United Airlines 787-10 Polaris Business Class Review 2022

January 25, 2023

United Airlines 787-10 was my first ever flight on a 787-10, the largest variant in the Boeing 787 family. My United Airlines 787-10 flight was from Newark to Frankfurt on one of the busiest travel days of the year, the day before Thanksgiving.

In this video, we’ll explore the amazing Polaris Service on the United Airlines 787-10. But first, we’ll check out Newark’s Polaris Lounge with its extensive seating, unbeatable ramp views, and delicious food (including a Thanksgiving Feast!). We’ll also have a thorough review of the United Airlines 787-10’s seat, inflight entertainment, food, and service. I’ll even give the whole experience a “JebScore!”

Unfortunately, our United Airlines 787-10 flight was delayed in Newark by five hours, so we’ll talk about that experience and how it could have been better. Delays are inevitable in travel, the real test of an airline is how they handle them. I’ll offer a bit of…constructive feedback to United Airlines.

How do you think United Airlines did? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

Here’s a link to the unedited takeoff and landing from this flight:

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  1. Well I'm very glad you did acknowledge safety first as much as delays can be upsetting. In saying that you are right that the pilots should give updates to the passengers even though it looks like the flight attendant did it on their behalf. I also noticed that when the flight attendant was making the disembark of the plane announcement he never apologized. But glad you finally made it and the 787-10 is a very nice aircraft. An apology goes a long way sometimes and it was nice to see them offer you something as compensation without having to ask so great job there.

  2. They had to get the plane from Stewart to you and United didn't want to pay each passanger for their time

  3. Reply
    Chris the plane spotter January 25, 2023 at 10:59 am

    Am I just the only one that thinks that we are lucky. Becuase all of these planes are in the millions to buy and we just need to pay in the thousands to buy a ticket,and not overwelming amount because not all seats are 10K
    This is not a hate comment so plz do not take it that way.I also love this chanel

  4. 8:10 probably the fuel or something.

  5. 4:36 what? Why didn’t you film an international flight in that amount of time?

  6. 2:40 what don’t you mind telling us? What are you saying?

  7. 1:45 who is your girlfriend? You and Suzanne married in 2021! I look at the date of this video, it was in 2019! Did you guys actually date each other Bfore this?

  8. 1:16 first of all, you should rephrase the way you say these things. Secondly, maybe it is as long as you keep your feet on the clean surfaces only.

  9. Yikes man…fluke flight for sure but definitely a bummer. I am astonished that no one on the fight crew got on the intercom to give an update…unacceptable in my opinion.

  10. Não achei bom. Tapar a cara das pessoas

  11. Going to be in Polaris on a dreamliner from ORD to FRA in November – do the crew tend to "lock" out the windows like at @10:04 for the majority of the flight?

  12. Nice Patek!

  13. I was flying with Alaska from LAX back to SEA on a school trip and there was about an 11 hour delay, since we got to the airport early that day and the flight I was on didn't leave until 8 at night. The aircraft that was supposed to be used for the flight broke down so they had to take it out of service. There was a lot of back and forth conversation between the airline's ticketing department and the chaperones to try to figure out flights for us ranging from flights on a different airline to getting a different plane with Alaska to take us to Seattle. Eventually, the chaperones and us were all split into 5 groups to take flights back that day and the next day. One group went to Long Beach and took a Jet Blue flight back to Seattle. My group went to Orange County and took a Red Eye on Alaska back to Seattle. The other three groups stayed at a hotel near the airport and got flights back the next day. We did get traveling discount vouchers for future flights with Alaska and during the time at LAX and Orange County we got food vouchers from Alaska as well which was nice.

  14. Reply
    Tyler and friends gaming January 25, 2023 at 10:59 am

    I'd rather fly united than American Airlines any day because I've only ever had awful experiences.

  15. Working folk's cant afford the Polaris Lounge Jeb , you remind me of Sam flying on BBJs.

  16. Jeb, you might be one of the people who hold the world record for the LONGEST delay! And i thought a 45 minute delay was bad! But you got a 5 HOUR delay!? Also, did anyone get upgraded? Because of the people who left.

  17. The 787-10 looks so flimsy.

  18. Reply
    cing earth cingearth January 25, 2023 at 10:59 am

    Channel one on united airlines and listen to the pilots talk !

  19. I truly think the "Mechanical Issue" was probably a gear failure or something

  20. Hey, what brand is that watch.

  21. I've found United to be among the absolute worst airlines to fly. Although I love these business class seats, I will never fly them again.

  22. You should go to the Polaris lounge now. Only had one hour with no time to seat down. The buffet choices are simply horrible. Your local Chinese buffet is better. Not worth a visit

  23. As for your middle east comment.. I'm guessing you've never taken a middle eastern airline's business class… This noted business class looks like a passage. Try Emrates to anywhere in the world. Now that's business class. I haven't been on a British Airways business class flight in 15 years, so Emirate's does it for me. It's pretty hard to fly anyone else once you've tried Emirates.

    Good luck on that United business class.

  24. I call bullshit on that one. This happened to us on a flight from the UK to Miami International on a Virgin aircraft. We had an exact similar experience. There has to be something else

  25. I think UA is terrible. The planes they use from ORD to LHR is old junk. Their service is terrible. I had a similar delay where I was on the runway for literally hours. They diluted their miles points to be useless. Your experience, unfortunately, seems to be in line with my experience. I think you credit them too much.

  26. i miss the thai spicy chicken – why did they phase it out? anything but the beef again….

  27. on a flight from Tokyo Narita to Gold Coast Australia, we pushed back, then waited over 1 whole angry birds movies until takeoff.

  28. I found you're tolerance to say things just happens very fair, you weren't extremely quick to blame & judged the situation fairly because unforeseen things do happen. Subbed!

  29. the mechanical issue was probablt either flaps and elevators or engine/controls

  30. United Too many excuses. Polaris lunge closed. No excuse for Business first unless they give you a discout

  31. 8:10 had the same thing happen. flight was supposed to leave at 12am. Waited in airport until 1:30am.

  32. united airlines is such a horrible airline

  33. Once upon a time I was flying Northwest between Detroit and Tokyo, and we took a major delay. In that case the captain informed us they were getting a warning from the brake warning light, and that they would first replace the light unit to see if that was the problem, and if that didn't fix things they would have to do a repair on the brakes, which obviously would have caused a major delay (I doubt NW had any spare 747s hanging out at DTW). I was pleased the crew kept us informed about the issue and didn't keep us in the dark. Turned out swapping out the warning-light module fixed the problem and we were off. The captain got approval to take the expensive true Great Circle Route across Russia to get some of the lost time back and beat the curfew at Narita, so flying over Russia was taken off of my bucket list hehe.

    A little communication about a delay (and a continuation of the PDBs) can make up for even a rather long one. And yeah, I was pleased we weren't flying with a potential problem with the brakes. I wanna be able to stop after landing!

  34. Aran-Chee-nee m, not Aaron-see-nee !

  35. Not unless you have stinky feet

  36. That's way more than a little low given EU261 compensation — if the flight had been an EU carrier or if the flight had been departing Frankfurt — would have been €600 cash.

  37. 3:29 THIS is a HUGE step forward????
    Holy crap, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Qatar etc. would be ashamed to call it their Economy Plus seat.

  38. Reply
    Tvette Saint: The Sorceress of Sorcery January 25, 2023 at 10:59 am

    That sounds great to me. Wow!!! And you took the flight ✈️ that was just for a lay over? SWEEEEET

  39. Did you take the money or miles?

  40. Jen thanks for the prompts to maintenance. As a mechanic for over 50 years having had to ground my share of aircraft it’s not something we revel in. The pilots (of which I am one) get all the glory, but without us and our ass cracks hanging out trying to rectify the problem the pilots would be sucking their thumbs weeping about their duty time issues. You do a great job on your videos.

  41. really sucks the pilots did not tell you what's up. bad communications= poor airmanship.

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