This place was INCREDIBLE! L'industrie Pizzeria Review | Food Review Club reviews

February 24, 2023

We review L’Industrie Pizzeria in Brooklyn after seeing so much about this place online and boy it did NOT disappoint! 🍕

What do you guys think??


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  1. Best pizza and sandwich I've seen yet. 9.5 for me.

  2. You and Danny Malin are doing grewt things in the British food review scene!

  3. I was only recently hipped to your channel, but, immediately upon seeing your videos, I felt that there would be some sort of simpatico between my good friend’s band, Tragedy: All Metal Tribute to The Bee Gees & Beyond, which will be touring the UK in April, and you guys. Now, you hop the pond and end up eating at the man (Jon Cunningham aka Corn Mo aka Disco Mountain Man)’s favorite neighborhood slice joint? I need to make this happen. It’s Kismet.

  4. loooooook at that

  5. Looks so good, I want it!! We're not going to New York, though, we're going to London. What's your best recommendation for spicy chicken burger? Also would love to see Callum try and his thoughts

  6. from bedford love all your reviews matt an callum

  7. Hello. If you are in New Jersey. Not so far from New York. Try out Famous kebab in New Jersey. Highly recommend it. Afghan food is really authentic and loves their food. Try Do Pyaza. Or there kebabs. There BBQ is awesome.

  8. How about amazing food in the Seattle-Tacoma area? I am probably never going to go New York City, but would love to try some fantastic food "nearby"! Love your cheerfulness!

  9. As soon as you said 9.0 I was like dam rookie ! And u said it !

  10. It's staggering that someone who claims this is their "full time job" can still appear to lack such basic food knowledge & come across as such a confused beginner. TBF I do enjoy the content though, Matt does at least have a presence in front of the camera. Calum adds nothing though, he needs to pipe down & focus on being behind the camera…

  11. Other Matt possibly micro-dosing DMT

  12. Di FAra pizza. Of its the same as the classic days.

  13. ''Equalises that mad frequency''…..You clever boy… should be a song writer….Beyond the double bind… 😉

  14. looks nice…a bit on the dry side for me though..

  15. Cracker with cheese onit

  16. Pizza wasnt the best but that sandwich was top draw great review again Matt and Callum channel flying.

  17. Pizza looked great, but that sandwich is what I’d go there for if I lived local, looks sensational! I add balsamic glazed to some of the food I make, and it taste amazing, the better quality of balsamic vinegar the better the flavour, and I bet these guys are using the best they can get!

  18. Really enjoying the reviews guys. You're highlighting some fantastic eateries….

  19. Nice one mates! Please come to sunny Phoenix for the best Mexican

  20. Reply
    Luis Augusto Rodrigues February 24, 2023 at 4:57 pm

    Try Luigi's…..

  21. I hope you guys make it out to Texas for
    some amazing BBQ & Mexican food 😋👍

  22. Good stitch bruv😁

  23. Great stuff Matt !!.. your right hidden gems no matter where they are ..are like finding pure food gold !!.. I’m in new New Jersey so that Brooklyn spot I will check out..Have you ever had Egg Plant ??that’s a big thing here in the states .it’s usually served as a sandwich eggplant parmigiana or with pasta..eggplant can be an AQUIRED taste but if made right is delicious…I bet that place you were at in Brooklyn makes a killer eggplant ..anyway enjoying all your American Content!!.. but I’m sure your missing some quality fish & chips from home !!

  24. You should go to Luigi’s in Brooklyn I was there a few days ago the pizza is amazing and the owner is an old school Italian legend

  25. Not an American pizza lover but that looked good

  26. Proper 👌

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