UNFINISHED BUSINESS REVIEW – Star Wars Outer Rim Expansion 2022

July 2, 2022

Joe reviews Unfinished Business, the first expansion for Star Wars Outer Rim.

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    Solo Board Gaming Knight July 2, 2022 at 3:48 am

    This review was hilarious yet very informative! High energy and entertaining. Great job! Personally I adored this game, as well! I had purchased Outer Rim late last year but after hearing about the expansion, I waited to play it. Turned out that although I don’t know what the base game was like before the expansion, I loved it!

    The solo A.I. decks are phenomenal! I know you haven’t tried it but they are exceptionally well-made. If you ever want to play and can’t get a group together, it’ll more than suffice.

    Glad you kept it at the end 😜

  2. I have to say one thing – I'm sorry but I needed to pause this review after a minute. Because I felt something… the presence I haven't felt since… oh nevermind since when. You are a first-class Star Wars geek! And I just had to write it before I watch the rest of the review!

    I bought Outer Rim when it came out. I enjoyed it a lot, but I felt like the game needs even more variety, including expanded solo mode. At some point, partially due to financial reasons, I sold my copy.

    I stopped following the game. But something was missing in my life… almost like the holes in your heart – only there was a huge crater missing in mine… when I went to buy a different game I was surprised to see the expansion. Needless to say – I bought once again the base game and the expansion. And… oh wow – my space adventuring days in the Galaxy far, far away are back!

    I'm super happy to subscribe your channel, because it feels like we both very much love the same universe :).

  3. Oh man I used to watch your vids when I was CRAZY into IA skirmish. And this just popped up. I too have been waiting for the expansion. So glad to hear your thoughts.

  4. Great video haha (and editing)! Looking forward to trying this out sooner than later

  5. Awesome review…loved the clips…I'm one (the only?) disappointed Zuckuss fan. If we do ever get Zuckuss we better get the Mist Hunter that's my favourite XWing ship.

  6. Chopper and Hera, friends forever

  7. Great review 😁

  8. Nice video, my copy is on pre-order in Australia, it should arrive within the next ten days!

  9. And I hope one day we will get to finish the whole circle for the game board 😛

  10. I just got it, can't wait to try it. I hope next expansion is with Din, Fennec and Zuckuss

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