December 14, 2022

TOMB RAIDER UNFINISHED BUSINESS Review – Tomb Raider Gold MS DOS PC Review [ GFrom Reviews S2 Ep.5 ]

Hey everyone – welcome to my new video.

In my in-depth review of Tomb Raider Unfinished Business I come back to the very first add-on in the TR Series. Are these four levels worth your time?

Tomb Raider Unfinished Business was developed by Core Design and published by Eidos Interactive for the MS DOS in the year 1998.

This is the fifth Episode from Season 2 of “GFrom Reviews”. I hope you enjoy! Feel free to rate, comment and subscribe if you like the content.

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00:00 Introduction
01:33 GFrom Theme Song
01:57 Getting the game to run
02:52 Differences between Ports
03:56 Return to Egypt
07:19 Temple of the Cat
10:53 Atlantean Stronghold
12:44 The Hive
14:49 Conclusion

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  1. This brings back so many memories.

  2. Amazing video. Really hope you cover Golden Mask and Lost Artefact! Especially Lost Artefact.

  3. I can't say it. I keep saying "A meow-meow has a meow-meow in its meow meowouth"

  4. Do you happen to know wether that patch also is available for the GOG version?

  5. What's your favorite tomb raider gold game

  6. If your sick with blocks there's a glitch to go through blocks watch ink ribbons tomb raider 1 Easter eggs and secrets

  7. Do you like tomb raider anniversary more than tr1 or is it **

  8. Would you rather kill 8 mutant in 1 room or do the bolder puzzle in the hive

  9. What reward do you get after completing tomb raider 4

  10. 3weeks more

  11. Let me guess your ranking
    1st temple of the cat
    2nd return to Egypt
    3rd atlantean strong hold
    4th hive

  12. How many g are there

  13. Believe me broh, you're really doing great. You and your review both are just amazing!!! Keep it up.

  14. I've been following your reviews and really appreciate your content πŸ™‚

  15. Great review. I never played the game. Is it available for PC?

  16. I love your video! You are a good presenter and look so handsome. It's my favorite game and series of all time. I just subscribed to you.

  17. +1 like for meow-mouth!

  18. is there a reason to play this after the remake?

  19. When TR first came out on the PS1, i remember everyone thinking it was groundbreaking and the graphics were amazing.
    Looking back at it now, it looks f#####g awful lol.
    Nostalgia is a great thing, and dangerous.
    I play on a Nano91…. amazing TV for gaming, all the features i could ask for, for the Series X and PS5.
    However, i made the mistake of playing BF4 and oh my god! even that looks absolutely shocking.
    As for revisiting OLD classics like Desert Strike and Syphon Filter, forget it, even with the correct adaptors, the game is forced too stretch on a 65'' screen…. there is nothing you can do about it, apart from buying an adaptor that increases the texture quality and reduces the screen from being stretched….. if you want one of these that you can use with any older consoles, it is quite a bit of money and i don't think fully worth it for how bad the older games still look.

  20. Are you btw almost done with tr3

  21. I like the intro song, where's the full version?

  22. Your better than Steve of warr retrospective

  23. Awesome video I can't wait for tr3 or tr2 gold

  24. GOG version is another good choice, maybe even better since it works out of the box.

  25. Good review I've had gold for years but never have played it.

  26. Finally a gman vid

  27. Diese Erweiterung habe ich leider nie gespielt. SchΓΆn dass die Tomb Raider Reihe auf deinem Kanal weiter geht.

  28. Great review like always!
    There's an unofficial port of Unfinished Business for the PS1 btw.

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