Time's up: Hollywood's campaign against sexual harassment: BBC News Review reviews

July 21, 2023

Hundreds of actresses, film directors and lawyers have a launched a campaign in the United States to fight sexual harassment at work.

The women include Hollywood stars, such as Cate Blanchett and Eva Longoria.

The focus of their campaign, called Time’s Up, is on people with low-paid jobs.

Key words and phrases:

start a large project or initiative

repeated unpleasant behaviour which upsets or annoys someone

officially announce something new

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  1. love you guys these small reminders about English voc. are refreshing!!!

  2. Thanks BBC!!!!

  3. At first, I asked myself: what on earth is the pronunciation of the word "harassment"?….
    And then the answer came out…. I pronounce it as Neil did


  5. Neil, your friend accent for "harassment " is more beautiful 😊

  6. Happy N Year for you all. You all made me improve my english in 2017 and I'd like to keep going on. Many thanks !! A french fan

  7. Hi 😃 Happy New Year BBC learning English!!!

  8. Great class today is my fest time to attend these lesson sorry My English is not good

  9. One question! Your definition of "harassment " is repeated unpleasant behaviour which upsets or annoys someone.
    I'm not sure why we need to add the word "repeated" in the difinition. I don't think that it's the matter if it's repeated.

  10. Great Effort guys on BBC<<<<<Happy a New Year 2018

  11. Welcome back guys and happy new year! I hope you spent a lovely time with your families! Can i ask you how much American English si affecting British English? Because when i speak with native speakers who come from London i usually pronunce some words with an American stress ( for example privacy) but the rest of our conversation sounds more british…should i consider it as a mistake?

  12. Thanks a lot for the lesson! I have a question though. Does the word contribute have two variants of pronunciation: stressed I and stressed U? Thank you!

  13. Sexual harresment is the major problem the woman are facing today. so the apex court asked the govt to unveil the new rules to crub that problem

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    Lester Martin Mairena Herrera July 21, 2023 at 3:47 am

    I am the number sixteen of watch your first class of the year . Thannnnkyouuu. have a good new year. God bless you.

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