These Lightskin Devils Going TO HELL | Real Housewives of Potomac Review reviews

December 4, 2022

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    Your Black Therapist December 4, 2022 at 7:40 am

    Wow, it's interesting how toxic dynamics between frenemies is celebrated in the media. It desensitizes us to issues like colorism and makes dysfunctional the norm. Thanks for sharing 👏🏾

  3. Stop it. Wendy, OG, and Cadance are assholes! This isn't colorism

  4. Preachhhhh good sis!! I’m only four minutes but I hope you bring up Bravo backing Gizelle.
    I love Monique, but we have to address the fact that Monique WANTED gizelle’s approval so much that even after knowing about the plot, she still wanted to be buddies with gizelle. She wanted to be Gizelles friend badly, but when she realized it would never happen, that’s when she became her opposition.

    If Gizelle extended an olive branch, Monique would accept. Monique was only gizelles enemy because she couldn’t be her friend

  5. The point where Robyn was recording was especially so sinister for me idk why. Especially because when she was recording it was ONLY on Wendy. She was waiting for her to get violent like some animal. She is vile.

  6. Don’t stop watching or reviewing because your commentary is needed. This is so good.

  7. You hear about Juan and Robin and this sexual assault story?

  8. You look so beautiful sis! Keep speaking the truth! How can people not see the colorism in this show. I stopped watching! ♥️👍🏾🫶🏾💕

  9. I love you're recaps and reviews of this show and others we have in common. We don't always agree but i love and appreciate how you lay out you're thoughts and feelings.

  10. going straight to hell with gasoline fire crotch pantries on ….. karen said gizzard neck got a hotbox

  11. Tbch, I feel like Gizelle is lowkey redeemable, but all them other b words can go straight to HAYELL

  12. FINALLY !!!!! Thank you

  13. don't like how they isolated Wendy…However could we be OVERANALYZING given that just last 2 Seasons viewers didnt like Wendy….STOP W/THIS COLORISM. They were all trying to befriend Wendy initially– Wendy dragged Giselle & Robin last Season, so why would they want to talk to her? Has nothing to do w/Color– stopw/ light= Oppressor & Dark = Victim….that mentality us Colorist as well.

  14. im watching this season to listen to what Kenya is saying like these videos stop and im out I think

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    AriseforthetimeisNow December 4, 2022 at 7:40 am

    Some of this Woman are not Woman just saying 👀also very toxic behavior been promoted I watch with disarmament 😎 don't take it so serious Kenya 😂 it's television show

  16. u cant stop watching the show kenya!! we need these reviewss

  17. Kenya aired this bih out. Rightfully so.

  18. Monique did do too much when it came to her trying to attack Candiace. I'll always stand by that especially since she turned on Candiace just to get in good with Gizelle & her flunkies despite them especially Ashley saying nasty crap about her (which is why Candiace was so upset). BUT Gizelle, Ashley, and the other one always do to much and for some odd reason get away with the crap. I mean we all know why they get away with crap but the show has gotten too messy for me since season 3.

    But I always thought Wendy was cool since her OG season. She was always good with me.

  19. I’ve watched this video all the way through twice and I plan on watching it again 😂 this review is the funniest shit on YouTube to date.

  20. Them green eyed bandits! 😫

  21. Not nary a ninja!😆😆

  22. Lmfaooo. Literally in love with your mind because there is no lie in this entire video, not one. Everything these ladies are doing is sooo obvious. They are beyond nasty and miserable circus clowns. Need a job asap!

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