Trump to withdraw from TPP partnership: BBC News Review 2022

August 2, 2023

Donald Trump has announced his plans to end an agreement. Join Sian and Catherine to discover the language from the headlines you can use in everyday life. Learn more here

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  1. Renounce = Give Up

  2. I like to see the way of Shan’s talking……awesome

  3. Peruvian flag on the thumbnail.

  4. i love your lesson….thanks.

  5. It would be nice if include the new words mentioned in the video in the description below of the video , also thank for the series , really really helpful for enlish leaner :).

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    Lương Thùy Linh August 2, 2023 at 6:46 am


  7. Thanks girls./

  8. I did not understand why scrap can not ve use on the relationship's example.

  9. My English slightly increased!!!!

  10. Thanx

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    مقاطع مترجمة✨ August 2, 2023 at 6:46 am

    1)pull the plug on–to stop something from continuing or happening
    2)dump;ditch-scrap–to stop doing something;to get rid of something that is no longer needed or wanted
    3)renounce–to formally say you no longer support or accept something

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    مقاطع مترجمة✨ August 2, 2023 at 6:46 am

    Thanks alot☺

  13. Hello, and welcome to News Review the program where we show you how to use the

    language from the latest News stories in your every day English.

    Hi, I'm Sian, and I am here with Catherine. HI, Catherine, ( HI, Sian! )

    What story do you have for us today?

    Today's story is Sian all about the end of partership.

    Oh, dear, let's hear more from this News Bulletine.

    Reading News articles on Screen.

    So, Donald Trumph is soon going to be the president of United States has said

    that on his first day as president "he will stop the United States'

    involvement in the trans pacific partnership or TPP

    TPP is an economic trade agreement between twelve contries in Asia and



    alright!, what kind of words and phrases are coming up to talk about the story


    so, we've got a great group of words we're going to look at today.
    All of them are verbs
    and these of them, we have "pull the plug on" , "scrap ditch and dump"
    and we're also going to look at the word "renounce"

    and they're all related words, aren't they? "they are"
    very similar meanings.

    ok, how's first one appearing in the headlines

    ok, we'll look at WION
    and first line of their story is ( reading sentences on screen )

    ok, so, if you pull the plug on , you stop something continuing or happening

    absolutely, it comes from that little objects in every one's house , every one

    has plugs and if you're doing a washing up, you put a plug in the sink
    or if you're having a bath , plug goes in the bath, it stops the water from

    flowing out. so that you can have, continue your bath.
    if you want to watch Television , you plug the TV in to make the electricity
    to make your Television work.
    so, if you pull the plug out of Television or bath?
    you can't continue , all over. game over , yes.

    (this part didn't easily make sense to me. why did she say plug goes in the

    sink and in the bath? )

    ok, it's an idiom , but it make ( ) ,doesn't it? really?

    most definitely. pull the plug on means to make something stop.

    ok, it can also mean to make something not happen
    so for example if I pull the plug on my party?
    I'm not gonna have a pary anymore.

    yeah, to cancel plans. that's another good use, pull the plug on plan means to

    cancle a plan.

    Parents often pull the plug on their childrens' party.

    No often, no often at all.

    and the next three verbs are very similar to this ,aren't they?
    what we've got next?

    yeah, we have scrap ,ditch, and dump
    so, let's look at scrap from the Australian
    US election: Donald Trump to scrap trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

    moving on to BBC News.
    Trump to dump TPP trade deal: Wrold leaders react

    and then if you go to UPI
    Trump announces plans to ditch TPP , dump energy restrictions in first 100


    ok, we have there scrap, ditch, and dump, and they all informal verbs.
    and they mean to stop doing something.
    or get rid of something that you no longer want or need.
    you scrap it, "absolutely" dump it.

    most definitely. and they are really popular in the headlines because they are

    short and snappy "sounds good"

    yeah, yeah, yeah, they are quite nice words to use
    and you can use it very informal for example
    when a couple week ago Dan, from BBC learning Englsh
    everyone want to go for a office party ,his idea was that we could all go

    bunge jumping .

    that's great idea, I love that idea

    what a terrible idea. nobody liked it, very few people liked it.
    so Dan had to dump that idea. "scrap the plan"

    ditch the bunge jumping and we all go for a nice meal near in the restaurant.

    nah, how boring!

    so, we often use it with plans , you scrap your plans ,
    you can also scrap or dump objects , if you don't need them anymore.

    yeah, most definitely, once we use all these paper , we will scrap it ,dump


    we'll recycle it. "that's *&%%^ "
    scrap, scrap paper.

    ok, our next one,also final one is very similar.
    what's the final word?

    similar meaning, quite a different style. I have to say.
    so this is the Finacial Times
    their headlne is
    Trump vows to renounce Pacific trade deal on first day in office.

    and renounce is much more formal way and same , and pretty much same things
    scrap ,ditch, and dump .

    yup, it's formally to say that you no longer support or expect something.
    so it's basically formally to give up something, isn't it?

    yeah, we use it in formal context
    so, for example, if, king decides he doesn't want to be king anymore
    you could say that king renounce the throne.

    use it in your essay , use it in formal writing. and everyday speech?

    no we don't renounce our christmas party. we dumped them.

    we didn't renounced bunge jumping. we just scraped it.

    yeah, it's a good way to find out about different formality words , isn't it?
    using different headlines ,different styles' newspapers

    absolutely yes.

    This trascription written by me is for my listening skills to improve.
    so there are many faults in it which are mainly article A, The and singular ,

    but if you are at biginner level , it can help you get the overall

    understanding of this program.
    and if you reply some comments about faults in it to my transcripts
    It'd be really helpful for all of us.
    Thank you. All the best.

  14. Nice video

  15. I love this episode. The atmosphere is great, full of brightness 🙂
    Thank you, Sian and Catherine. Of course thank you BBC Learning English 🙂

  16. I love this series. It's great because I remember new words easily through conversations. I hope to listen more explanation about idioms, fixed phrases and collocation….

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    oanh nguyễn ngọc August 2, 2023 at 6:46 am

    I love all the programs on BBC.

  18. "Issue" /ˈɪʃ.uː/ and "Negotiation" /nəˌɡəʊ.ʃiˈeɪ.ʃən/

  19. I like watch this series 🙂

  20. Good topic! I have never heard this phrase before (pull the plug on) . I will try to use it in a future. Thank you!

  21. News review is always great! I've been learning a lot with you. Thanks a million!

  22. I live in Perú and I don't understand in what ways will affect us? 🤔

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