The true impact of a year of war on Russia's economy | DW Business Special 2022

February 27, 2023

Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld from Yale School of Management joins us to discuss the true impact of a year of war on Russia’s economy. The likes of the International Monetary Fund say they expect Russian GDP to grow this year. Professor Sonnenfeld argues that those predictions are not based in reality.

We discuss the work of Professor Sonnenfeld’s team in keeping track of which companies have pulled out of Russia and which remain. Also hear why the professor believes Russia’s hands have been tied by sanctions against its oil and gas sectors.


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  1. I hope he's right.

  2. Jeffrey Sonnenfen Yale Management is an excellent source.
    Why is the reporter continuing to make an argument?

  3. That is one of the most useful hours I have ever spent.

  4. They lie about everything 😂😂😂

  5. Loll sometimes these interviews make no sense no disrespect to anyone

  6. The Dutch like the putin

  7. Reply
    Christian Libertarian February 27, 2023 at 2:49 am

    The problem with Prof. Sonnenfeld is that he is the only person making these claims. So, is he a voice crying out in the wilderness, or just a crank professor at Yale?

  8. oxymoronic statement they are not reporting but Putsky is giving out numbers so which is it

  9. Nothing the US and European and Japan many others are still buying U235 uranium and all the sevice and tech help and processing including waste and parts maintenance even cvontracts for new reactors etc oh thats absolutly nothing Prof Chairpolisher even the exited double stuttering yabbage like makes you sound like your stuck like a broken record scratched needle head/////

  10. I have a better question: When does Putin ever tell the truth?

  11. Kudos to the reporter for having the professor on, but he should have let him speak more. Als the reporter should have asked the reporter to cite at least some of his sources.

  12. That's funny I simply you tube actual people including expats Americans and even way out in the most desolate cities life in Russia after a year in sanctions and it's like all out happy days they still have American goods even and hi end products and parts and the supply chain is real ……….what does not kill you makes you stronger '''these are strong abstract thinking and innovating people life is better than in a lot of Europe and many places in America {german beer is like a dollar for a bomber in siberia} get real you are totting some BS and your best statement tthank you "we just don't know" they have their own economy just like India keeps it's own country and economy seperated from the world////

  13. Amazing interview………….. bring Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld from Yale School of Management again!!!!

  14. Excellent information from Prof Sonnenfeld backed up by a very good understanding of the financial situation. Every loose bit of information that was offered he addressed and demolished with facts.

  15. stand in 5ft. of water for how long!

  16. The incredible rotating Putin pie and everyone knows why. If you cannot dazzle with brilliance then Baffle them with Bull manure. This has been Rush-aas game for decades.

  17. If Russia is lying about its economy, what do you suppose the Europeans and the Americans are doing ? Going to Sunday school ?
    41 NATO loosers struggling to end a conflict against one imperial enemy.

    The western dogs of war are now looking at the writing on the wall of their eminent demise. Manifestation to this fact lies within their political mayhem and economic turmoil, along with the transitioning of power from west to east.

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  19. Excellent. We need more Truth…

  20. Hahaha mind your own business, the end of europe is near.

  21. Germany built 6 Massive LNG terminals, plus storage in 6 10 months…sound sketch if I heard it correctly. Like the war itself…tough to tell what is real and what id propaganda…I just goggle this and there are no 6 built…they are working on 1…but this is just the terminal…and this whole setup aint cheap…

  22. This is the worst interview I have ever seen , who is that clown trying to interview a real scholar

  23. DW news = Delusional West news

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