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.. that the Exchange Hotel, Montgomery (pictured), where Confederate president Jefferson Davis’s inaugural procession started, also hosted Ku Klux Klan leaders, politicians, prostitutes, and two US presidents?
… that the groundwater level of a coastal aquifer system changes with the tide?
… that agronomist Simon Groot was awarded the 2019 World Food Prize for giving hundreds of millions of people access to nutritious vegetables?
… that 144 couples were pronounced man and wife on the Giant Drop before the cars at the top were released 205 feet (62 m) down?
… that as a child, Turkey national amputee footballer Şeyhmus Erdinç played football with balls he made out of crumpled paper?
… that when the Yale Club of New York City Building was completed in 1901, a Yale Club member said “it will be an easy matter to look down upon” the Harvard Club?
… that at 102 years old, Christian Lamb is one of the last surviving officers of the Women’s Royal Naval Service who served throughout World War II?
… that given a choice between Life and World, the answer was Yes?

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