UCF College of Business Review + TIPS FOR SUCESS & Q/A reviews

June 10, 2022

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–About Me–
Name: Jordan Taylor
Age: 19
Location: Orlando, Florida
School: University of Central Florida

Camera: iPhone 8+
Editing Software: iMovie

–Connect With Me–
Instagram: Jordan.TaylorXO
Twitter: Jordan_TaylorXO

–Business Inquries–

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  1. The pro is ready bad

  2. How did this pass management of organization? Too much reading

  3. hey girl! im planning on a marketing major but knowing i have to get Bs in those 5 classes scares me, so do you think integrated business is a good move?

  4. Hey new subscriber here. I'm a UCF student as well but I'm in my senior year . I wish you all the best of luck on the rest of your college journey.

  5. Do you have a choice to do online classes (for business) ?

  6. Wait are all classes online? Or mainly online? I applied to UCF for business but I’m not good at online school lol

  7. Thank you! I needed this!!

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