Trump vs Clinton – US election day: BBC News Review 2022

March 13, 2023

Clinton or Trump? Americans are voting for their next president. Join Neil and Catherine to discover the language from the headlines you can use in everyday life.
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The story

The 2016 presidential election campaign in the United States has ended.

Speaking at his final rally in Michigan, Donald Trump said he was offering a once-in-a-lifetime political change and would restore honesty to the US government.

In her final rally, Hillary Clinton, who’s leading in the opinion polls by a few percentage points, said America needed to build bridges not walls – a reference to Mr Trump’s plan for a wall along the border with Mexico.

Key words and phrases

the mechanism of voting

system of secret voting

something you say to persuade people to support you or do something

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  1. Poll, ballot, pitch all these words were used in the bungee jumping example. 🙂

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  3. such a great and useful programme

  4. I like the new format of it, thank you.

  5. i really love this program. hope you always success with this one

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  8. New form of News Review i like it so much!

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  10. I love you guys! BBC Learning English rocks.Ive been following you since the Flatmates time and I learn from you every single day and then apply them in my everyday conversations. Sometimes the native speakers dont even notice that I'm actually Persian (Iranian). Credit goes to BBC Learning English 😃 By the way, I recommond you to fly down to New Zealand and try the best Bungy jumping ever. Here is called the paradise of extreme sports (if you dare😉).

  11. thanks a lot.

  12. Hello, welcome to news review the program where we show you how to use the

    language from the latest headlines in your everyday English.

    Hello, I'm Neil joining me in this program is Catherine , Hi, Catherine?
    "Hello, everyone? "

    what's our story , today?

    well, today, um, just in case anyone who is living on the moon, I will remind

    everyone that there's very important decision happening today in the United


    An important decision in the United States, well,
    I wonder what that could be.

    Let's find out from this BBC World Service News Bulletine.

    reading news articles on screen.

    so, it's finally election day in the United States of America.
    and the two candidates Hillrary Clinton and Donald Trumph have just spoken at
    their final rallies.
    and rally is a public meeting of people who support a particular party or

    politician and now the talking has been finished and it's time for the American

    people to vote for their new president.

    ok, you've been scanning the media and picking out words that help people

    understand and talk about the election.

    absolutely , three really important words which you can use in everyday speech
    and they are appearing in the headlines.
    we have "polls" , "ballets", and "pitch"

    poll , ballet and pitch , so what's your first headline?

    ok, first headline comes from Gurdian , the headline is
    Election polls set to open after Clinton and Trump make final pitches.

    so, polls the mechanism of voting

    absolutely , the mechanism of voting , so if you go on voting day, a polling

    day as we call it.
    you can go to the polling station to vote.

    yeah, we describe it as a nations is going to the poll, don't we?

    we do, yeah, we are, the American people are now going to the polls
    and this is something that the voters do, and it's also something that

    politician can make it happen , if there's a big decision to make,
    the politicians and the government will decide to take this issue to the polls
    so that poeple can decide what they want to do about it, yeah.

    you've mentioned it once already. quite a funny , usesable word from another

    context , polling station.

    yes, polling station not , nothing to do with train.

    not getting on a train all of us , not at all.
    a station in the sense of place where something happens

    and what often this stations will be places like schools, libraries,

    centers which are converted for the day , so the people can use them to go on

    to make , to vote.

    yeah, now , head of elections we here ( ) a lot something called opinion polls

    yeah, we do, absolutely , and those are very less official,and nothing will

    happen as a result of it opinion poll generally
    but it's asking for people how they feel about something
    so it's a bit informal, the president of United States of America won't be

    chosen because of opinion polls but it's often something that media do to find

    out how people are feeling.
    and we can use it also in a much more informal way
    so when you're trying to decide what people want to do in the office
    maybe you're gonna have a party , you wanna know what people wanna do,
    you can have a opinion poll. what do you want to do, what do you want to do.

    in fact, Dann is organizing our Christmas party, "Yes, Yes , he is."

    I think there will be a little bit of opinion poll.
    but we also have in our last two meeting where he said,
    "I tell you what!, let's all go , I think it was a bungee jumping?

    bungee jumping, yeah, for Christmas.

    and said, " who wants to go bungee jumping?" some people said , put the hand


    and that kind of very informal , put your hand up and say what you want.
    and it's often called a straw poll ,S.T.R.A.W straw poll.

    yeah, very informal and a certainly not secret.

    and that issue of secrecy leads us onto the next word.
    what's our next headline?

    next word is , next headline comes from Washinton Post.
    the word we will looking at is ballot.
    Trump tells voters to deliver justice at the ballot box.

    ok, so ballot , ballot is a system of secret voting.

    absolutely yes, a system of secret voting , it often happens , it can happen in

    a polling station.
    you go to the place , usually you get a piece of paper , you go in a quiet

    corner . nobody can see you, sometimes there's a curtain to protect your

    privacy. you write on the a piece of paper of your choice.
    fold it up. you put it in a ballot box which is often cealed lots of security

    so nobody knows what you wrote on your ballot paper.

    yeah. this is why I refused to take part in Dann's straw poll ( )
    because I insisted on a secret ballot.

    even further christmas party. "for everything"
    yeah, very secritive Neil, "Thank you"

    yeah, secret ballot, ballot is usually secret. it's always secret ( ) ballot.
    but we often use the phrase "secret ballot" to kind of emphasize that it's a

    secret private thing.

    ok, what's the final headline?

    final headline is "pitch" and we will go back to Gurdian headline.
    and we will have another look.

    we have, Election pols set to open after Clinton and Trump make final pitches

    we see the word pitch again in roll call website
    and this one, Hillary Clinton final pitch coming to Prime-Time TV.

    and pitch is one of these words that have got loads of meaning
    "foot ball pitch"

    nothing to do with foot ball. ohhh, sort of, possibly idiomatically ,
    but it's very saparate meaning
    so forget about sports. what we're talking here is ( ).
    when you pitch or you make a pitch , you say something which will try to make

    people agree with you or support you, or change their opinios.
    so pitch is when you want something to make someone share your opinion.yeah.

    politicians sales people.

    yeah. absolutely, yes. it's also the words. if you go to the market
    and people are selling things at market shouting , we can call that pitching.
    sometimes. saying things to persuade you.

    yeah, going back to our christmas party.
    and Dann's bungee jumping idea

    Dann's bungee jumping pitch. "exactly"

    he made a pitch in our meeting.

    he made a passionate pitch to telling us "you're gonna love it, it's gonna be

    great fun, everyone is gonna have a great time. it's really exciting"
    so saying lots of positive things about this idea to make us agree with him.
    and I still can't believe that you wouldn't just come out and agree.

    maybe secret ballot.
    and there was one problem. the boss wasn't there. "No"
    so we couldn't make a final decision.
    and so, Dann caught up with our boss afterward

    yeah, I think , you caught him, didn't have long ( I don't understand at this

    part what they are saying about :-p )
    so we have to really sort of summarize a pitch to make it a lot shorter.
    so we're now to meeting to talk about five minutes about this wonderful idea.
    but the boss knew how ( ) so Dann had to really do a quick pitch.

    as of for example ,he saw him in the elevator of lift.
    he really ( ) into next floor to tell him what his idea was.

    twenty seconds. we call that an elevator pitch
    even if you are not in a elevator or lift.
    if you have to persuade somebody really quickly , summarize all the benefits of

    your idea
    we call that "an elevator pitch"

    This transcription written by me is for my listening skills to improve.
    so there are many faults in it which are mainly article A, The and singular , plural.
    but if you are at begginer level , it can help you get the overall understanding of this program.
    and if you reply some comments about faults in it to my transcripts
    It'd be really helpful for all of us.
    Thank you. All the best.

  13. News review is so great! Thank you.

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  15. I don't know it's a hard topic or her accent. I can't understand much as I listened to Sian.

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    Wafa1%(لسان حالك حالي) March 13, 2023 at 6:21 pm


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