This is going to be brutal…. A Business Review reviews

June 20, 2022

James has been asking questions, and to demonstrate the point, I asked if I could show his business and channel as part of the review. Once I got the consent it wasn’t pretty.

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    Challenge the Wild June 20, 2022 at 11:17 am

    Thank you Cory for the feedback and "dissection" of my content/channels. I know a lot of fellow creators are watching so hopefully they can learn from my mistakes and be able to improve their content as well. I got a couple messages from people asking if I was okay with the fact he dug this deep and was so intense with his findings… I AM! I asked Cory to make the review and I genuinely needed this help and advice. I have taken many notes from this video and from the other emails we've exchanged.

    I have not been focusing my energy and time, mostly due to the fact I'm still not sure what I love or even want to do. This has truly opened my eyes and hopefully, I will be able to use the information to create better and engaging content!

  2. Guppies

  3. Thank you 😊you have helped a3disabled man s dY8 lively er

  4. North Carolina



  6. Cory on the weekends: So many tanks to maintain and then time to go visit Dean and have some pizza.

  7. this is the first aquarium co-op video that's been recommended to me by the algorithm and more than a year even though I watched two or three of your videos a month and have followed you for years

  8. You could save ~50-55 minutes every 2 weeks by shaving your head instead of going and getting a haircut. Lol j/k great video. This advice is really priceless.

  9. Never never new about this channel I have asked some of these questions in the other streams

  10. My recent health issues have given me some perspective. I realized that I like you, Cory. Yes, I love aquariums, but even if I couldn’t have an aquarium, I would still watch your videos. You’re smart, you’re really good at explaining things, you’re great at speaking, and fun to listen to!

  11. I just want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to put this information out there. I am someone who wants to start my own business and after listening to your “rant” I can honestly say that you have completely changed my perspective on how to approach social media and my brand. I know this advice might seem common sense to some, but there is so much BAD advice out there that it’s hard to pick through it and figure out what really works. Your brand is clearly working for you, and I look up to you quite a lot as a businessperson and just in general. It was extremely helpful to get clarification from someone I know, trust, and respect. You put this in a frame that is more flexible and adaptable to what I have in mind for my end goal, and I feel like your advice is really going to help me find success. Thank you again, for spending your valuable time on helping others when you really don’t have to. I appreciate it, and I’m sure many others do, as well.

  12. This was great, and very informative for anyone in business or youtube. I think it's personally best to stick with one /two niches at most, and really expand that niche of yours. Great video Cory, you are the G.O.A.T!

  13. I "Think" he just wants fame, nothing less nothing more

  14. I’ve watched and have read hundred of hours of your content and this has to be one of the most informative videos I’ve watched. Amazing content !

  15. Cory you're the man! That's the same amount of hours I work out each week 😂

  16. I love that you are sharing your expertise. Good job.

  17. This is a very useful tool for people understanding the backside of a compeditive business model with a social lead/advertisement base. P.S. congratulations on the soft sell, a beautiful weaving job.

  18. Wow! I learned a ton, thanks for sharing the information!

  19. Very very interesting. Thanks Cory!

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    Jezter's Aquariums June 20, 2022 at 11:17 am

    TubeBuddy was great until I read their limits on feedback, they will remove you if they dislike your feedback, just a sad entitled company there…

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    Jezter's Aquariums June 20, 2022 at 11:17 am

    Im super glad you do this stuff, honestly. It is extremely helpful.

  22. Amazing how you can talk about a topic like this for 2 hours and grab my attention that has no relation to my daily life at all. Also your daily schedule template is machine-like. Lol amazing

  23. What a great video of business.
    I have more questions about this and would like to ask you some one on one if it could help anytime you can.

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    Anthony's Outdoors June 20, 2022 at 11:17 am

    This is really simple. James has thrown a ton of balls up in the air in hopes that one sticks and he becomes YouTube famous. Stick to a single niche and excel at that niche. The more you diversify your content, the more people find you to be winging it and not a subject matter expert. Consolidate your passion and creativity and it should pay off.

  25. this is pretty frickin awesome. there are many people who will never get the pivot.

  26. You had my attention. Great.

  27. valuable information for even someone who doesn't have a business; It helps me understand some of the decisions businesses make.

  28. I feel like this could be cut into one of those 2 minute motivational videos you see on youtube.

  29. Super insightful, thanks so much for carving time out of your schedule to do this.

  30. Cory do you have any books, shows, movies you suggest so we can increase our business accumen

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    Travis Breckenridge June 20, 2022 at 11:17 am

    Cory, I absolutely love how you explain things. You're a very honest and blunt person, that explains why you're a far as you are in life. I only wish other companies and ppl ran their businesses like you. You're a true inspiration to both big and small business and to us avg ppl just in this hobby for fun. Keep up your great energy, passion and education for all. 👍

  32. You have an incredible analytical brain, Cory. It makes it so fun to listen and learn. Watched all two hours of this (at 2x speed of course, because time is valuable 😉) and gained so much insight. Always enjoy these evaluations and picking out what I can apply to my own things!

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