Undercover Boss: A Fictionalized Case Study reviews

November 10, 2022
  1. I would hire 2 more workers and make the old man the manager

  2. I have been writing articles at opensource.com on Open Organizations which promotes decision-making from the front-line up.  This "undercover boss" might be part of the secret to find the ideal solution from the front-line perspective.

  3. Seems like "Lady Stopwatch" is kind of a waste. She's standing there, looking at a watch and calling out times. Why can't she do some cleaning too? She could check the watch and call out times in between her tasks.

  4. first suggestion was good enough already.

  5. Hire the old man to train the new mates to let him share his tricks and provide proper support system in smal terms like personal insurance, appreciation to boost up there moral behaviour of the workers to reduce the attrition rate!

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