Uncharted 4 on PC at 100+ fps 2022

October 26, 2022

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The Uncharted Series | The Ultimate Critique

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  1. I just subbed today, binged a few of your vids… YOU SHOULD PLAY AVENGERS. I can only imagine how badly you will ROAST IT! I’d really like to know your opinion!

  2. Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn, I am exclusively a PC gamer, but I love those two games. ON PC. might check this out, looks cool. If it's on PC.

  3. 1:27 “it feels like a PS5 upgrade the PS5 never got”. The game literally released for ps5 in January with dual sense support and 120fps lol….

  4. Yeah this game is not that taxing .. good but not (again) the best port

  5. It's a shame that my fav games from the series are 1-3, and they will not be released on PC in a long while probably.

  6. I don't really know about making the claim that it plays like a dream. The game bugs, crashes, often times goes at 40 or lower fps and doesn't even have a fullscreen mode. Imagine they delayed it and it's still really on a beta scheme.

  7. Buy the game twice like a good consoomer

  8. Who gonna tell him there's Uncharted Legacy Collection on PS5 with a PS5 version lol

  9. hi i have a 3070 gaming oc with ryzen 2700x my performance is very weak like getting max 60 fpr and dips to 15fps even with dlss on ultra performance but i noticed my gpu is only working 50 % my monitor is a 1440p cant get this game to work properly can someone illuminate me please

  10. I can't wait for your review of Gotham Knights

  11. Love the game so far on pc. But I wish they disabled aim assist with M&k

  12. Will be Release a Multiplayer on pc ?

  13. "feels like a PS5 update that the PS5 never got"

    PS5 got it back in January… lmao

  14. Cries in Old Blood

  15. If I get above 90 for a game I don't upscale

  16. Ima ask my dad for this when he gets back in town in a few days

  17. A batman and robin mod for Nathan and his brother would be cool

  18. Didn't this game get a ps5 update? Why does he keep bringing up the PS4 version and not the ps5 version

  19. I’m using a ps5 controller And it’s not showing ps5 contoller layouts can this be fix it’s only showing Xbox controller layouts on screen wile playing the game I seen it display it well on yours plug in I’m using it wireless.

  20. sadly there is not multiplayer

  21. New subscriber!

  22. Why dafuq didn't they release the original collection instead? This is so F. stupid!

  23. I‘m the only one that liked 3 the most? I loved the London Pub scene and London Underground so much

  24. The ps5 got this update

  25. So you're still using a PS controller on PC??

  26. I'm not a PC player so I can't even notice the difference in frame rate 😂

  27. What's up with "Dudes" and cats? LOL

  28. There should be a delayed sound effect with the jet's bombing run over the town. Very few games get that right.

  29. Thos game looks like tomb raider with male protagonists

  30. 4k 120 fps locked on a 4090 with 120 upscale has been wonderful for this game. I cannot wait for Forbidden West to come. I played it on PS5 and man all I could think about was how much better it could look on PC and it was already a looker on dated hardware.

  31. These other devs just need to start giving their pc versions to the guys PS uses because I have yet to have a bad experience with a PS game on pc.

  32. They could release that sweet PS4 remaster version of The Last of Us to PC and keep that Polar Express version to PS5.

  33. Off my 1650 mobile is struggling to keep 40 fps.

  34. I come with my 3070ti over 100fps with 2560×1080 it's ultrawide

  35. This is exciting stuff. Now, where's Bloodborne?

  36. we need lara croft mod on uncharted pc

  37. Just waiting the mods

  38. Love this series I always replay years later

  39. Long load times are great for bathroom breaks or get up and exercise for a minute or 2!

  40. tlou when 🙁

  41. Greatness from small beginnings.

  42. i can play halo, uncharted, gears and god of war all on one platform………life is good

  43. It seems like he doesn’t now that the Legacy of Thieves collection was originally released on PS5 in January (and it had the DUALSENSE features and you could play up to 120fps) he said multiple times in this video that it’s the PS5 upgrade that PS5 never got, but the PS5 got it months ago

  44. This released on PS5 like 6 months ago. I don't know why you keep saying these games never got a PS5 remaster when they literally did.

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