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November 10, 2022

I would say this is another Vince Vaughn comedy…but unfortunately, it’s much worse. Jeremy reviews “Unfinished Business”!

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  1. i liked it better than most people

  2. Crazy I really enjoyed it

  3. A horrible film… not even the good personality of vince could save this horrible twist that added gags without real irony..

  4. I'm pretty sure the unfinished business they're talking about refers to how undeveloped their brain cells are

  5. I seen this movie on bootleg and it sucked lol

  6. I actually enjoyed this movie not even sure why but I liked it

  7. I had to watch this on a plane, I would of taken back to back episodes of air crash investiagtions over this shit

  8. I love watching Jeremy trashing this movie to the ground. 😀

  9. makes Ralph look like limitless? that's unpossible!

  10. It was pretty bad

  11. Thanks Jeremy for keeping me from seeing Unfinished Business!

  12. whoever came up with that bathroom scene should be sued

  13. DOG SHIT ? ? ? BOOM Head SHOT, well thanks, I think I will pass on the Trailer as well. YOU da Man Jer Jer, and THANKS wasting like 4 minutes and 20 seconds, next time, JUST call it DOG shit, and get on with the next.

  14. It's not that bad, there are genuine LOL moments in this movie.

  15. This film is so funny how could he not laugh

  16. yeah this film is in my top 10 worst ever films. i actually think dave franco is worse than tommy wise in this. thats weird cos he's acted well in other films

  17. I remember seeing this (with no expectations) and I remember within the first ten minutes I said "yup..I'm gonna turn this off after 25 minutes..watch" and I did. It was so unfunny, so badly directed and it felt like the actors didn't even care, they obviously were there just for a quick paycheck

  18. Jeremy my friend, how did you make your 3d intro

  19. Lol, I didn't think the movie was that bad, maybe a C+, and Dave Franco was hilarious dude

  20. I like Dave Franco in other movies more than James Franco… I don't give two shits what anyone says, literally don't give me two shits.💩💩

  21. The argument in the opening scene was the boss lady giving him a 5% pay cut after he had just finished working hard on a deal that he got for her. She doesn't care about his sacrifice so he quits and starts his own company and becomes his former boss' competition. The point is that there was somewhat enough information to assess who was right.

  22. yes, i have watched this movie. what did i think about it? it reaaaallly was dogsh*t.

    there was nothing funny, how ironic that it was a comedy. fact is, it tried too hard to be funny. there were even parts of nudity there which might have been the funny point unfortunately it was just an awkward moment. there wasn't that much cohesiveness in the movie. hated this movie. a total waste of time.

  23. Dave Franco was inexcusably bad in this movie. He IS a bad actor because of it… It has stained his image in my mind, he was reallly… really…. bad….. None of the great actors of any era have put up a performance a horrible as Dave Franco did. Shame on him.

  24. lol Unfinished Dogshit.

  25. Am i the only person who actually liked the movie? I dont say the film was funny as hell, but it was a pretty decent movie…

  26. you are giving the reason for not to watch comedies at all.

  27. jeremy your review was invalid becuase i liked the movie

  28. I actually kind of liked it

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    Have an A Mei zing day November 10, 2022 at 2:19 am


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    Observer Alternative November 10, 2022 at 2:19 am

    Turned off this movie within 10 minutes it was not funny one bit

  31. It was horrible, i had to leave

  32. i saw this and i wish i could unsee it

  33. I think Dave Franco's character was the best thing in the movie.

  34. I watched 15 mins of it saw it going no where turned it off

  35. Thanks Jeremy, i saw this review literally 15 minutes before the movie started and I got my money back for my ticket, JeremyJhans: Helping people save money

  36. Dude this movie was great idk what you are talking about

  37. Get hard review missed??

  38. one word: Unfinished…

  39. This is completely finished dogshit.

  40. I loved the movie

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    ᶊᶖᶐᶈᶙᶈᶈᶖᶕ November 10, 2022 at 2:19 am

    I actually didnt think it was that bad… Definitely better than The Internship.

  42. Please! Don't take Nick Frost! NO!!! He's too talented and funny to be in this movie!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  43. Wow it that bad Jeremy dog shit is the rating know am definitely not seeing this movie I like when you sad it like two people arguing and you just walk in and one of them is asking you if you agree and you trying to figure out what going I guess these day it not about making a great movie with some of these Directors and producers it just making money sad but true for some of them 😔

  44. Why the fuck was Dave Franco even cast in this movie? He fucking sucks. He's a horrible actor and he just isn't funny at all.

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