Twitter: One million leave: BBC News Review 2022

January 18, 2023

The story
Almost 1 million. That’s how many Twitter accounts have been deactivated since Elon Musk bought the social media platform last month.

Musk’s takeover has been controversial.

Some people are worried about his approach to free speech, thousands of staff have lost their jobs and there are plans to make some users pay a subscription.

Many users are moving to an alternative called Mastodon, a free social network platform, where posts are called ‘toots’.

Eugen Rochko, the founder of the platform, tooted on Monday that the massive increase is “pretty cool”.

Key words and phrases

move together in a large group
· Fans of the musician flocked to the website to buy tickets.
· Eager shoppers flocked to the sales to grab a bargain.

on fire
impressive because something is done very well
· Your social media post is on fire – it’s got almost 1 million views!
· He scored three goals in that football match – he was on fire!

something very big
· It took me over two hours to get to work today – it was a mammoth journey!
· Moving house can be a mammoth job.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:24 – Story
1:35 – Headline 1: The National: Top Scottish Twitter users flock to Mastodon amid Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover
3:40 – Headline 2: CNN: With Twitter in chaos, Mastodon is on fire
5:10 – Headline 3: Slate: Could Mastodon Really Become a Social Media Mammoth?
6:40 – Language summary

[The title of this video has been edited for accuracy]

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  1. 👍👌🇮🇳🧕✋

  2. We are people have been flocking to this channel it means on fire as well as you do a mammoth task for the world , thanks a lot

  3. Who gives a shit ordinary people just don't care its all bullsit

  4. Reply
    ソエサントサトリヨ January 18, 2023 at 11:54 pm

    One million leave? Can I take 10% of it?

  5. Really, BBC? How many have left you?

  6. Reply
    Ngọc Hà 3. Dương January 18, 2023 at 11:54 pm

    now I truly understand the meaning of this song's title: "Girl on fire" :))))

  7. I'm on fire because of you're lessons 🔥🔥

  8. Thank you from UZBEKISTAN❤‼️

  9. There are an amount of crazy people flocking in shops on Black Friday

  10. Being on Twitter is like going to court every day, you are basically walking verbally on eggshells and absolutely can not practice free speech, I was banned 4 years ago and recently got reinstated only to be suspended on day 2 for commenting on an article about vaccines. Twitter has not changed at all as far as I'm concerned and I see Twitter fading away in the future after what the Twitter leadership did to not only Trump, but to millions of Americans was vile and vindictive, and wrong. They are now reaping their just comeuppance. How sad to be in a group of people so frightened by free speech that they act like an arm of the IRS, who needs that in their lives. Never going back to Twitter and going to play with the other social media platforms.

  11. Always thank you!

  12. I once admired Elon Musk. Now he scares me.

  13. It’s a mammoth task for me to memorize all these three new words and use them naturally in my daily lives. Your program is on fire , can’t wait for the next one! Thanks for your great job!

  14. Not million users,its a million bots

  15. This man also need that…

  16. 😂BBC is the BBC,even learning English. Look at the prejudices of the British media, the BBC is disgusting.

  17. Reply
    Elemar do Amor Divino January 18, 2023 at 11:54 pm

    "Birds of a feather FLOCK together" 🐦

  18. Eugen "Rochko was born in a Jewish family of Russian origin, and moved to Germany at the age of eleven…" So we can see why media is trying to rise this platform

  19. I hope Elon Musk can clean Twitter of all propaganda and bots. The mainstream media and the "current thing" won't like that. Freedom.

  20. Reply
    NGUYEN THI NHAT MINH January 18, 2023 at 11:54 pm

    This morning is so cool that my lecturer must flock all of the student to learn in another day. This makes us struggle with mammoth things due to the mid-term test is coming soon.
    However, thanks to BBC learning English is on fire. So this problem is dealed with smoothly.

  21. My friend said me that teach about English is like a mammoth but he don't know the English is become easy with BBC

  22. Can we use these words during IELTS exam in the speaking part or writing

  23. BBC learning English is on fire as long as it keeps posting wonderful videos like this one
    does it sound correct english in this sense?
    thank you in advance.

  24. Amazing learning channel .. thanks 👍🏻

  25. 20 days in and Elon has almost bankrupted Twitter.

    Elon lost 100 billion from Tesla and is now losing billions of donor money that Elon used to pay for Twitter.

  26. Thanks

  27. It's a mammoth opportunity to learn english and you guys set the channel on fire 🔥 . All the people who want to improve their english are flocking and subscribing your channel!!!!

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