United Airlines Business Class Review 767 to JFK 2022

June 27, 2022

In this United Airlines video, you’ll see a return to (near) normal airline service. United Airlines’ premium transcontinental service from San Francisco to New York’s JFK airport is some of the best available.

United Airlines serves the route with a 767-300 with room for only 167 people. Other 767’s in the fleet have space for as many as 214 people!

This United Airlines flight was one that impressed me. I’ll share all of the Business Class amenities with you along with my impressions of what we experienced – including the Jebscore!

United Airlines re-started this relatively new service at the end of March 2021 and you’ll experience the sights and sounds that make it so special.

From remarkable food to a fantastic seat and attentive service, this is what luxury air travel in the United States is meant to be. Or is it? Watch the video and then be the judge!

0:00 United Polaris Introduction
2:07 United Airlines SFO Lounge
3:19 Boarding United Airlines 767
3:57 United Airlines 767 Polaris Seat Tour
6:01 United Airlines 767 Takeoff
7:06 United Airlines 767 Inflight Entertainment
8:54 United Airlines Polaris Breakfast Service
10:04 United Airlines 767 Cabin Tour
12:11 United Airlines Transcon Jebscore

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Full take-off and landing:

Don’t Feel Right (Sting) – Martin Landh
Ambient Street Music – Rob Reich (http://www.robreich.com)
Act Normal (Instrumental Version) – Megan Wofford
I Saw an Angel – DJ DENZ The Rooster
My New Beginning – Isobelle Walton
Backyard Stories – Sum Wave
Rhapsody in Blue – George Gershwin
There You Go (Instrumental Version) – Windshield
Wonderful Cosmos – The Other Space
I’m Thinking about You (Instrumental Version) – Windshield
Let’s Go Back (Instrumental Version) – OTE

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  1. United is my favorite airlines

  2. Sorry mate. You are a schill

  3. Is this an advertisement for United ? Seems to be.

  4. I wish I could trust United again. After being a loyal Continental customer I continued with United. This led to lengthy delays and canceled flights, aggressive and mean ground staff, no power outlets and miserably watching movies on my phone with interrupted service. I paid full-fare for UNITED first class service once – IAH/SEA – and was horribly disappointed with mediocre food, a single option of nameless bad wine, sullen service and watching bad movies on my phone until the system crashed altogether. I've changed to Delta and Alaska now and have been surprised and delight with considerate proactive customer service, very limited delays (if at all) and really great attitudes by employees.

  5. I think they have changed a few things, but compared to other airlines, it's pretty normal!

  6. All the amenities need to come back at a level even greater than just prior to the pandemic. Maybe the benchmark should be something like 1970.

  7. Question I was I suppose to keep my pillow from my JetBlue mint flight ?

  8. Reply
    Hallie Goodfriend June 27, 2022 at 7:03 pm

    I really liked the music

  9. Your videos are so amazing, full of helpful info, and most importantly, what sets your videos apart from other vloggers is your mature way of presenting and narrating the little details, which is in striking contrast to millions of other naive airline vloggers (read 'kids'): no speaking inside the cabin (wow!), no photo-bombing flight crew and passengers (I think all other vloggers should learn from you how to vlog ethically without disturbing co-passengers and flight crew) <3 thanks for this comprehensive transcontinental journey experience.

  10. Jeb you jinxed us- it’s not normal anymore

  11. united is the only us carrier where there is a slight but possible chance to get 3 windows in polaris

  12. fun fact about united gel pillows. 1 side, i think the polaris one is softer and the other is stiffer based of preference

  13. Not back to normal. Polaris Lounges still closed for Business First

  14. Reply
    AirTravel Aviation June 27, 2022 at 7:03 pm

    I have flown United economy from Houston to quito, ecuador and it was a full flight and everything was back to normal !! No hot meals only a sandwich service ! Safe flying everybody

  15. "Normal" service needs to return to United in their Polaris class. That includes serving multi-course meals on real serveware, printed menus, and their "signature" ice cream sundae service carts and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies! Their excuse for serving meals wrapped in foil is just an excuse since COVID can't be transmitted from food nor surfaces; it's transmitted by inhaling aerosole in the air; it's an airborne virus. I do admit you can't beat United's entertainment channels. They're the best! Thanks for posting!

  16. Thanks Jeb for helping heating up our planet.

  17. Not perfect, but it really the occasion! We just need to be sure with we are flying, that all. Some or their 767 are bad, but their new business class on them are awesome! I will really fly their 777-200er Polaris, it's the best. But eating my food, so otherwise, I will give a 5-star since they let me eat my food😁👍

  18. I love your videos! They are so detailed and I appreciate your dad jokes

  19. I miss the full service 1st cabins !

  20. This is another epic video.
    Also, yes, it's time for a Transcon Throwdown redo. It occurred 3 years ago. With JetBlue's new Mint suite and United's Polaris, I'm extremely curious to see how they stack up today.

  21. Reply
    新瑞橋金山方面ナゴヤドーム前矢田 June 27, 2022 at 7:03 pm


  22. Aloha. Hello…try Philippine Airlines business class and you’ll never go back. Great food, great to seat on the Airbus 330 and the best is the great service. U.S.Airlines cannot compare

  23. Reply
    Luisalynn Victoria June 27, 2022 at 7:03 pm

    I can’t wait to travel one day

  24. Reply
    The Nubian Speaks June 27, 2022 at 7:03 pm

    door is not a gimmack if it provides privacy, like on the British airlines A350 business class. United busines class looks drab in comparison

  25. Bad news. United downgrades this from a 767 to 757 effective October 2021 for SFO to JFK routes. What I booked for a December 2021 trip in Premium Plus is now Economy Plus. This is why I hate United.

  26. Who else is here after United switched this route to 757’s?

  27. “Normal” service today is having a reservation executed by an actual airplane within 12 hours of the time it was listed to operate. Anything above that is a bonus.

  28. I thought UA abandoned JFK?

  29. Yes, we need the printed menu, real glasses and a better meal/ snack in addition to the comforter like American offers instead of a thin blanket. None of those enhancements should compromise any sanitation concerns.

  30. Plane looks filthy.

  31. Reply
    Douglas Slotolowicz June 27, 2022 at 7:03 pm

    As to your question: do they need to return to the old normal, menu’s, hot meals, glassware etc. yes absolutely for the prices they’re charging, otherwise it’s Amtrak

  32. Not at all normal…. I just flew Polaris and there was a bunch of stuff missing from the normal service. Dole fruit cup?

  33. Thank you for this and all your videos. Not sure how often we would book first or business class but the overall experience is enjoyable and a welcome distraction from the mundane day to day life we live.

  34. Not interested in seeing your face, otherwise good.

  35. So cool

  36. Polaris Rules. Excellent product. Uniteds F/A very attentive based on my experienced. I tried Deltas First Class. Nothing to talk about. Not even a blanket.

  37. Food and beverage definitely not back to "normal" – hope this is not the "new normal".

  38. I flew this back in March when it was first reintroduced. It was awesome!

  39. Great video

  40. You won’t believe it but on March 28th 2020 when United officially came back to jfk was my Birthday

  41. They make a special flight for you? United sucks A##! Out of all the US carriers I will pay extra by 4 digits not to fly United. Fly all the time and they are by far the absolute worst.

  42. Do you think United is going to be giving out amenity kits on SFO-HNL flights? I’m gonna be flying United Polaris to Honolulu next week

  43. nice JLC… you are obviously a watch man!

  44. Reply
    𓇽ᗩᗴᔕTᕼᗴTIᑕᗰIᑎTY𓇽 June 27, 2022 at 7:03 pm

    I went to that United club it was nice especially after a loooong flight

  45. Reply
    Rashad Khan Aviation June 27, 2022 at 7:03 pm

    Well, normal. The word has been poping up for months now. Recently, the Emirates A380 and Lufthansa 747-8i came back to my home airport (LAX) and other airports like JFK!

  46. United is back at JFK, all the best to the airlines after covid!!

  47. Im flying of this type of plane and class too! From SFO to JFK next week!!

  48. For the money, I think United is currently the biz class leader between JFK and SFO/LAX. Delta could take the title back any time it wants to bring back the 76-4s with the D1 suites, and Mint is awesome, but more expensive/narrow body/doesn't have the full suites on most aircraft.

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