Wifi upgrade on Delta and the possibility of viewing on board entertainment on our own device like an iPad or the phone on United was pretty spectacular to see. Plus the wifi speeds are amazing

  12. Nice journey

  13. I'm a recently retired United 787 Captain and I was curious about your comment that "95% of United's staff is unhappy with management". Could you reply where you found that statistic because I've never seen or heard it. In fact, I would say that United's management team for the last 5 years has been pretty top notch. Otherwise, keep up the good work. Your airline service videos are really informative.

  14. Thanks for the review, just got a status match to my Qantas membership and will be making a number of flights with United in February….am quite looking forward to it now.

  15. Nice flight review.

  16. United is really bad in consistency of their service. I have flown transatlantic United Polaris quite often this year and on all of the flights the pre-departure service was not performed, so all of the Polaris pax were sitting there for an hour without at least a drink. During flight they were just so bad with refills like they buy the drinks with their own money. Just so bad, I wish there was an airline with Polaris set-up and better service.

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    I'm fake Susan Wojcicki January 24, 2023 at 10:43 pm

    Ewnteid Detla sacred arrh in

  18. So you had the same seat for both flights? It looks cool and I'll get that same seat.

  19. I fly almost exclusively United in the US and people always think I'm crazy. Polaris is hands down the best business class among the US carriers. I'm fine with the hater…keeps the price down I guess.

  20. Fewer seats.

  21. Have the chicken tikka masala.

  22. Fly Aer Lingus transatlantic

  23. Is the meal really tofu or the Indian paneer ?

  24. WRT United and American carriers broadly having a good apps. We have direct access to Silicon Valley which is basically cheating.

  25. Something I think about a lot is as more airlines are building this little suite style seating in business and first, the entrance into these suites are often quite narrow. What’s the point in having a 22-26 in comfortable seat is the entryway into the seat is only 16 inches? I know it’s not a big deal for thin folks but it seems counter intuitive & acts as a barrier for anyone with wide hips.

  26. The fact that US airline apps are way better than everyone else's is not surprising given that we lead the world in computerized data collection.

  27. I’m a simple man, I see a youtuber I like taking a masterworks sponsorship, I hit unsubscribe.

  28. US flyer here.. shades down please! Im not 10 years old, ive seen the view from a plane before.. unless its of a tibetan mountain range, no thank you

  29. I think the theme for US carriers is that they have competitive hard products and the best in technology, but the soft product is still somewhat lacking. Individual air vents are a plus, and US carriers have them on most but not all of their planes. United's 767-400s, and GE powered 777-200s lack them.

  30. Flying Polaris from Houston to Sydney in May. Haven't seen a bad review of it yet. Thanks for the information

  31. Another great video and Dan is spot-on about the technology and apps from AA, United and Delta. It's shocking how far behind other airlines are compared to US carriers. I do wish the US legacy carriers understood how flight attendants impact the in-flight experience. Maybe next time they renegotiate their union contracts they prohibit the most tenured and laziest flight attendants from working international business/first class. These US carriers have greatly improved their international business class product but their service from the flight attendants is hit or miss depending on who you get to work your side of the aisle. I really hope airline executives view Dan's videos because they are so darn accurate and truthful.

  32. yeah, united fa shouting at you in j. laugh it off if you want. that sounds familiar. pass. and the 767 sucks. noisy. headache. i don't care if is't premium heavy. it's uncomfortable. in any cabin. 787 or a350 or a380 for long haul. and terrible meal service. don't want to know how bad it is in premium economy or economy.

  33. Total Death Star!!! Lol

  34. A B767 with 167 seats … Meanwhile some low cost airlines in China pack 240 seats in A321s…

  35. United started a new route from my home city, Cape Town to Washington with the 787. First direct flight from Cape Town to the US. Hoping to fly this one day.

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    Dylan's Adventures in Aviation & Rail Travel January 24, 2023 at 10:43 pm

    Fantastic review Nonstop Dan! You are my favourite flight reviewer! Keep up the amazing work!

  37. Wow! a complete surprise. The world is changing…our memories of United are like nightmares…

  38. I am an United global services… while they are not as good as the likes of SQ, I love United because they have consistent service (in a good way) and they take care of the GS customers.

  39. If yall see how the catered meals on planes look when they're delivered prior to departure…many of you would not eat any of it. They look worse than $5 frozen dinner available at the supermarket.
    Also please please please….sanitize those seats prior to sitting in them.
    Planes are sooo dirty/filthy..the cleaners can only do but so much when prepping these planes for the next flight…..and never drink any hot beverage or ask for hot water on a plane….
    Otherwise….good review.

  40. I’m glad to see United is striving to be a bit more compatible with other carriers in higher tier seats. I must say, I do not understand why everyone on American flights immediately lowers their shades for the entire flight….even on daytime flights. I feel extremely intimidated to open my shade. Also, a lovely give away. As always, you are extremely thoughtful and generous. Thank you πŸ’•

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