Three Elantras on King Road in March 2022? Bodycam Review Idaho 4 Murders 2022

February 2, 2023
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    CONCERNEDcitizen2022forever February 2, 2023 at 12:25 pm

    I commented this on thriftys channel the other day! Thanks for doing a video on this! New sub🙏

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    RVing keep it rolling February 2, 2023 at 12:25 pm

    Yeah plunder great. Yeah Jack D has a white Hyundai Elantra more the year the cops was looking for. There's a photo of Adam standing on the roof and Jack couple other people standing by the Elantra, but for some reason cops haven't mentioned it. They should have checked it for evidence. The white car belongs to Jack D dad.

  3. Here's also Shoes on wires all over the place lol but agree way too much creep town incidences , occams razor applied

  4. Government issued vehicles are American made(ford) 99.9% of the time. American tax payer money won’t go to Hyundai. Optics. Every gov vehicle is American made.

  5. Perhaps it’s related to the stalker and it’s the same person because who tf else would be touching panties.

  6. There is a pair of vans hanging on the electric line lol

  7. O btw I’m 20 years clean so that’s how I know it’s a old symbol from the 90s crack days

  8. Yea the shoes hanging on the phone line means they sell crack there but I heard lately it’s for heroine or cocaine or fetynol

  9. @1.09.30..Blk Suv ??.Just to throw in ..prob one seen leaving area on Bodycam 2.54pm..Possibly just a resident?? Iv often wondered about it.Then 3.30 in Pullman another hit n run!! Vehicle found..Blk Suv..never got update on who perp was..Sorry off point just noticed in your vid.TY

  10. @ 35.oo can you check the White truck reversing.?? Was a lot of spec about it on vid with girls leaving corner club?

  11. Awesome pod coverage…All things iv suggested checking..esp as her house has Ring Cam.LE are I saw elantra parked outside the house on other vids showing where the house ring cam was..

  12. If the shoes meant graduating it would be more shoes.

  13. Police depts. shut down their administrative offices during evening and weekend hours. People only work 40 hours a week. The “station” is open but the administrative offices are closed. This is normal. Dispatch triages the officers to the site and the officers have their assignments.

  14. Moscow invested in Ford Hybrids. These funds were provided by the government grants that became available during Covid. In 2012 Ford stopped producing the patrol car crown victorias. Moscow then started painting the crown victorias with white colors and blue. The cars were getting old so they got a grant from the fed. Government for hybrids. It has saved tons of money on gas as it idles.

  15. The guys that were ticketed were ticketed for being drunk. LE works with the campus to cut down on alcohol related deaths and violence. You can’t walk around totally crap faced. This is Greek Street. They want to shut this type of stuff down.

  16. Soooo. .the Moscow pd officers are also Campus police as well?

  17. 1. Local police frequently work with college groups and organizations to improve communication, awareness and review safety issues. They will even discuss how to make your place safer by locking doors, lighting, check for locks and dead bolts, etc. Common. Local LE also partners with Greek organizations to support charities like Big Brother, Big Sister; reading programs, etc.
    2. If there are not a lot of female officers then two male officers doing this is considered normal.
    3. Colleges and Universities OFTEN try to downplay crime on or near campus. Often this is a political thing and the University pressures the local police departments to keep their mouths shut. This is often to the detriment of the students and their safety. The Universities also hide when wealthy university donors send their kids to campus and the kid commits sexual assaults and other violent crimes. A lot of these wealthy donors are from fraternities. It is really disturbing.
    4. The sorority girls seem to be quite naive. The last thing she mentions is her underwear when that should have been the first thing. They don’t lock their car doors and probably don’t lock their house doors. These college kids seem to be clueless! You are on or near campus now and you have to be vigilant. 7 out of 10 college females are sexually assaulted or attempted to be sexually assaulted by the time they leave college. These FAT cats trying to hide this stuff is disturbing!

  18. Love the odd things you both notice about the two officers!

  19. That house across the street with the white Elantra/car is parked is the house where Kaylee’s ex boyfriend, Jack lives/lived apparently!

  20. Our pd are very young, so there’s that!

  21. I watched this body cam awhile ago. I’m wracking my brain trying to remember where I saw it and who posted it. I’m now wondering why the Moscow PD didn’t/hasn’t put out an alert about the uptick in car break ins and possible home break ins! Makes me not trust that they’re protecting our community!

  22. $500!!!!!!!! $487.50……what a ripoff scam

  23. Can anybody check Google earth and see how many white ELANTRA’s are parked in the Moscow Police Department parking lot?

  24. The shoes is a fun college thing…. When drinking. We did it and I’m not aware of anything that was gang related. No gangs on my campus or frats and shoes all over

  25. When they walk them over to write the citation isn’t that where the black coat was found that looked like maddies coat.. the officer picked up the coat during investigation looked at it & threw it back but it looked just like the one maddie was seen wearing in the food truck cider

  26. When asked if she has a ring cam, she's says no but then, Did she say they have a "Facebook feed" ?

  27. Okay so as far as the shoes goes hanging on the telephone wires. You gotta look at the area these people are living in. Yeah it’s a college area, and “could be drugs” but I highly doubt it. I’m sure besides the couple of frat houses living there most of the other owners were older. Think about how often these “party houses” got the cops called on them for noise….
    Even in one of the body cam footage where the police go to the off campus frat house first for noise, then went to 1122 to be fair. When the cop was talking to the boys he’s like the old lady doesn’t** live up there anymore she moved out. This leads me to believe even MORE that the shoes on the wire are harmless.

  28. Damn I missed the live. Catching up!!!

  29. Realtek fo sho

  30. I won’t be surprised if there is a second car involved. I’ve suspected as much since Chronicals of Olivia interviewed a neighbor that claimed the police towed an Elantra from their lot when Bryan was already arrested in PA and his car was with him. Olivia brushed it off as the woman was confused and made a mistake but she didn’t sound confused to me. It’s over on her channel still.

  31. Shoes on a wire is some shit kids do lol

  32. I live in a town with three colleges. That level of dismissiveness isn’t surprising, from cops responding to a young persons incident. But even here, I would have expected more. When our place was broken into, they did DNA swabs on everything that would have to be touched to get into different rooms. Obviously you handle a fuse box cover to remove it. At least that should have been swabbed and dusted.

  33. The car that pulls in and parks after the FedEx truck is a Ford. There's another video out and photos of that car. It was debunked a long time ago. The video I saw was from the roof of that house and it's clearly a ford

  34. Ask for the ticket info.

  35. Those three were just buzzed. This is ridiculous. They were just walking.

  36. The way ppl think there aren’t dirty in LE. It blows my mind, they’ll defend them as if they’re the good guys. There’s good but there is also not good. Ppl need to do research on LE & see how common it is for corruption.

  37. Officers who patrol college towns whether campus police or local police usually use their power as a way to get w sorority girls. I seen it happen at my school. Really weird. They don’t take threats seriously because they think they are high and mighty above all college students, when in reality they’re a lower tier than the students. Pretty pathetic

  38. Has anyone found out what kind of car Door dash had? Thx

  39. Those officers were identified as Kris Bragg & Jon Rosinsky

  40. The cop video where the 3 people were running from 1122 king Rd. is in the background of the guy holding the 2 beers that the cop let go.

  41. they must of had a sale on White Elantra's in Idaho.🤔

  42. They are 100% hitting on her. Out of left field, "oh we uhhh…haven't done a cop talk at your place in a while…. shoot me an email" 😳

  43. First off cop one says "we're undercover" and the second one says "well due to budget cuts they gave us these hybrids" and it is a Ford (imo) they are trying to crack down on the crimes and drugs and so they were all driving white unmarked cars.

  44. I think the thing on her floor is a COVID face mask

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